The world's first cordless, automatic, heated lunch box

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The world's first cordless, automatic, self-heating lunchbox

A Whole Lot More Than a Lunchbox

Goes Where You Go

With a rechargeable battery, you can take LunchEAZE anywhere!

  • Portable, rechargeable, and completely cordless.
  • Great for a busy day in the office, a job site, at school, or for traveling and exploring the great outdoors.
  • No need to keep it plugged in.
  • LunchEAZE is the ONLY cordless self-heating lunchbox with an internal battery pack.
LunchEAZE lunch box and insulated lunch bag
LunchEAZE heated lunch box and insulated lunch bag

Set It and Forget It

Automatic heating starts two hours prior to your set lunchtime so you are ready to go!

  • Automatically heats your food according to your schedule.
  • Easy to set up manually or with optional app and bluetooth settings.
  • Remembers your lunchtime so that you can focus on your day.
  • Safe to leave in your desk, locker, or car while you work or play.

Lunch, Perfected

LunchEAZE works like a slow cooker, locking in flavor and moisture!

  • Gentle heating cycle heats up to 220°F without drying out your food.
  • Perfect for your daily meal-prep needs and for special dietary restrictions.
  • Say good-bye to cold lunches, fast-food, and boring sandwiches.
  • No more resorting to unhealthy or costly options.
  • Handles any type of foods including frozen meals, soups, leftovers, and more.
  • Stays completely sealed and leak-proof.
LunchEAZE automatic heated lunch box
Blue high-tech, self-heating lunchbox

High-Tech, Reliable, and Durable

LunchEAZE will always remember your lunchtime!

  • “Heat Now” option ensures easy, convenient, and full control for changes in your busy schedule.
  • Designed to last long and withstand wear and tear, made with completely food grade and BPA-free materials.
  • Comes with a removable, machine-washable, stainless steel container to pack your food in.
  • Comes with an insulating lunch bag with an adjustable strap for easy transportation, protection, and storage.

Stays Heated So You Can Stay Seated

No more microwaves or long lunch lines!

  • Stays actively heated while you enjoy your meal at your own pace.
  • The last bite is guaranteed to be just as hot as the first.
  • No more uneven food temperatures and half-frozen meals.
  • Helps you save money on eating out and keeps you satisfied.
LunchEAZE high-tech heated lunchbox
Turn on LunchEAZE and select "Set Meal Time"
Tell LunchEAZE what time you'd like to eat
Go about your day while LunchEAZE starts to heat your meal automatically!
Enjoy your hot meal right on schedule!

Using LunchEAZE Is As Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Pack Your Meal

Pack your food in our food-grade stainless steal container, insert it into the LunchEAZE base, and latch down the top lid.

2. Set Your Mealtime

Turn LunchEAZE on and set your mealtime. Heating will automatically start two hours before your set mealtime.

3. Enjoy Your Meal

Eat a piping hot meal right on schedule! No need to rush, LunchEAZE will continue heating for 30 additional minutes after the start of your mealtime.

Check Out What The Community Thinks!

