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The World's First

Self Heating Lunchbox.

The ultimate portable dining experience.

1 Year Warranty

Payment plans available

30 day at home trial

"Game Changing"


Reheat any food, with zero cords, and zero waiting.

Just set a mealtime, and LunchEAZE heats up automatically. Leftovers, frozen foods, meal prep, you name it, LunchEAZE can heat it.

Completely Cordless

Just charge and go. Battery lasts for 2.5 hours of heating.

Zero waiting

Never wait for your food to heat up again. With smart timers, just set a mealtime and your food is hot and ready automatically.

Pays for itself

Save $10-$15 on every meal by using LunchEAZE. At that rate, it pays for itself in just a few weeks.

Hot as you like

With adjustable temperatures up to 105°C, your food heats up perfectly everytime.

Frozen food compatible

Fully compatible with frozen meals. Whether you're meal prepping or using frozen dinners, LunchEAZE makes it easy.

Goes where you go

Comes with a custom fitted insulated bag so you can take it anywhere, easily, and in style.

Revolutionize your Lunchbreak.

Choose from our two bestselling models

1335 Reviews

Experience the world’s smartest lunchbox.

Pack your meal, set a mealtime, and enjoy hot food anywhere with zero waiting.

50 Reviews

Get all the convenience at a lower cost.

The exact same size & functionality as the Original, with a lower cost and simplified features.

Loved by over 100K users, see what they're saying:

Bailey M
Bailey M
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The LunchEAZE is a life changer. Got it for my husband for his birthday after he always complained about not being able to bring leftovers or anything that needed to be warmed up to enjoy for lunch because he’s an electrician and doesn’t have access to any microwave or anything like that. The LunchEAZE works flawlessly and it’s incredible at heating up food with limited time on break and evenly distributing heat. Better than a microwave, and the carrier is so nice. I’ll only buy from LunchEAZE!
Ashlee R
Ashlee R
Industrial Electrician
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Got one for my husband who is an industrial electrician and he loves it. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave and this allows him to heat his food easily, so he can save money by bringing his own and eat a little healthier than if he was grabbing takeout everyday.
Cesar N
Cesar N
Concrete Finisher
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Recommend 10/10, I am usually on the go going from job site to job site. This lunch box saves me so much time and money from stopping at a fast food place to grab lunch. It warms up my food food when i want it and at the temperature i want it. Its a great buy and a nice investment.
Destiny Z
Destiny Z
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Honestly , worth the money 100%. My husband works at different construction sites almost every week and they don’t always have access to a microwave. With the cost of eating out everyday and the hassle of leaving the job site to go get food this thing has saved us money and made him so much happier. I charge it at night for him and he just grabs and goes, by the time lunch rolls around he opens and fresh hot food again!
Eric R
Eric R
UPS Driver
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Have one, LOVE IT. I drive for UPS and in our area I dont have many options for lunch unless I pack a cold sandwich daily. This is perfect because whatever my wife and I have for dinner we can pack and I can enjoy the next day.
Shawna H
Shawna H
Busy Mom
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We love LunchEAZE! It’s perfect for school and for lake and camping days outdoors! It Warms my daughter’s food perfectly. I set it for her lunch time and know she is going to have a hot meal at her lunch time. She also takes it to the lake with her and has hot meals when hiking, boating, and enjoying the great outdoors! We love LunchEAZE!
Hunter B
Hunter B
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My new Luncheaze is great and it heats up my food perfectly. Now I can have a variety of foods for lunch instead of the standard deli cold cut sandwiches, which get old fast. The guys on my crew are really impressed by my Luncheaze as well. I’m also saving more money now by bringing my lunch.

Easy and Convenient.

LunchEAZE is simple to set up and use, see how it works.

Use the BPA free stainless steel container to pack your meal. Dishwasher safe, and perfect for meal prepping the week before.

Set it and forget it. Your settings are saved, so you only need to program it once.

Enjoy a hot meal with zero waiting. Heating automatically starts 2 hours before your mealtime to ensure any kind of food, even frozen meals, heat thoroughly.

Enjoy hot food anywhere, anytime. LunchEAZE is hot and ready right on schedule. Active heating continues, so your food is hot to the last bite. 

Heats up the competition.

There are other heated lunchboxes out there, but none of them compare to LunchEAZE.

See what makes us different.


Leading Plug-In Variety

Cordless Competitor

Completely Cordless
Food Capacity
3.9 Cups
2.5 Cups
2.5 Cups
Max Temp
Waiting Time
1-2 Hours
15-30 Minutes
LCD Display
Set Mealtime in Advance
Adjustable Temperatures
Carrying Case Included
Frozen Food Compatible
Removable Containers
Bluetooth App

Changing the game, one lunch at a time.

Over 100K happy customers and growing!


LunchEAZE gets you piping hot food, with zero waiting, absolutely anywhere, anytime.

We’re completely cordless, with smart automatic timers, the biggest capacity of any self heated lunchbox, and reach the highest temperatures of any lunchbox on the market. 

The competition needs to be plugged in, or if they’re cordless, you have to manually turn them on and wait. With Luncheaze, just pack, set, and forget. 

We default to 2 hours of heating to guarantee all types of food are heated thoroughly, even frozen foods. But LunchEAZE’s automatic heating means there’s zero waiting, your food is hot and ready right on your mealtime.

Yes, the insulated bag is designed to maximize the temperature of your food, and to keep your other snacks and beverages separate.

The dishwasher safe removable container can hold about 850mL of food. That’s about 1.75 pounds of cooked rice!

Nope. LunchEAZE is totally rechargeable and battery powered, just charge it the night before and you’re good. Battery lasts for 1 meal’s worth of heating, about 2.5 hours of heating.

Absolutely, they won’t even need to do anything. You just need to set their lunchtime one time, and heating will automatically take place every day until it is changed. Just turn it on in the morning and go – all your child needs to do is open it up and enjoy a hot healthy meal.


Based on 1335 reviews

  • Cheyenne Plotner

    The moon landing. The last episode of Macgyver. These events have shown the world that we are not who we were yesterday, and that aspirations to get somewhere from just an idea (or paper clip) can and will change the way we go about our daily lives. Hi, my name is Cheyenne and I have been bringing my lunch to work for 19 years. I always tell myself that one day I will know I am rich when I can buy lunch every day. I say that because I rarely get to eat a hot lunch that I didn’t buy – we make enough dinner to have leftovers the next day. Well today is the first time I have used the LunchEAZE. I am eating out of it right now, and have to say I had to leave the lid off because it was pretty warm. I heated up a small burrito and some quinoa. I used the app to set the time, and custom message on the front display. This morning on the app I set it to for me to eat at 11 am. I got a notification telling me it was time to eat. Imagine back when a bell had to be rung to know that it was lunch. In construction you don’t get access to many microwaves. Also not having to plug this into a vehicle to heat is a game changer folks! Don’t hesitate! This really works!
    A wise man once said. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Buy this and start winning!

  • Letty

    I love my Luncheaze! So convenient, especially right not while dieting! I can go to the mall shop around and not be so tempted to eat high fat/calorie foods from the food court instead i take my Luncheaze with me sit at the food court and enjoy a healthy lunch! With every bit i literally have to blow air at my food, every bite is nice and hot, i like that! I have recommended this product to friends and family, they as well love it!
    One thing i would like is to be able to charge the unit without having to take it out of the tote. Maybe make a little opening in the back to connect the charger.

  • Melissa G.

    Pretty smart whoever created this!.. I’m currently a full time student and spend a lot during my daily commute and eating out. The luncheaze has eliminated my daily fast food stops. I am now able to bring my left overs or Meal prep and have a hot meal in my car during my break. No microwaves, no hassles. Very convenient and good size for food portion control. I can definitely see this as a game changer for people who work in law enforcement, medical or construction field, or any field that is busy and hard to access a microwave or pressed for time. The app makes it very easy to change your eating/heating time if things come up during your day. I will definitely recommend to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you.

  • Dina Benavides-Gomez

    I absolutely LOVE my LunchEaze!! I work in a very busy hospital that employs more than 1800 people. Our cafeteria has 2 microwaves that are shared amongst the employees. The wait time to heat up our lunch can be long at times and we are only allowed 30 minutes so every minute is precious and the convenience of having a luncheaze is awesome! Now I don’t have to waste time in line trying to warm up my food. It warms up the food evenly to the last bite! I have never enjoyed bringing leftovers as much as I do now. I also like that I can take it anywhere with me. Just set it and go. This is especially useful for anyone who is always on the go and trying to stay away from fast food. I also like that it is simple to navigate. The Luncheaze phone app is a also plus. Convenience at your fingertips! This feature came in handy when I accidentally forgot to set a time for lunch so I was able to open up my phone app and use the “heat now” option. How cool is that! I highly recommend this product.

  • Maribel

    I LOVE ❤️ LOVE my luncheaze! It’s convenient and easy to use. I nice to know I have a warm meal always waiting for me! And I don’t need to depend on a microwave!!?

  • Gilbert

    Perfect invention for somebody in my line of work

  • Krista Basile

    WOW! We have been waiting for something like this for our boys. So excited because it really works. Food was hot, and the operation is simple. We tried a frozen lunch, not thawed, and it worked great. This will give us the opportunity to have real variety for our boys, and healthy options. We would love to see a divided container, but for now we are ordering the side dish containers. You will not regret this purchase!

  • Valerie L.

    Love my lunchEAZE! So great to be able to maintain my healthy eating AND have hot food while in nursing school. Definitely going to recommend to my classmates and any other colleagues/coworkers!

  • Thomas M. Ruiz

    Transforming meals to A Dining Experience! Served to Order!