Luis C
verified owner
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The luncheaze heater has been a game changer. I’m a police officer and while working we are limited in time to eat. Having the luncheaze heating up my food while on calls is very helpful. The luncheaze has save me money and time while on duty. I have received plenty of compliments by my coworkers on the luncheaze and I have referred them all to one.
Amanda S.
verified owner
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Our daughter has celiac disease and many other food allergies eating out for her is impossible Luncheaze has changed her life she can go out with friends to eat and road trips we have already used ours on a 3 day trip and it does not disappoint BEST investment EVER
Krista Basile
verified owner
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WOW! We have been waiting for something like this for our boys. So excited because it really works. Food was hot, and the operation is simple. We tried a frozen lunch, not thawed, and it worked great. This will give us the opportunity to have real variety for our boys, and healthy options. We would love to see a divided container, but for now we are ordering the side dish containers. You will not regret this purchase!
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Perfect invention for somebody in my line of work
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I LOVE ❤️ LOVE my luncheaze! It’s convenient and easy to use. I nice to know I have a warm meal always waiting for me! And I don’t need to depend on a microwave!!🙌
Dina Benavides-Gomez
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I absolutely LOVE my LunchEaze!! I work in a very busy hospital that employs more than 1800 people. Our cafeteria has 2 microwaves that are shared amongst the employees. The wait time to heat up our lunch can be long at times and we are only allowed 30 minutes so every minute is precious and the convenience of having a luncheaze is awesome! Now I don’t have to waste time in line trying to warm up my food. It warms up the food evenly to the last bite! I have never enjoyed bringing leftovers as much as I do now. I also like that I can take it anywhere with me. Just set it and go. This is especially useful for anyone who is always on the go and trying to stay away from fast food. I also like that it is simple to navigate. The Luncheaze phone app is a also plus. Convenience at your fingertips! This feature came in handy when I accidentally forgot to set a time for lunch so I was able to open up my phone app and use the “heat now” option. How cool is that! I highly recommend this product.
Melissa G.
verified owner
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Pretty smart whoever created this!.. I’m currently a full time student and spend a lot during my daily commute and eating out. The luncheaze has eliminated my daily fast food stops. I am now able to bring my left overs or Meal prep and have a hot meal in my car during my break. No microwaves, no hassles. Very convenient and good size for food portion control. I can definitely see this as a game changer for people who work in law enforcement, medical or construction field, or any field that is busy and hard to access a microwave or pressed for time. The app makes it very easy to change your eating/heating time if things come up during your day. I will definitely recommend to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you.
verified owner
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I love my Luncheaze! So convenient, especially right not while dieting! I can go to the mall shop around and not be so tempted to eat high fat/calorie foods from the food court instead i take my Luncheaze with me sit at the food court and enjoy a healthy lunch! With every bit i literally have to blow air at my food, every bite is nice and hot, i like that! I have recommended this product to friends and family, they as well love it! One thing i would like is to be able to charge the unit without having to take it out of the tote. Maybe make a little opening in the back to connect the charger.
Valerie L.
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Love my lunchEAZE! So great to be able to maintain my healthy eating AND have hot food while in nursing school. Definitely going to recommend to my classmates and any other colleagues/coworkers!
Jahan H.
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I have been using this product for a few months. It is great for prepared food and the App is very helpful. At first I was wondering g if it is worth it. But after I noticed the savings over the first months and it paid for itself. I highly recommend this product.
Ben R.
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I wanted to leave a review on the product. It’s a lifesaver for me, I’m a road technician for a heavy equipment company. I’m always on the move don’t always have access to a microwave and just got used to eating cold lunches, this this is a game changer and I couldn’t be happier about it.
verified owner
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I’m a truck driver and only hot food i can get is fast food or convenience store food. I use my luncheaze everyday and its been over two weeks with great results..
verified owner
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My boyfriend works on a construction site with 30 mins for lunch. Most days he is 16 stories high so his daily lunch meal was a sandwich and chips to make sure he had time to eat. On Instagram, I saw an ad for a lunchbox that heats up your food at the preferred time, so I thought it would be so awesome to try. He could actually enjoy hot home-cooked leftovers, instead of just a sandwich. So, we ordered the packaged deal and 2 additional containers. When we received our package I was a little disappointed because we were missing one of the containers. I contacted customer service and they immediately apologized and sent out another delivery. I was highly impressed by their level of attentiveness! Now, to the next part… The lunchEAZE – I am so happy to report my boyfriend has no complaints and is extremely happy to have HOT home-cooked meals ready for him to eat at Noon instead of just sandwiches! He loves how easy it is to set it all up and just enjoy his meal. His co-workers have even expressed how jealous they are. The price was well worth the product!!
Sherese C
verified owner
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Thank u so much for this perfect invention. Now I can eat healthy in my car. Im a homecare nurse always in my car. I always had problem with eating a good meal because I love hot food. Now I drink homemade soup with my sandwich in my car. The batteries dont overcharge if you leave it plugged up. they sell mini bowl so u can separate foods. Im sure they will come up with a steel container that has a divider in the middle. Its easy to figure out because I hate reading manuals. I used to be searching for something like this for years. Im so happy with this!!;*
Joan H
verified owner
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I ordered my LunchEAZE because I currently work at a place without a microwave or refrigerator in the building, or allowed. I was super excited when it finally arrived and I did have a minor issue with my machine. I was sad, but contacted support via email and they got back to me before the end of the day. They gave me a few troubleshooting things to try, and when those didn’t work, they immediately got a new machine out to me. Honestly their support has been as awesome as their product. The new LunchEAZE heats my food really well, even the frozen ravioli in sauce I threw together last minute. My coworkers are all intrigued and I tell them that it was the best choice I could have made. I was tired of having to eat out everyday or only eat cold meals. Thank you all so much for making exactly what I was looking for!
verified owner
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I was hesitant about the price, but so far it has been worth every penny! I work home health and always in my car. This has been the perfect way to have a hot lunch from home!! I set it in the morning to come in at 11 and my food is usually ready by 12-12:30. Exactly what I needed. Very helpful with being on WW and decreasing my want to go to drive thru.