    I bought my Luncjeaze and dreamed of my first meal. I wanted something exquisite yet was faced with a black bean and corn enchilada prepackaged meal from Trader Joe’s. Needless to say, my expectations for a premier dining experience was challenged.
    I placed the meal in my LunchEAZE, easily used the app to start warming my meal so it would be ready in 2 hours.
    Then something wonderful started to happen after about 35 minutes, I started to get little whiffs of what was “cooking.”
    I was also amazed of the temperature the machine generated as it rose to near 210+.
    After an hour and a half I could wait no longer. The smell of the food was so captivating that I couldnt’t wait. I looked at the top and can see the moisture that had built at the top of the cover. I then proceeded to eagerly open the lid. I was overwhelmed with the sensation that I was just served from the chef a steaming plate of aromatic and succulent cuisine! Here I was disappointed that I had a to go enchilada and now I was overwhelmed with these great flavors wafting up to me via the steam coming out of my “personal server” and found myself searching frantically for the fork I packed to enjoy this meal.
    Finally, unequivocal BLISS. My LunchEAZE (personal server) transformed something ordinary to extraordinary! Something so simple was now The Best Meal I have ever packed myself. It was no effort and with that lack of effort LunchEAZE changed this average meal to a taste symphony!
    Every bite was palatable with heat, bursting with flavor, moist, and no toughness to my meal. I was truly mesmerized by the simplicity of the machine and the magnificence it brought to my meal.
    I realize it was the fact that my meal was heated to perfection! I’m talking every bite was equally as divine as the last. I had left the heating mechanism on asIxwanted an evenly heated and consistent temperature for my meal and LunchEAZE provided the perfect temperature for EACH bite of my meal! When have you ever had a meal where the last bite was as warm and delicious as the first?
    I assure you you will with LunchEAZE!
    I’m a believer and am looking forward to some stews, casserole, barbecued meat, vegetables, chicken pot pies, and other delectable morsels.
    LunchEAZE you have caused a rebirth to lunch and meals. It is for that reason that I give you my 5 Chevrons! BRAVO!!! From the ashes of leftovers Cuisine has Arisen! Long live the Chevrons of LunchEAZE!

  • Jahan Honardoost

    I have been using this product for a few months. It is great for prepared food and the App is very helpful. At first I was wondering g if it is worth it. But after I noticed the savings over the first months and it paid for itself. I highly recommend this product.

  • Brian Albright

    This product is awesome. Being in construction we don’t always have a microwave. When we do we have to wait in line taking minutes off of our lunch. Now no waiting and eating right away. Plus the food is hot. Love this product wish I would have known about this years ago.

  • Nadia

    My son and I could not be happier! No more terrible school lunches!!!!
    Hats off to Luncheaze???

  • Ben R.

    I wanted to leave a review on the product. It’s a lifesaver for me, I’m a road technician for a heavy equipment company. I’m always on the move don’t always have access to a microwave and just got used to eating cold lunches, this this is a game changer and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  • Luis C.

    The luncheaze heater has been a game changer. I’m a police officer and while working we are limited in time to eat. Having the luncheaze heating up my food while on calls is very helpful. The luncheaze has save me money and time while on duty. I have received plenty of compliments by my coworkers on the luncheaze and I have referred them all to one.

  • Joan Holland

    I ordered my LunchEAZE because I currently work at a place without a microwave or refrigerator in the building, or allowed. I was super excited when it finally arrived and I did have a minor issue with my machine.

    I was sad, but contacted support via email and they got back to me before the end of the day. They gave me a few troubleshooting things to try, and when those didn’t work, they immediately got a new machine out to me.
    Honestly their support has been as awesome as their product. The new LunchEAZE heats my food really well, even the frozen ravioli in sauce I threw together last minute. My coworkers are all intrigued and I tell them that it was the best choice I could have made. I was tired of having to eat out everyday or only eat cold meals.

    Thank you all so much for making exactly what I was looking for!

  • Mar62489

    I was hesitant about the price, but so far it has been worth every penny! I work home health and always in my car. This has been the perfect way to have a hot lunch from home!! I set it in the morning to come in at 11 and my food is usually ready by 12-12:30. Exactly what I needed. Very helpful with being on WW and decreasing my want to go to drive thru.

  • Dustin

    I’m a truck driver and only hot food i can get is fast food or convenience store food. I use my luncheaze everyday and its been over two weeks with great results..

  • Jessica

    My boyfriend works on a construction site with 30 mins for lunch. Most days he is 16 stories high so his daily lunch meal was a sandwich and chips to make sure he had time to eat. On Instagram, I saw an ad for a lunchbox that heats up your food at the preferred time, so I thought it would be so awesome to try. He could actually enjoy hot home-cooked leftovers, instead of just a sandwich. So, we ordered the packaged deal and 2 additional containers. When we received our package I was a little disappointed because we were missing one of the containers. I contacted customer service and they immediately apologized and sent out another delivery. I was highly impressed by their level of attentiveness! Now, to the next part… The lunchEAZE – I am so happy to report my boyfriend has no complaints and is extremely happy to have HOT home-cooked meals ready for him to eat at Noon instead of just sandwiches! He loves how easy it is to set it all up and just enjoy his meal. His co-workers have even expressed how jealous they are. The price was well worth the product!!

  • Sherese Connell

    Thank u so much for this perfect invention. Now I can eat healthy in my car. Im a homecare nurse always in my car. I always had problem with eating a good meal because I love hot food. Now I drink homemade soup with my sandwich in my car. The batteries dont overcharge if you leave it plugged up. they sell mini bowl so u can separate foods. Im sure they will come up with a steel container that has a divider in the middle. Its easy to figure out because I hate reading manuals. I used to be searching for something like this for years. Im so happy with this!!;*

  • Oscar Barrios

    We have 2 luncheaze boxes and the kids love them. The hot lunches are wonderful. Unfortunately one of the boxes display screens has become unreadable with a large black spot in the middle. These were Christmas presents and have been used less than 3 weeks. It is unusable. I am having difficulty communicating with the company. They are great products when they work. I am happy to revise my rating when the company contacts me.

  • Kamali’i Kennedy

    I bought the luncheaze for my husband so he could have a hot meal for lunch. He’s been using it for the past week which it works great except for the fact that the lid doesn’t fully shut and when we do get it to click on it pops back open and the screen sometimes doesn’t work. It works through the app from his phone just fine but the screen itself on the luncheaze container sometimes doesn’t work! We absolutely love this product and have been in search for something like this but for $150 I’d expect it to work all the time properly how it should.

  • Jeana

    I bought this for my husband who works in forestry. It is perfect for him as he has no access to anything in the bush. He is the only worker who has hot meals for lunch! The containers have a good seal so messy stews and soups stay inside.

    – I had to buy a converter because the plug that was sent doesn’t work in my country.
    – The insulated bag was ripped inside when it arrived. I asked for a replacement but didn’t get a reply. The bag is not the best quality.
    – Some of the container lids have had food get in under the seal so they are stained.

  • Marshall Grossman

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend and it for the most part really has been a life changer. Her diet is unique, and this has been a solid way where she can still maintain her dietary lifestyle even during the hustle and bustle of work. She’s told me a few times that it might have been in the top ten best christmas gifts ever! I also like to add that she is not tech savvy, but does not find the app or program difficult to use. THE ONLY THING that keeps this product from getting 5 stars (I should almost give it 3 stars for this issue) is the gosh darn LIDS! The company really needs to figure this issue out because the lids are a nightmare to try to secure! I have mentioned this privately during previous contact with customer support (Uzair was LOVELY to work with) but after a few months of use, I just think the consumers need to be made aware of the issue. It can take 15 minutes sometimes going through our luncheaze lids trying to find one that will fit the luncheaze container we are using that day (we have more than one) which is just frustrating day in and day out. I really do hope that they design a new lid and resolve this problem. I’m not ranting on this to discredit or put down the company, I just love this product so much I just want it to be the best it can be! but besides that ONE issue, this product has been really awesome and I am totally glad to be apart of the LUNCHEAZE community!

  • Matt W

    I purchased this after I witnessed a co worker bring this in one Friday. I jokingly asked what the car battery on the desk was for and he went into detail about LunchEAZE. That morning as I’m eating a PB&J sandwich for the the 749234 time. He was eating chicken and green beans which was steaming hot.
    That night I ordered the meal prep kit and waited patiently to try this little gadget out for myself.
    After a week, my brand new LunchEAZE came to my door and the first thing I did was do a test run with just plain water to see if it would boil. I set the timer and after 15 -25 minutes I had water steaming and bubbling in the cook pan. Test 1 complete.
    Next I placed a whole chicken breast which I pulled from the freezer and a half cup of rice. Set the timer and left the box sit on the counter. Times up, and rice is cooked, but chicken is a little under done. Ok, Test two is impartial ( for reasons I’ll get to in a bit)
    Test three was the same test as test two but this time used the included lunch box/heater container. Set time and come back to a piping hot whole chicken breast from frozen and cooked rice that’s tender and full of chicken flavor.
    So after having this for about a week, I have cooked numerous things in this thing from frozen to cold to cookies and warming up pieces of cake to calzones. And I have to say this little work horse is amazing. There really isn’t anything this lunchbox can’t do. I recommend doing a few test cooks with it before you take it to work and wind up without a lunch fully cooked, and you get to exercise the battery and get the cells fully charged. I’ve used this during 12 hour shifts with a charge in between and it has not let me down. Hotdogs with buns? Check. Lasagna frozen? Check Chicken and rice? Check. Beijing beef with a side dish of cookies to warm up? You know the answer.
    Your mind is the only limitation with this thing that I have found…. it really is an amazing little lunchbox. I would recommend this to anyone

  • John P Bruce

    This is such a great product , I work in the engineering department at the largest casino in the world , I never know what tower in going to be working in . They provide food for us free , however not knowing where I am on a consistent basis I’m stuck with alot of walking when I want dinner . So I purchased one of these . It works so awesome and in totally happy ! Food is hot all the way through unlike the microwave in the cafe.
    Another benefit for me is to stay away from people . To many viruses going around ! I get a home cooked meal rite from my chosen office ! I gave it 4 stars instead of five because they can improve the lids as the shut that well all the way around but enough so that the food doesnt leak , also they reccomend keeping the lunchbox in the insulated bag while heating up your food . Tha. They want you to heat frozen food with it plugged in and in the bag but there is no access for the chord ! All small details that really dont effect the performance ! I modified my bag for the chord so that I can keep the unit plugged in . As far as the lid I havent figured out anything but to keep the lunch box uprite so that I can prevent a leak ! I do wish the app would work more than 10 feet away ! Be nice to leave the lunch box in a office and turn it on from phone across the building but it doesnt . Its o.k though I still reccomend this cool must have !

  • Greg G

    Saw this product at the 2020 Fred Hall fishing show. As a law enforcement officer our job is very unpredictable, there is no set time to for us to eat a warm meal. With LunchEAZE I always have my food with me and ready to warm at short notice. I recommend this product to my coworkers, they all are impressed and will be purchasing one for themselves. The only down fall would be its ability to do several meals between charges. I hope they come out with a bigger size in the future so I can cook for two.

  • Matthew

    Overall the Luncheaze works great! It’s a great way to heat upmeals on the go. I just got mine and I’m pretty impressed with it. However, the Bluetooth is very weak. Whenever I turn it on and go more than 5 feet from it, it disconnects.
    Is it worth the steep price? Absolutely.

  • shirley jefferson

    This is just I needed I love this I brought it for the storm season I can have a hot meal I love it.

  • Josh H.

    Luncheaze has been a great addition to my everyday routine. My line of work makes looking for a microwave difficult to say the least. Luncheaze was a gift from my wife and its been the best one yet. Being able to take leftovers and eating it HOT is awesome. Before Luncheaze I would have cold leftovers, cold sandwiches or eatout and feel guilty on how much I spent. Now I can have warm leftovers or meal-prep! I would totally recommend to anybody!

  • Gabriel Anthony

    This is definitely a game changer….. perhaps a life changer….if you work construction like I do, 95% of the time there are no microwaves on the jobsite and you will quickly become tired of sandwiches and chips.

    I’m so happy with my lunchEAZE! It heats your food up to the perfect temperature and has it ready for you to eat at whatever time you need it!

  • Juan Gonzalez

    Excellent product especially for people who prefer to eat from home and eat healthy, most people do not have that amount of time in their lunch hour to wait for several people to heat their lunches in the microwave, this is the best solution for these cases, super happy to have back this project in 2019. Very satisfied with this product. well I leave you my food is waiting for me.

  • Isaiah Smith

    I work 2 part time jobs often back to back. I don’t have a microwave at ether job. I was tired of eat cold or fast food. I found this thing amazon. It has changed my life

  • Michael Hagar

    This comes in handy when you a delivery driver. I set my luncheaze for 2:00 to have lunch. When I stop to take my lunch at 2:00 my food nice and warm ready to eat. I Like how it alerts me through the app on to my phone let me know it heating up the food. The luncheaze will come on an hour before your lunchtime. I like how I can go into the app set time when you want to eat, turn luncheaze off, and it has a future in the app where you can heat it now it will come on start heating up. This luncheaze is worth the money you spend on it. No more cold cut sandwiches or fast food for me, because I have luncheaze I can have a nice home cook meals while on the road. Thank you luncheaze creating a device that makes life easier for us drivers on the road.

  • Steffanie Ishii

    I purchased the meal prep pack due to COVID and my work closing down our kitchen. I love the fact that I can set my luncheaze to 11:45 to have lunch and it will start heating up without further direction from me. The only issue I have with the luncheaze is all my lids only close on 3 of the 4 sides, therefore it’s not airtight with risk of leaking.

  • Lana Turner

    I would say I absolutely love it but I cant until the lid issue is fixed. The lids dont seem to stay on very well and food has spilled out on a few occasions

  • Lacey Castejon

    So my story…I have a [now] 6-year-old son who has been very much used to Latin-style hot meals 3 times a day. So when he started Kindergarten last year, he had a hard time acclimating to the kinds of foods served in the school. It was awesome private-school quality food….just not the cultural foods he was used to eating 🙂 So we struggled for a long time. I tried to send him with the Thermos that was heated with boiling water, and still he complained of cold food. So finally I found LunchEAZE! I can meal prep in the stainless steel containers, and in the mornings, I simply take a container out of the fridge, put it into his LunchEAZE, and turn it on. It couldn’t be simpler, and my son is soooo happy. Honestly, he is the envy of the lunchroom, with his shrimp 😛 This purchase has been a life-changing one for me, and I would highly recommend.

  • Thomas Lanza

    This product is the bomb. I purchased it in February 2020. I no longer have to waste my lunch time waiting to use the microwave, i just open my lunch and eat. Thank you luncheaze this is an awesome product, I LOVE IT!

  • C B

    Most niche tech i have experienced just misses the mark. Bad quality, doesn’t work as designed etc. This product does not disappoint. It does exactly what it was designed to do. I would be careful with steak as I have managed to cook a rare leftover to well done (still tasted great). Rice is perfectly re-moistened (from Chinese takeout). Could not have asked for more. Have recommended to my friends.

  • Robert Shepard

    I work in construction and I don’t always have the ability to have hot food until now, unfortunately I cannot give it a 5-star rating because the lids don’t fit very well,I bought the dual pack which came with extra trays & lids but no matter what I do I can’t get the lids to stay on tight

  • Jessica Fox

    Expensive but it works very well. My only complaint is that only after a few months, the lids warped and really don’t fit the containers anymore. It is a daily struggle now to close the lunchbox.

  • Samantha Brooks

    Worth every penny and the customer service department is excellent! My first unit would only get up to 170 degrees so I reached out and they immediately responded (I’m talking within an hour and it was 11pm on a Friday night) and rushed a new unit out to me. If you work in a field you don’t have the means to heat your food up I highly recommended this product! On the down side I don’t use the Bluetooth/ app because it keeps disconnecting to my device so if you want to spend less money you can get the new one that doesn’t have Bluetooth capability. The only other problem which a few people cover above is the lids are a struggle to keep down. I would probably not wash in the dishwasher and wash by hand so they do not warp. I’m still giving it a 5-star because of the customer service. Cameron and Jamie not only rushed the new unit for me but followed up on shipping, delivery and asked how the new unit was doing. I work in customer service and this was above and beyond what I expected! Excellent!

  • Brian Kopf

    The product is great and customer service is great. Thank you !!

  • Brooke

    Best product ever did have a problem with it after 2 months but the company got back to me so quickly and it wasn’t a hassle I return. Now I have my new luncheaze and it’s working great!!

  • Brian L. McKeon

    Got gifted the luncheaze on my birthday by my wife. The lunchbox works great heats up my food full no cold spots. The lid on the container doesn’t seal at all if it wasn’t for the clips on the luncheaze it would spill for sure. Also, I do wish that the container had dividers but I guess I will have to settle on the small side dish container sold separately.

  • Ricky

    Great customer support. Had a small issue with my order and the Luncheaze team stepped up immediately and sent me a new unit. Worth every penny

  • Destini H

    Wow! Just used my LunchEAZE! And I loved it! Heats your food like it’s just hot off the stove! Due to Covid our break rooms with the microwaves are closed at work so I’m so happy I purchased this ! I can have hot meals again!

  • Martha

    Well, my little boy and I did a ’test run’ of our Luncheasze last night. Getting up to the ski area and having a hot dinner awaiting us without having to go out or think about cooking dinner was divine. This is truly a game changer.Even my husband was intrigued when I unpacked the lunch box and gave him a presentation on it’s electronic features. My little boy loved that we could rename his box and message, and choose his color. I coach in a racing program where we have 30 minutes for lunch, so a hot lunch is going to be key this season. Even pre COVid there was always a line for the microwave, and I hated waiting in line. Lunch through our weekend was great. All I had to make sure was to recharge the battery. I since I did I used it to heat up dinner, heat up snacks for the drive home. I even used it for lunch as my little boy is full remote this year.

  • Jill Karliner

    LunchEaze is the best invention since the smartphone!! My husband and I are avid skiers, but because of COVID, the indoor ski lodge remains closed, so a ski day means having to be outside all day, including lunch time. We didn’t want to spend money on overpriced food truck meals, and we didn’t want to eat frozen sandwiches. We searched and searched, and came upon LunchEaze — a HUGE game changer in our ski meals. Before we head to the lift in the mornings, we set our LunchEaze to be ready, and we enjoy a morning on the slopes. When we are ready for a break and some food, our HOT lunch is waiting for us. Countless people have stopped to talk to use while we’re eating, amazed at the steam rising from our LunchEaze food, while they are struggling to spread frozen peanut butter on bread. We were dubious that the LunchEaze would work in the frigid winter outdoor temperatures, but I can assure you that our food heats up perfectly and hotly, despite the unit remaining outside. Lunch time has become the second best part of our ski day (taking off our ski boots at the end of the day is still the best!). If you are a skier and your indoor lodge is closed, you must get a LunchEaze. Lunch will never be the same for you!!

  • Roseann Byler

    Love it so much ,my son gets a hot lunch every day,

  • Chris C.

    I was looking for a way to heat my lunch like my co-workers, it’s hard to find a place with good food and especially lunch when I eat at 9am in the morning. I looked around for a while and the fact that you can set the time instead of going out to your car and plugging it in is why I ended up with a luncheaze. I was skeptical, but this thing has been great! Especially when the colder months set in, eating a warm meal makes the day so much better. Thank you luncheaze for making lunch easy to figure out.

  • Del R.

    Having warm meals during the winter is a game changer for someone that works outside. I love mine and one coworker has already also purchased one.

  • Uyen

    Our luncheaze worked great for three month than broke. But the customer service was quick and great with fixing it and got it back to us within two weeks. Only downside was we had to pay to ship it back which I feel the company should have paid for. Hopefully it will not break down again. But we do love that it get the lunches warm.

  • Kingtuan

    This is one of the most thing I’d love about going to work. Bought this and been using it for at least two years now and still no mal-function at all. Most of us in the U.S have only 30 minutes for lunch but it really is just 20 minutes after heating up or going to get food from somewhere. With the outbreak of covid it just made more sense to have this and not have to share company microwave with others limiting the risk to get sick. Only one thing that can make this better is too have to heating compartment but either than that I would buy it again it it break downs. Well worth the money and it’s also really awesome that it’s made in the us.

  • Alberto

    I fucking love this thing so much! I saved so much money just by eating leftovers. Especially in these times of covid. My job wouldn’t let us use microwaves. But this is better than a microwave anyway ? thanks alot luncheaze !

  • Jodi DeCourcy

    Bought it for my boyfriend for a Father’s Day gift he is a machine operator and almost always has no way of heating up his lunch sick of sandwiches this has been amazing he loves it!!!

  • Yolanda Medina

    My husband has been using it for about 2 weeks now. He enjoys it and loves the fact his food is hot and ready to eat! He’s been asked where he purchased the Luncheaze, if it wasn’t in such high demand I’d recommend everyone order it right away! Great present for any outside worker who doesn’t always have a microwave on the job site or to even have to wait in line to heat the food. Can’t wait for my husband to use it during winter so I can prepare some soups! Greatest purchase saves us so much money!

  • Jose S

    As a truck driver that works at the ports, I’m forced to bring my lunch to work every day, because I never know where I’ll end up taking my lunch break. Since I got my luncheaze lunch box I no longer have to make sandwiches for lunch everyday. Now I eat home cooked, hot meals (or leftovers when I’m in a rush) and just having that option has made this a worthwhile purchase


    This thing is amazing! I am a field technician and never know where I’m going to be for lunch time or if there is anything near me. After getting burned out eating cold sandwiches everyday this thing is a god send. Thank you.

  • Kittana

    I love how satisfied my husband is with his luncheaze. He doesn’t have a microwave at work since he is a concrete worker and this has been such a life saver for him to enjoy hot lunches instead of having to eat his lunches cold!!!

  • Julie Russell

    I’m so amazed at how much I love this lunch box. My husband is a diabetic and is on the road 10 hours a day seven days a week so it’s hard for him to take A healthy lunch. With this lunchbox I know that he is eating right. It is so easy to program . I would recommend this to anyone.

  • Angelica Delarosa

    Got it for my husband and he loves it he is a truck driver so it helps save so much money!!

  • Gromcloner

    I saw this on tiktok and I was like hmmm lemme give it a try and see how good they are … so I ordered a box thinking I ordered the og version not the lite to my surprise it’s the lite I’m like crap ok well I’ll just order the Bluetooth one I work hard for my money and this will help me save money so I bought both versions … this is by far the best investment I have ever made since I’m a paratransit driver and can’t warm up my food at gas stations and buying lunch would be too expensive since every average fast food place is about $10+ a day 6 days a week so that’s about 240 a month … I love the fact that wen I go to lunch break my food is already hot and ready … fast forward 3 months later I’m having issues with one box I contacted Luncheaze and what they think was wrong was an issue with battery so I contacted on a Thursday i got my battery on a Monday … super quick responses with them they are straight shooters they get to the point and take care of their costumers right away I will definitely continue to keep purchasing from this company also they are very interested and interactive on Instagram and tik tok

  • Lou

    Love it love it love it nothing else need said lol

  • Nasiely

    ITS AMAZING !!!! I got it for my husband and he loved it he used to take only salads or sandwiches because he didn’t had anywhere to heat his food , so once I received it and I made his favorite dish and pack it up for his lunch… he said he completely love it , he was so amazed that it warm up by itself and the food was nice and warm and it wasn’t burned at the bottom… we definitely recommend lunchEAZE it’s inexplicable Amazing!!!

  • Nicole

    Bought this for my husband he is a construction worker and does not always at a microwave to heat up his food. He said this gets really hot and it so cool he heats up 2 hour before his lunchtime. He coworkers said it is awesome an they plan on purchasing one too!!! Lifesaver for hungry construction workers!!!

  • Shannen Palmer

    I bought this for my husband who is a lineman. He works 16 hour days in the field and absolutely loves this!!! It heats up the food really well! I’ve tried many other brands before but they all have to be plugged in, this is the first battery operated unit I’ve found and works excellent!!!! Must have

  • Oscar Barrios

    My previous review was 2 stars for difficulty with communication and a problem with an unreadable screen. The company has fixed the problem and my kids have been very happy with hot lunches for over a year. This product is worth the investment and the company has stood behind it. I hope this review can be placed with my original review. Sorry for the tardiness of this revision. Buy this product. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Pete

    This lunchbox is worth every penny. I have been looking for something like this for years. I used to bring only cold sandwiches to work and now I can take leftovers. Food gets real hot when I set my lunchtime. Can set the lunchtime on the display or through the Bluetooth app. I’m so impressed with this thing. I could not have designed it better

  • Kaleb Carlton

    Love it ! Definitely a game changer, worth every penny

  • Donna Roark

    This is absolutely amazing!! My 10 year old is a very picky eater and refuses to eat school lunches. His lunch is perfect in the LunchEaze. I’ve had several people ask for the website information to buy one as well.

  • Rea

    this luncheaze is amazing! My sister introduce me to this high tech meal heater! we love to travele and we always bring cooked food with us, now we dont have to eat cold food! Anyways I bought this for my son to use in school and he was so happy that his food are warm now we its time for lunch! the auto heat time is very convinient!! best buy ever! a little bit pricey but its worth it! highly recommend!

  • Don

    Game changer! I work outdoors and no way to heat things up. With this lunchbox I’m eating hot meals at lunch now Frozen lasagna was steaming hot when it was time to eat, I was a little skeptical with the frozen lasagna but it was hot! The portion is pretty good size for a lunch. I will be buying another for my wife for the winter. I highly recommend this product

  • Cristina

    I’m in LOVE. Yes, it was a tad bit expensive but I know now it’s worth every penny. I owned a $40 lunchbox from Amazon before this and my food was always unevenly warmed, it would take forever, and didn’t have the handy preheat tech this one does.

    With the LunchEAZE, all I do is put food in it and don’t worry about it. My food is always HOT coming out to the point that I’ve almost burned my mouth eating (which is a good thing for me, I love my food SCALDING hot lol). Everything is always evenly hot and all my coworkers are impressed and may start buying one themselves. I couldn’t recommend this lunchbox enough!

  • Johanna Cruz

    Absolutely awesome machine. It warms up food greatly and I’m ecstatic with this purchase.

  • Bob

    This is a great machine. I don’t think I could meal prep with out it. I can’t stand microwaved food. My food is always hot just like it was out of the oven. I’m saving $10-$15 a day on lunch I’m loosing weight because I’m not eating fast food every day. It’s already paid for its self. Wonderful product.

  • Daintry

    I bought this as a surprise for my husband – he absolutely loves this!! He is a construction worker and I had been searching for a product like this. and when I finally found you guys I was so happy! I wanted to make sure he had hot meals from here on out. GREAT INVENTION! WE LOVE YOU LUNCHEAZE

  • Ruth Falcon

    My son is in college and he’s tired of buying expensive meals. I bought him the luncheaze box and he loves it so much that he bought my 14 year old daughter one to take to school. My daughter was a celebrity in school with all her teachers being amazed by this cool gadget. I love this invention!!!! Thank You ❤️

  • Ms. Muffin Top

    This thing practically pays for itself. My studmuffin was spending so much money eating out because he doesn’t have access to a microwave, and you can only eat so many sandwiches. It’s a little pricey but in the end, you will be saving so much money not buying lunch.

  • Matthew

    Safety Concerns and other issues. The hot plate rapidly heats to 174 degrees and rapidly cools to 154 degrees every 6-8 seconds. It does not reach set temperature and does not go past 178 degrees on this particular device. The screen flickers. Packed it up to go to work. And after I brought it inside I noticed the screen was white. The device was unresponsive and it signaled the heat plate was on ! (this is the first time I am going to use it and have not set the time or auto start yet).No method of factory reset worked. the bottom of the lunchbox was HOT but the plate was cold to the touch. SUPER CONCERNING! I had to remove the bottom panel and manually unplug the battery to shut it off! Writing this review to Warn people that this could happen to them and theres a serious fire risk if left un checked. If i am dealing with these problems others must surely be as well

  • Karianne

    The concept was great and I was so looking forward to this product as we travel and it would be nice for a hot meal. The problem is the food doesn’t get hot its just warm. Also, I ordered an extra container and both of them only 3 sides lock.

  • Daniel

    I’ve only used it about 5 times or less thr second time my meal was cold but I didn’t set the temp rigth.
    But so far after that it’s been great I love it.
    My meal is warm ready when I take lunch

  • Justin A.

    The product is absolutely amazing it works perfect, heats everything up extremely consistent. The only two problems I have with the product are the lids don’t fit the best they don’t seem to seal perfectly and move around on the tin quite a bit. The other problem is the bag is extremely small, nowhere to really put anything cold about big enough for two water bottles and no ice pack those are my only two complaints other than that the product is fantastic.

  • David

    My dad bought this for me and I love it. I can eat delicious and healthy hot home cooked meals at school.

  • Isabel

    I just got it but am really happy with the lunch eaze not spending money and know what am eating

  • Konya

    Does precisely what is advertised, clearly set and met expectations. Worth it. I was worried the container wouldn’t hold enough food but this metal bowl at the top easily took on 2 full large stuffed chicken breasts and an oversized portion of tortellini pasta, my hubs was able to get 2 meals out of the 1 bowl. #PerfectPortions

  • Bernie

    This is the most amazing “lunch box” I have ever had. My wife bought me this so that I can enjoy hot meals while at work. As a plumber, I don’t have an access to a microwave and buying food gets costly and unhealthy. I have the ability to use my phone to re-set the heating time in case I am in a spot in a job that I can’t break-away from, my meal will be hot and fresh! I love it and I will never be without it!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Cindy

    I bought this for my son who works on job sites/construction (no microwave available). According to him, he loves it and how he’s able to have warm/hot meals now. No more money spent on eating out for lunch and cold sandwiches. Money well spent.

  • Jonathan Manzano

    Container its too small not for a men like me. Not bueno!! How can I returned it??

  • Ryan M

    The only thing keeping from giving a full 5 star was the weakness of the zippers on the carry case. The top zipper broke the first day while zipping up after my meal. Other than that one minor flaw this product is absolutely amazing. I recommend this to everyone in my shop who brings a lunch that needs warmed. Easy to use and absolutely essential for those who hate having to blow their breaks waiting in line at microwaves

  • Ana Azcue

    Honest review :

    First of all, I was very very excited to get this item. After a deep searching of meal containers like this , this is one is good but not good enough. My container never reaches the 220F the most is 195 and I use it ALWAYS inside the insulated bag ( the basic one )
    Just today , after always having a hard time to close upper zipper insulated bag finally got broken one of the teeth , so only works one zipper of two but I’m missing one teeth. Eventually will get broken , so they specify is durable and heavy duty but in my case , it’s not. So I contacted them for a new replacement and no cost returning label but I don’t know if I will get free return label .. probably not. I’m really afraid to see the answer.

    I’m agree with the others. Shipping should be free considering is an expensive item made with cheap labor. By other hand , I contacted support to know if it was made in USA , and I found out that the first models are mande in USA, but as we all know Chinese labor is 1000% cheaper and now are made in China. ( good for the people who posses this item made in USA )
    They charge you as made in USA because the price is too high , but it’s not made in USA. So could be cheaper for all of us because now are made in China. If this item cost me 300 dlls I will pay it happily if is made in USA. Because is made here and is good for our economy and the best quality. Before buying it I knew it was made in china , I gave a chance but very disappointing because the “heavy duty zipper “ is made in China and gets broken easily. For production they spend a few bucks and for us is 10 times the price. Not made in USA , not quality and does not reach the 220F. I really would like to post videos and pictures but not possible to give proof of my words because there’s no option for reviews to add pics and videos.
    I don’t recommend this item for soups , could be dangerous because of the plate that leaks. For that, buy thermos king , will keep your soups and when you open your container you will see the smoke of hot soup. Cheaper and honest price , made in China but good price and high quality. ( With this comment I just want to help the others to find items in the market to keep their food warm or hot , i recommend what is really helpful, not for other reasons ) Like I said , I did a really deep deep research on ways to keep food hot temperature and not to use microwave and this item luncheaze is good for a piece of meat with vegetables , not for soups.Another thing to add , battery is not covered by the warranty. Just keep that in mind you are going to spend eventually 24.95 dollars plus shipping and tax.
    Also, let’s say you programe your luncheaze for a certain time to eat. In order to work and heath your food , your lucheaze must be turn on all the time , if is turn off , won’t turn on automatically to heat your food , I do work 12 hrs shift , and I like to eat when I wake up, I sleep 8 hours and my machine, in order to warm my food must be ON those 8 hours while I’m sleeping. So energy is wasted all that time and won’t heat your food the expected heat time ( which is 2 hours ) so means your food will be heated only 1:30 min , not the 2 hours promised. I leave it at 220F but does not reach that temperature and won’t be 2 hours because of the wasted time hibernating.
    When you charge the luncheaze won’t tell you if it’s fully charge or not. You must imagine if the battery icon is green , means is fully charge. But if you charge a battery more time than necessary , this type of battery won’t work eventually … then like I said you must buy a new battery , the 25 plus 5 shipping and taxes , probably 33 dollars more .
    Honest review I really hope you guys check other options.

  • Manuel

    Children lunch bag.
    Is it possibly a couple of years since I purchased a Luncheaze. I am giving it 4 stars since the battery just died. I charged the battery every day. I did not look at the charge status, that may have affected the battery life. My son was 7 years old when he started to take his Launcheaze to school. I cook at dawn, so I set the temperature at 170F to keep the food warm. I tested Launcheaze at 220F and gets too hot for a child, even with leftovers that have been refrigerated. Possibly what I like the most from the Luncheaze is how simple is to wash the metal container and its plastic lid. I wash by hand (I have no dishwasher). Launcheaze is heavy for a small child, and my main worry was for my child to pull it out from the bag and spill the food content over him. So I placed cotton towels on the bottom of the bag to raise the Launcheaze and allow my son to eat without removing the Launcheaze or the metal container from the bag. In conclusion, I tested different temperatures and found a way for my 7 year old child to use it safely.

  • Maureen Douse

    Wow, just wow. I received my luncheaze on December 13th and have used it everyday. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! words can’t describe how wonderful this is. I’ve since ordered one for my husband and as soon as I pay it off I’m ordering one for my niece who’s a nurse.

    I’ve been able to eat my leftovers nice and hot with no waiting for microwave. With Covid, I’d rather not use the public microwave so I’ve been eating cold food. This is a game changer and a complete life saver.. just get it! Lunch will never be the same.

  • Dillon

    Was skeptical about this purchase cause of the price. Just received it yesterday. Took it to the test today and WOW! Well worth the money for a hot meal for lunch. 10/10 Well done.

  • Debbie Barnette

    It was a Christmas gift for hubby. He spoke about getting one for months, but never did. I wanted to purchased it for him. He was surprised on Christmas morning and by that Monday he was and has continued using it each day. You see as a NY Bus driver his meals have only been salads made by me. No place to heat up food so he and others who are out in the field have to eat their meals on a empty bus provided for them. A hot meal makes all the difference (especially in the winter)and he doesn’t care if the same meal is repeated more than twice. Thanks

  • Gisel Villarreal (verified owner)

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and he loves it. No more cold chicken for his salads at lunch. Now all his coworkers want one too.

  • Martha Larios (verified owner)

    The idea is great, but it’s too small. It barely fits the food container. All you can fit is like 2 sides, forget about your main entré. you can’t fit other snacks like chips or cookies. Forget about adding soda or water, it just won’t fit. The quality of material isn’t so great either. I would’ve expected something better for the price. If I could leave 0 stars I would.

    • LunchEAZE Support

      Hi Martha! Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to fit lots of snacks inside the insulated lunch bag. The bag also includes side pockets for drinks. The meal containers are 850mL and hold a lot more food than they may appear to at first. I highly recommend trying it out. If you are still not satisfied, we do offer 30 day returns!

  • Joe Hernandez

    I love the concept. Love the hot food but am disheartened by the poor bluetooth connection. No matter which device I attempt to connect to it, multiple times are needed and then disconnected anyhow. Seems unable to set a start time via BT but can on front of device. I still heartily recommend it but seems some work needs to continue on wireless system

  • Irene Santos

    I purchase one and in about 2 month or so the lid broke and no warranties even when I have not have for more then 2 months. I emailed for the warranty and they were like you have to pay $50. I reply about the time frame did not even got an answer back. I will have to pay regardless because at this point is better to loose another $50 then $200.

    • LunchEAZE Support

      Hello Irene, I see from your emails that your base unit has been broken. Please note that the warranty does not cover physical damages or damages not resulting from defects in manufacturing such as a drop, hit, or spill. Please email and we can see what we can do for you.

  • Cj (verified owner)

    The Luncheaze is the best product. I’m a barber and this is has save me money . I used to eat out for lunch and dinner everyday . But now I just meal prep

  • Osher Sergani

    I’m very dissatisfied with the product. First of all, the Bluetooth function didn’t work even after contact customer service. Second and most importantly the product stopped working after few times of use.

    • LunchEAZE Support (verified owner)

      Hi there! Based on our order history you ordered a LunchEAZE Lite– the model that doesn’t have Bluetooth. Your unit is also still under warranty, you can email to get taken care of!

  • Hunter (verified owner)

    Hello I never review or send input on products I buy. However, your product has been one of my favorite purchases of all time. I work construction so I was used to always having cold lunches. I was a little skeptical because of the price but I went for it. I have had it for six months now and I use it every single day. It makes me happy to have hot healthy home packed lunches. I also opted for the cooler lunchbox so I have my cold items up top which was genius. I’m about to go on vacation to remote area and I would typically just have a sandwich but I can use your product for a hot lunch! I found your product through an Instagram ad of blue-collar workers having their lunch break.

  • Adri

    This food heater is great! Everyone in my household has one, either to take to school or work. Food is ready when it’s time to eat. Nice and hot. Downside, the lids don’t close correctly and we’ve had them leak in our lunch bags. Hopefully this gets fixed as this machine is great for it’s purpose.

  • Kelvin

    So my review will be honest and realistic unlike a lot of the lower star reviews. So with that being said this lil gadget is awesome!! I work in manufacturing and when it’s break time everyone goes at the same time n we’re talking like 1000 people yea we have ample microwaves but when u have 30 min to eat who wants to waste time waiting in line just to warm their food! I see alot of complaints a ot not getting to 220 degrees as to be honest it’s not necessary when it does get that hot it will dry out the pasta and rice that touches the bottom so don’t let the temp thin deter you. Second the zipper is a lil cheap but if you take a second to look before you zip then you can solve the problem very easily forcing it will only break it. The Bluetooth feature does suck and loses connection a lot so I no longer try to use it. My 2 complaints are the size of the Lunch bag it self and the container but that’s because I eat quite a bit. I leave my container in the actual unit so that way I can take extra things as well i.e utensils, condiments, extra snacks and so on. I get the bag is designed for the unit specifically but making it user efficient will I’m sure make happier customers because I’m for one that hates taking multiple bags to work daily. So all in all I would recommend it I actually recommended to all my coworkers.

  • Mike McDougall

    I loved my Luncheaze when I first got it. It worked great. My only problem was that the lining of the insulated bag started separating after a couple of months so I had to duct tape it to keep it together.

    After a year of use the heating temperature wouldn’t get hotter than 140 degrees. When the temperature maxed out at 117 degrees I contacted support and was told that they could fix it for a flat fee and shipping. After paying just under $100 CAD, I received the so called fixed unit.

    Even though I set the temperature to 170 degrees it shot up to 220 and heating would last only 75 minutes. Even less time if I used the auto start function. I contacted support again about the repair not fixing the problem properly and was ignored.

    Needless to say I have stopped recommending this product.

    • LunchEAZE Support (verified owner)

      Hello Mike
      We are so sorry to hear about your LunchEAZE experience. I will send you a separate email so we can take care of all the problems so you can enjoy your LunchEAZE again.

  • Derek Payne

    Bought our LunchEAZE in June 2021 for my daughter to use at camp. It gave her a major upgrade in lunch options. The box is intuitive to set, reliable and easy to clean. This product offered everything I was looking for. Then LunchEAZE blew my mind. We found out our box stopped working because our daughter reported having a cold lunch. I emailed the company with low expectations for a response. Not only did I get a helpful response: I got a quick response, troubleshoot and it needs a new battery. One month out of warranty, I thought for sure I’d have to pay. Nope, they offered the new battery for free as a one time gift. I was floored. LunchEAZE is a first class company with a great product.

  • Julio chavez

    I bought the luncheaze last year because I travel a lot for work and got tired of eating out .Best investment saved a lot of money work good until one day the battery stop work my luncheaze was days past my warranty but still send me a free battery and had such good customer service as well and now it back to start working again with the new battery

  • Christopher Arredondo

    I got two boxes and they work great. There customer service is top of the line, hassle free. I had to replace the battery, and all it took was one email. I appreciate a company that is invested in customer care.

  • Karina (verified owner)

    I love the LunchEaze. I bought it for my husband that works where microwaves are not always available. This is such a great invention that allows him to always have hot meals on the go. I also had a bit of an issue with it and they have a wonderful customer support. I emailed them with the issue and got a response the same day. They knew what the problem was (battery) and helped resolve the problem right away. So fast and efficient. Totally worth the buy.

  • Crystal Allary (verified owner)

    So I ordered the luncheaze from Canada. First of all, the whole website is in USD which they don’t make clear anywhere. So once ordered instead of being $200, it was $350 CAD. Then they ship through UPS. Once it comes over the border you are charged another $100 duty fee. The total of the luncheaze was $450 for me which is absolutely ridiculous. Had I known that it would cost me $200 more then advertised on the website I never would have ordered. Canadians buyer beware of the ridiculous cost of this product. Do not recommend at all.

    • khonardoost (verified owner)

      Hello Crystal
      We are sorry to hear about your complaint but there is a clear note on the checkout page with the following explanation : **CANADIAN & AUSTRALIAN ORDERS: Please take note of the added shipping fee. All prices are in USD. The customer is responsible for all import taxes, customs fees, and VAT. Please check with your local authorities for specific details. We are very transparent for all charges.

  • Nick (verified owner)

    Fantastic investment, I was struggling to find things to have for lunch without access to a microwave and power not always available. The LunchEaze was the perfect solution couldn’t be happier. Fast shipping and great customer service.

  • Nick F

    Updated. I ordered a new battery but forgot my box was under warranty. I received an email with a refund for the battery. Thank you for the quick reply. Took less than a day for them to reply.

  • mike q

    Just did my first meal ing my luncheaze and its awesome.
    I will use it a lot at work and no more heat vent heat ups will be nice.
    Garlic pasta, chili with dogs, general chicken and anything else I can
    think of will be done in the luncheaze..

    • khonardoost (verified owner)

      Thank you for the feedback . Enjoy your hot meal at work.

  • Fabio (verified owner)

    I bought one and use it for 4 months every day. It works great and I’m happy. super round.

  • Pete Emerson

    I’m very impressed with the quality of this product. I bought this LunchEAZE in May of 2021. My lunch is heated and ready on time. It’s very convenient and time-saving. The customer service was great and helpful even after the warranty. I’m 100% satisfied.

    • khonardoost (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for the review. We appreciate our customers and their satisfaction is important to us.

  • Mariah (verified owner)

    Husband works for USPS, and was quickly burnt out from fast-food, and short lunch breaks. I was hesitant about the initial investment, but considering he was spending $10-15 each day on food he complained about, it was worth the gamble. Cooking is my love language so I make a homemade dinner each night. I make a little additional, when necessary in order to stock his lunchbox, and after about 6 weeks, I can say Luncheaz has easily paid for itsef, plus I always get that darling thank-you text midday from hubby.
    He also really enjoys his coworkers making him give the rundown of what’s cooking before he hits the road. This had been phenomenal for both of us and I would recommend to anyone!

  • David (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this thing. I have wanted to being my lunch to work for a while now but never did because I hate microwaved food and cold cuts get old soon. As an HVAC field technician I am always in a different part of town and do not have a set place to warm up food. This lunchbox has been a great solution. Yes, it is expensive however, so is eating out everyday. In 3 weeks this has paid for itself. So far i have noticed that if its real cold outside then the food does take longer to warm up if I leave it in my van. If i bring it into the building I’m working at this is no issue. Most important thing to remember is putting your proteins at the base of the container so that they heat up best. This has worked well for me and all my meals have been great. I’ve been recommending is to all the guys at work.

  • Cody Pilgrim (verified owner)

    I’ve had this product roughly 2 years, and let me tell you this. The time I’ve saved from not standing at the microwave when it’s lunch time is unbelievable! I recommend this to anyone who works industrial for sure.

  • WImom (verified owner)

    I bought this for my son, who is an electrician and does more commercial than residential work. He does bring his lunch majority of the days and it is always “cold” leftovers. Some leftovers are not meant to be eaten cold..LOL He said it was awesome to have a hot lunch waiting, all he had to do is set the timer in the morning when packing and not have to worry about it during his day. A bunch of his co-workers thought it was a smart idea and are looking into getting one. Took a couple tries to figure out with the items heating up and the temp to set but now he has it down!! I feel better he has a something hot on the cold days!

  • Chris Butler

    Wildland firefighter – love the product! Small enough to fit in my line pack while on prescribed burns. Keeps the food hot, I left it in my truck one day and didn’t get off the fire line until 20:00 and the food was still eidibly warm. I had set it to start cooking at 10:00 so it kept it warm enough to eat for ten full hours. The size of the food tray seems small but if the meal is filling I doubt you could eat half. The only reason I’m giving four stars instead of five is due to the insulation between the top and bottom compartments. My wife added cheese, crackers, and meats in a Tupperware in the top compartment and those were cooked too lol the cheese was melted and the crackers soggy. No biggie though, just have to tin foil it next time. If you don’t leave it on all day on auto start and you just use the heat now feature, there’s plenty of battery left to heat a second food tray. I’m currently heating soup I added to the food tray after finishing last night’s left overs. I do wish there were deeper sized food tray solely because of some of the meals we Want to cook with it but the space it has is more than adequate to save the approximate $15/day in meal costs.

  • Felipe (verified owner)

    My 8 years old daughter loved her luncheaze, is great product for school, no more cold food. I gave 4 stars because for me need some improvements.
    1-Add an option to adjust the time of heat, 2 hours is too much for me, some food with 1 hour is ready (depends the temperature you set), the food for my daughter at 170 degrees is perfect. Pizza with 2 hours turns hard, with 1 hour was ok. Some foods dehydrate with 2 hours.
    2-Add an option of automatic shut off time (heating never turns off), in the case of my daughter, she has 2 lunch times and if she forget turn off the luncheaze, the battery will drain and the second meal will be cold.
    I think LunchEAZE will be better if could be programed the starting time of heat, heating duration and after turns off by itself.

  • misael

    best investment ever..

  • misael

    best investment ever.. works great!!

  • Ryan

    Awesome product for anyone in the trades. I work in excavation in Montana and I’ve always hated eating cold leftovers when it’s 15deg out. The luncheaze will get your food PIPING hot, I turned mine down to 195F. Seriously such a good investment, I look forward to lunch everyday now.
    I showed my boss and now he’s buying eveyone a box on the crew!

    Only downside is the bag is a little flimsy, I probably should have gone with the upgrades bag for my line of work.

  • Rigoberto

    I love it my wife bought for me because I hate to eat cold lunches I just received it after waiting a while for it because back orders and I brought left over steak and mashed potatos and spam with mac n cheese and wow just like if I’ve made it at home

  • Larry Lackey (verified owner)

    Timer is great, battery life is great, it evenly and completely has heated everything I’ve tried.
    Tacos, bacon eggs and hasbrowns, enchiladas.
    It’s flawless

  • Vanessa Hernandez (verified owner)

    I work in a gold mine and I seen my coworker with one and I asked since we don’t have access to a place to warm up our food and he told me how happy he was about having one. So I looked it up and I love to have a warm meal at work now thank you

  • Kira Hill (verified owner)

    we bought one a while ago (id say around two years ago) and it worked fine and then it stopped heating good and the screen never turned on so we just got a new one recently and im sorta upset that it’s such nicer quality but im still happy that we got it! the first bag we bought (the upgraded one) took a beating and the stitches were coming apart and the insulated lining on the inside wasn’t attached to the fabric anymore… the lids on the tupperwares never stayed clasped fully either, which the new ones we bought do (thankfully). overall worth what it costs, i love mine

  • Elizabeth Martinez

    Gifted the Luncheaze original to my boyfriend for Christmas & he LOVES it!!

  • Felipe Silva (verified owner)

    I came across the business on social media and I ended up gifting my dad one of the lunchease. It is a complete game changer for him. No more waiting to warm up your food in a microwave, or eating cold food.

  • Violet Hignite

    This is a great investment that pays for itself in no time at all.
    My husbands co worker kept talking about wanting a luncheaze and how it would be so beneficial so they wouldn’t have to leave the job site to find food.
    The job is near LAX and the guys were constantly complaining of the time it took to find food that was usually mediocre and cold, not to mention being by LAX very expensive. After some research I bought the luncheaze for Valentine’s Day and 2 other co workers also purchased their luncheaze kits. Since they received their luncheaze they have not had to leave the site and get a cold inedible expensive meal for lunch.
    They have packed lunch everyday and love it!! The amount of money saved clearly paid off quickly and the best part is they actually get a hot meal they enjoy without the cost or hassle of LA traffic. Best part besides saving money is that you always have a delicious hot meal waiting for you. It’s so convenient not having to leave a construction site to go find food that you will never be happy with.
    With luncheaze it’s a guarantee you will have the best lunch ready when you are.

  • Armando Avalos

    Perfect Worth Every Penny!

  • Maria Perez (verified owner)

    Like it very much food is warm and ready to eat.

  • Angel Cabrera (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE has made it so easy for my husband to enjoy a hot meal on the go at work. He used to take a cold lunch or try to find a microwave at a gas station which didn’t always workout. We love our LunchEAZE!

  • Maria Salazar (verified owner)

    I first heard of you guys on tik tik don’t remember who but then I discovered Luncheaze again from Cocinaderosy on instagram . My husband is a truck driver and I got him an Electric lunch box from Amazon. Two years later I was able to afford a better and more advance lunch box with Luncheaze and my hubby and I are in love ❤️ it’s convenient for him as a truck driver and I’m thinking of getting one myself.

  • Antoinette Gorbea

    I’m able to save so much time, Im hoping to get my husband one soon.

  • Brenda Reyes (verified owner)


  • Madison Love

    Love it

  • Gladys Rivera-Martinez (verified owner)

    So far it has made lunch time a lot better because my husband gets a warm lunch. Wish it held more charge but overall great product

  • Johana Trevino


  • Alvaro Alvarez (verified owner)

    Battery died after a few months. Received another on warranty but not sure how long it will last. Company recommended I should not let battery go to zero charge yet I never did as I always had it charged. We’ll see how long my replacement battery lasts. I love the luncheonette but can’t give it more than three stars because of the battery premature failure.

  • Andres Rivera

    awesome gadget to have out in the construction site no need of worry about power lunch always hot and ready to eat

  • Odalis Santos Barron (verified owner)

    This automatic lunch box heater was exactly what I was looking for. I was very impressed with the quality of the product I received.

  • Naved Alam farooqui

    100% satisfied user for about 2 years

  • Dylan Cleary

    Best lunch box I have ever brought

  • Liza Soto (verified owner)

    He uses his Luncheaze everyday and he loves it! He is the envy of all his colleagues.

  • Daniel Rivas

    It’s great and it heats any food great

  • David Farfan

    Want one

  • Gabriela Guadian

    I Love the Luncheaze it makes packing lunch for my husband so easy and also makes my husbands lunch hour run smoothly.
    The only thing would be that sometimes it doesn’t heat up even if we charged it. I don’t know if it could be a mistake on my side or the Luncheaze.

  • Ramon Rodriguez

    Great product

  • Yoav Fischer

    This is a perfect solution to a common problem.
    It closes the gap/crux that stands in the way of many people getting home cooked and healthy choice meals available in any situation.
    Props to you!!

  • Joel Cortes

    I love it, I can now have a hot meal. No more cold sandwiches.

  • Alex Ramirez

    Love it!

  • Tamar Lamy (verified owner)

    I love this product. It makes heating up meals on the go so much easier.

  • Irene Ruiz (verified owner)

    I really like it because it warms up the food good but I don’t like that it’s not as hot as when placed in a microwave.

  • Erica Jauregui (verified owner)

    It takes longer then expected to warm up food and the bag it came with is already ripping and it’s only been since December but other than that we LOVE IT

  • carol a boday

    My husband loves the LunchEaze. I also love that they take quick response to a problem.

  • Casandera Jackson

    It’s the best for people who want a hot lunch and can’t get to a microwave or plug in a cooker.

  • Chris Graber

    Love it

  • Victoria Monarrez

    Great product!

  • Francisco Mata (verified owner)

    I was browsing through ticktock like always, and then one of the videos was talking about the luncheaze and how the wife prepare the lunches for her husbands for all week, and she was explaining how she wasn’t worried about where he was going to heat his food.
    That’s where it got my attention
    I work at Allied Universal.
    I work at the night shift Cleaning service department and at the current location where I’m working right now we are 35 people in total, and there’s only one microwave in the brake room, so imagine if we all 35 had to use it, we wouldn’t it eat at all, thank god only a couple use the microwave, but i was still one of them until i got my lunchEaze, now i just go to my lunch break which is at 10:00pm Pacific time and enjoy my hot food, to me it’s worth those $300 that i spent so im glad and happy

  • Robert Mangione

    This lunch box let’s you eat without slowing down

  • Briana Ramos (verified owner)

    I love this lunch box ! It has made a huge difference in my partners eating habits and saved us lots of money from eating out for lunches

  • Alejandra Miranda

    Highly recommended

  • Miguel Alcantar

    Great product perfect meal prep for the working man on the road.

  • Christina Vasquez (verified owner)

    A MUST HAVE! Perfect for any weather condition !! Nobody wants a sandwich when it’s pouring rain

  • Clayton Barrow

    10 out of 10. Would highly recommend there products. And there customer.service is top notch

  • Stephanie Martinez

    It’s really good don’t revert it

  • Miguel Silva

    Very convenient for a construction job site: especially when installing solar on a rooftop, the battery powered Bluetooth lunch warmer is a game changer!!

  • Maritza Prado

    I love it!

  • Ruth Torres

    My husband is a driver out of town, five days a week. The Luncheaze has saved him from eating sandwiches on a daily basis. It has been working perfectly! I highly recommend to all of those who work as drivers, construction workers out on sites, oilfield workers in the middle of nowhere. Just charge the night before and you’re ready to eat a nice, hot lunch!!

  • Yesenia Rangel

    Great for meals with no microwave near by. Does the job when you set it up ahead of time. Only complaint is size. Wish it could be bigger but that would require a different design/features.

  • Katherine Haehle

    Great, makes lunches so much better

  • Jeannie Polzin

    Love it

  • Tristan Wilson

    The only product I can count on to heat my food anywhere I am. Even if there is no power, I’m guaranteed my lunch that day no matter where I am at. The ability to buy more containers to meal prep was a huge deal as well, just pull it out of the fridge and go.

  • Mauricio Garcia (verified owner)

    I love it

  • Brandon Turley (verified owner)

    This lunch box is great turn it on when you pack your lunch and when it’s time to eat you have a hot meal ready to eat

  • Robert Lofstrom

    LunchEAZE has changed my work meals forever. Hot food on time, in the field and meal prep friendly. I prep food on Sunday for the entire week and gained back some of my precious morning time before leaving for work. Truly a great investment and easy too!

  • Ashley Wiebe

    I bought one for my husband because he works nights and hardly ever gets a hot meal. This product made it incredibly easy for him to enjoy his breaks at work.

  • Maria Mejia (verified owner)

    I use this for my daughters school lunches. She doesn’t like to wait in line and she loves my cooking, so it’s extremely convenient for her to unpack her lunch and have it hot and ready to eat right away. She’s the only kid in her school who can eat steaming homemade curry chicken and rice.

    Customer service was amazing! I actually had my first package delivered to the wrong address so someone has a free Luncheaze. But they were quick in responding and resolving it, in sending out another one.

    I have no complaints it is a great self heating lunch box and super convenient.

  • David Villar (verified owner)

    It’s a great item, but for the food I eat rice and chicken. For some reason burn the crap out of the rice. So i switched back to using the microwave

  • Luke Smith (verified owner)

    My original luncheaze came with a glitch. After contacting support (who did reach back out to me immidiatley) i was sent out a new one. My new one has worked almost flawlessly except one day it did not trigger on at the time it was set for. I enjoy the product but because of some of my previous experience with the product i am unfortunatly left with a daily question of whether i will be getting a hot meal or not.

  • Kearstyn Smalley (verified owner)

    Best lunch box ever! I bought it for my hubby for Christmas and everyone rants and raves about it! Best purchase I’ve ever made!

  • Mallary Williams (verified owner)

    The luncheaze has been a great tool to reheat leftovers for a work lunch when there is no microwave available and saves money when compared with buying lunch everyday.

  • Tatum Leonard (verified owner)

    The LunchEAZE original is a convenient product for all your lunch needs. Very excited to use it!

  • Ronald McBride (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my luncheaze I wish I would have known about it sooner.

  • Stephanie Gilmore

    Be awesome to ve a person with one

  • Nolan Dixon (verified owner)

    Love the lunch box

  • Jazxmin Ruelas

    Makes my life so much easier, no more excuses!!! Not having electricity at times was also another thing, I couldn’t warm up the food, microwave was broken, there was a long line. Also saves us, so much money. Eating out was getting expensive.

  • Nathan Young

    Best lunch box ever invented I went years having to eat cold lunches in the coldest times of the year and now I don’t have to anymore so thank you for that. There’s nothing like a hot lunch to warm you up on a cold day

  • Grace Curiel (verified owner)

    Thanks to LunchEaze my husband always has a hot meal!

  • Daniel Waskiewicz

    I work outside in construction and needed an option for hot lunches in the field year round. Everything I found in my search seemed cheap and required a constant 12v hookup. I LOVE my LunchEAZE. It keeps me from eating convenience store garbage, saves me money on expensive take out lunches, and provides a reliable hot meal year round. My LunchEAZE has definitely saved me on some extremely cold days.

  • Joan Garcia

    Very nice item

  • Daniel Sifuentes

    Tired of boring sandwiches… well I was too. I purchased my LunchEaze and now enjoy delicious hot food.

  • James Hamilton

    If you are looking for a hot meal and you are nowhere close to the equipment to make one. The lunchEAZE is the way to go it heats up Foo fast and quiet and there’s no extra hassle with there app it automatically heats with a set time! When I’m farming and need something other then sandwiches this is what I go with!!

  • Desiree Alvarado (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking into portable travel lunch boxes for my husband who is a truck driver and as I was scrolling thru social media (Instagram), I discovered this portable and convenient lunch box “LunchEAZE”. Though it is an investment, in my option it definitely worth it for a warm meal on the go or for the office. My husband loves his!!!

  • Ben Jones (verified owner)

    Seems to be a great product

  • Amanda Lima

    Can’t wait to buy

  • Charlena Padilla (verified owner)

    My husband uses it for work and loves it!!

  • Rebecca Jurado (verified owner)

    Love it makes packing lunch for my husband so much easier! It would be perfect if it were a tad bit bigger!

  • Javier Vivar (verified owner)

    Me quedé sorprendido caminera la comida súper bien

  • Raquel Draper

    It’s the best!!. Portable, Convenient and I love how my food is hot and ready by lunch break. I got so many people on it. I post it to my Facebook timelines and stories

  • Jesse Flores


  • Patrick Brown (verified owner)

    I am in my truck all day and do not have access to a microwave, toaster oven, etc… After growing tired of cold sandwiches and fast food, I discovered LunchEAZE. Now I get to have a hot lunch every day!

  • Yannary Villagomez

    We love it

  • Maxime Paré

    Best product ever made


    great product, heats food like a slow cooker not nuked like a microwave.

  • Daniel Quinn

    Best thing on the market in my opinion. I have not had any problem with my cooker and I continually tell other about it

  • Alfonso Garcia (verified owner)

    Love it. No more thermos.

  • Danielle Manzanares

    Very convenient especially when you have no access to microwaves

  • Candace Harrison (verified owner)

    Love that you can have a hot meal on the go!

  • Edward Bula (verified owner)

    It’s the perfect addition for the construction site knowing I can have a hot lunch especially on those cold days. Worth every penny

  • Mindy Stone

    Best product ever! How did I live without it?

  • Ryan Cooley

    Battery seems to of lost v its charge already, my battery gauge isn’t showing full

  • Lissbeth Ortiz

    My boyfriend love this! He works long hours and has no access to a microwave at work and says this is a game changer, his coworkers saw what he had and were all shocked that they also! Bought one and it makes me good knowing that he’s saving money by cooking and packing food then spending lots of money weekly

  • Jahaira Quiroz (verified owner)

    Best investment to have a lunch to look forward to.

  • Raul Campos

    Great product. I have the original version for more than a year. Just replaced the battery but other than that it’s been good to me.

  • Lyn Dellabona (verified owner)

    Brilliant machine heats well and very Sturdy. Extremely easy to use.
    Well Done Designers

  • Nancy Montales

    I have used the LunchEAZE original for three years and it still is working great. I pack lunch five days a week in it for my high schooler who prefers mom’s cooking to cafeteria food. Stir fry, pulled pork over noodles, spaghetti, and beef stew are the standards. When I’m super busy she gets canned ravioli or a hot dog. It is very simple to program, just always check the clock and make sure it’s right, we’ve made that mistake. I know of at least two co-workers that have gotten it for their school age kids as young as third grade, it’s pretty simple to use. I’m so thrilled that it just continues to work every day for three years! Also in the summer when we go out on the boat we stuff it full of hot dogs and we have a hot lunch on the boat. This is a great product, we have more than got our moneys worth.

  • Todd Humphrey (verified owner)

    Eating too much fast food, because I don’t like cold sandwiches all the time. I refuse to eat cold lasagna, beef stew, or whatever else is leftover in the fridge cold.
    But this thing actually makes lunch enjoyable. If there’s nothing in the fridge, I just throw in a can of soup or chili and cornbread.
    I’ve got a half dozen guys at work drooling and sooner or later they’re going to start coming over to the hot side.

  • Eduardo Gomez

    Love it I can program warm with my phone.

  • Janie Robles

    Easy to use and convenient

  • Allison Williams (verified owner)

    My husband really enjoys having hot meals. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave in his field of work and this heats everything to the perfect temperature.

  • Morgan Schilling

    A go worker bought the lunch box and extra containers with the upgraded bag. After months of seeing him use it I bought one . Amazing!

  • Stephen Micale (verified owner)

    Luncheaze is made of quality materials and is very easy to use. The app is very convenient and nice to be able to control right from your phone is amazing. Food is heated fast and the container included is very nice. Highly recommend

  • Yessi Amaya

    Such a great invention! Comes in handy and my food is always hot and ready by lunch time.

  • Reinier Garcia (verified owner)

    I feel like it is small. Can you make it bigger? Sometimes I fell I need more space for food.

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    My husband and I are really enjoying the Luncheaze product. We did run into some trouble with one of our batteries, but we had insurance and where able to get it replaced. Our lunch bags stitching has started to become unstitched, because we use them 5 days a week. Other than that, we are very pleased with the product.

  • Nathan Moseychuck (verified owner)

    Best thing for the boat when I’m lobster fishing


    Worked for 2 years and then stopped working I was dissapointed.

  • Lizeth Hernandez

    Best purchase I have ever made! My food is SUPER warm at lunch time and easy to set up!

  • Ruth Quintero Bernate

    This lunch box is perfect, my son doesn’t need to connect it so he can’t lose the wire and is impossible he forgets to connect it because he doesn’t needs to connect it.

  • Valente Pina


  • Kelly Kowis

    It’s great! Great size, great heating capabilities, and great ease of use.

  • Brad Wouters

    It’s hard to eat healthy while working long hours and eating cold food. I can meal prep healthy and tasty food that is 10x easier to eat hot compared to cold. This really is a game changer

  • Miranda Noriega (verified owner)

    This works perfect for my husband that is in construction. They don’t always have microwaves and he was tired of sandwiches every day. He loves that he has options for lunch. He’s happy… I’m Happy!

  • Celia Hernandez

    My husband loves that he gets warm food everyday and I love that I just throw in leftover dinners and don’t have to worry about getting up at 3 in the morning to make him fresh food to stay warm for a few hours. Win win for both of us.

  • Lisa Card

    We love ours very much and we use them every day. My husband works for the railroad ans alot of people have seen his and ordered themselves one. If i would have told my husband at firat how much they cost he would have said no . So i didn’t tell him afterwards he ended up finding out how much it cost and he was ok with it. Alot of people say it cost too much and they wouldn’t buy it but they end up buying one after they smell our hot food and they are eating a sandwich. I totally recommend getting one. Customer service is so fast and ontop of everything .

  • Jessica Cummings (verified owner)

    He loves it!

  • Garrett Wiggins (verified owner)

    It is the best thing to have! I praise it to the people I work with! One coworker has gotten it ! And a lot of people ask me what it is! Saves me a bunch of money, and gives me a home cooked meal away from home!

  • Jessica Ayala

    Works great. My dad loves it so far

  • Gabriel Garcia

    The LunchEAZE is great for all types of things! I’ve made instant ramen in them, I’ve reheated soups and stews. And it has made meal prepping easy and frees you from needing a kitchen when it’s time to eat. With the Bluetooth, you don’t have have to dig it out of your locker or car and you can have your food ready to go when you are.

  • Peter Pisello

    Awesome, nothing else on the market even compares.

  • Samuel Sanchez (verified owner)

    Great product especially if you on the go


    It works super well. Bought it for my boyfriend who works in landscaping. He was dying to go back to work to show off his new lunchbox. He is completely in love with it.

  • Alexa Ibarra (verified owner)

    I love how nice and hot my food is. My meal preps taste freshly made each day.

  • Tatheana Finney

    Works great

  • Ezekiel Farley

    Great Product, completely changes the game for lunch! No more sandwiches!!

  • Luke Hundermark

    greatest thing i’ve ever purchased when it comes to work , makes lunch easy.

  • Daryl albu

    Love it will continue to use

  • Sophie Velasco (verified owner)

    Love the product is great

  • Stacy Jones (verified owner)

    This has been a game changer for my husband! Now he doesn’t need to wait in a long line to use a microwave.

  • Viviana Magallan (verified owner)

    We love it. My husband can eat healthy real homemade food. Everyone else is always asking where he bought it. And he tells them.

  • Alma Garcia

    The Best!!

  • Johnathan Waite (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the luncheaze! I set mine at 10 am and it’s hot from start to finish every single bite is Hot ! Love this ! Warm meal everyday that i bring it to work ! I monitor the temperature through the app! Thank you for inventing this !

  • Jeff Janke (verified owner)

    Awesome product every one should get one if you prefer a hot meal in the long winter work hours or any time comping or just want a hot meal

  • Juan Gomez Perez (verified owner)

    I saw this dude at lunch with a hot plate of food and asked him where the microwave was ? & pointed to his lunch box and this when I read “LUNCHEAZE” I knew I had to get , I was tired of using my thermal and always having to get a new one to keep my soups warm. Now with the hot plate I could pack any and everything I want. The screen is easy to use . Thank you. Hot plates everyday no more half heated meals from the thermal cups. Easy to use and always hot food . No microwaves never

  • Natasha Bercant (verified owner)

    Awesome product and very convenient for work.

  • Mitchell Chambers

    The Luncheaze incredible! I can’t even count the amount of money and time I have saved since purchasing one. Lunch box at it finest! Thanks:)

  • Jordan Leal

    I purchased a LunchEAZE for my girlfriend because I found out that she often ate cold meals at work because her job didn’t allow a microwave in the breakroom. I went online and looked at various products that heated lunches and nothing compared to the LunchEAZE. I knew she would appreciate the ability to use her phone to schedule the LunchEAZE to heat up her food ahead of time before her lunchtime. I also loved that she has multiple containers so that she can do meal prep and have multiple meals ready. The stainless steel containers also make it a breeze for her to clean up and wash. Her plastic Tupperware has usually stained with certain sauces so it’s great that these containers aren’t susceptible to those stains and lingering smells.

  • Ivonne Zambrano


  • Stephanie Marquard

    Works extremely well. Love how it takes the time to heat food on a schedule, and never an issue with a meal coming out piping hot and ready to eat!

  • Brody Rump (verified owner)

    It’s works amazing

  • Nicole Benson

    Wonderful Lunchbox system. Hassle-free warranty. Plan on purchasing another.

  • Alyssa Myhrer

    I love this lunchbox and I use it every day. The one thing I wish you would produce is the metal tray with a divider in the middle. I do own one of the Lil trays that goes inside with the green lid but they don’t fit very well and I would rather just have a metal tray with 2 sections in it. I would buy them. Other than that I love the lunch box

  • Yanira Vijil (verified owner)

    It works perfectly and the good thing is that it is rechargable do not have to connected all the time

  • Bradlee Sheaffer (verified owner)

    Wanted to look into other lunch options then just packing a lunch meat sandwhich since buying lunch everyday gets more and more expensive by the day. Found out that luncheaze made a electric lunch box from my dad and was super interested. Couldn’t be happier! I can now save at least 10 bucks in my pocket every day I use my lunch eaze and enjoy a meal that taste better and is healthier.

  • Michael Jones

    Great device and everyone asks about it. Only issue is I wish it came with more containers

  • Maria Mendez

    I will buy it again

  • Catalina Gutierrez

    Excelente calienta muy bien la comida todo funciona perfecto..100% recomendada..

  • Jim Larson

    Great product. Worth every penny.

  • Maritza Torres

    Best purchase I’ve ever made for a gift .

  • Jeannifer Ramirez (verified owner)

    Excellent option when you are out and there’s no place to warm up your food. Excellent level of heating my husband love it



  • Chris Gilbert (verified owner)

    I love my Luncheaze lunch box it’s very convenient for me I don’t have to wait for a microwave to heat up my food a lot of my co-workers took interest in it as well

  • Alejandra Medrano

    The lunchEAZE is perfect for construction workers or to anyone who doesn’t have access to a microwave at all times. This one has lasted a little over a year until the heating plates stopped working. Although outside of warranty, lunchEAZE offered to repair the unit for a fee and I appreciate this option rather than having to buy a new set. Definitely recommend the longest warranty offered!

  • Brittany Adams

    Amazing product so far

  • Jerdane Castillo (verified owner)

    My wife was scrolling through tik tok and came across a Luncheaze post. She showed me it to get my reaction, which was amazed by it and wanted it right after. Little did I know that she had already ordered me one and surprised me with it. I’ve referred it to 6 of my co workers and they all bought one as well haha great for marketing.

  • Anna Borja (verified owner)

    I decided to get this after my brother purchased his. After seeing how happy he was with his Luncheaze and doing other research, I decided to pull the trigger and buy one. So happy with my purchase! After spending $15-$25 a day going out to lunch, I’m saving money and eating a hot delicious meal. Best purchase ever! Thanks Luncheaze!

  • Nick Moughan (verified owner)

    Fantastic product I love how simple it is. I will soon try the app but for now I am not using it. If your old school the app is not needed but if your into that there is an app. Thanks again love having a hot meal do to the long hours we put in. Go Team!!

  • Donny Leverington

    Awesome product! Lunch bag could be upgraded tho. Zippers are a pain.

  • satish s (verified owner)

    This is best investment in my opinion. As my kids started to eat food with out bringing it back from school

  • Michelle Hernandez (verified owner)

    Works amazing and leaves my food fresh as the first day cooked😗🤌🏻

  • Kinda Speight

    I absolutely love this lunch box it works so well.

  • Jasmine Bocanegra (verified owner)

    Fantastic lunchbox makes my husbands lunch life way easier !!

  • Tyler Morehouse (verified owner)


  • Edgar Ramirez (verified owner)

    Luncheaze original is a great lunchbox to have. Especially if you work in construction, and don’t want to spend money on fast food or don’t want to go somewhere to heat up your food. With luncheaze original just set the temperature you want and the time you want it to start heating up and by lunchtime your food will be hot and ready to eat. I recommend the original because you can do that from your phone. I’m glad I found out about luncheaze it’s a great product to have.

  • Anthony Mendoza

    I love mine i wish it was a bit bigger but other than that totally worth it!!

  • William Davenport (verified owner)

    LunchEaze has been a great product, making me much more likely to take my lunch day to day.

  • Pedro Hernandez

    Want the luncheze original with the portable battery and the carrier

  • Michael Geisen

    Love my Lunch Box. It’s so nice to just sit down and eat while I watch my coworkers drag a microwave around and try find a place to plug it in.

  • Jose Parada

    I love it. Life changer. My foot is warm and enough fits on it.

  • Emily Hernandez

    The best lunch box anyone can have!

  • Daniel Cardoza

    I use it every day for my construction job and food is always hot and the battery last long enough for me to get to the lunch hour.

  • Alyssa yun (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the product!

  • Ivan Venegas (verified owner)

    The LunchEAZE is amazing, it actually works way better than I expected. The first day I took it to work everyone in my crew was curious and skeptical about it because of its size. After letting the unit heat up for about 2 hours the food was piping hot, extremely impressed. That same day two co workers placed an order and now they have mentioned it to their family and friends.

  • Jazlynn Zambrano

    We absolutely LOVE your products. My husband saves so much money now for his lunches and between you and me, he has lost all the weight the fast food gave him.

  • Daisy Flores

    Love this lunch box!!!

  • Annelle Garcia

    I was interested in this lunchbox because my boyfriend had been needing one. However this one was unique because it heats up by itself and you’re also able to control the temperature for your food. It also preheats at a time of your choice. These controls were especially beneficial for him because he travels a lot for work and doesn’t have the luxury to sit inside or let alone use a microwave. With this lunchbox it makes his life easier and it makes me happy knowing he’s able to have a warm meal even when he’s away working. Luncheaze has made his life and my life a lot easier.

  • Jaimily Rodriguez


  • Erika Meza (verified owner)

    My husband love it, but we have an issue with the battery, it doesn’t show full charge when we have it connected from a long time. But other wise everything is great with the product, I wish the container would be more big and had a separate compartment for tortillas, well is a mexican thing :)we need tortillas in our food..

  • Chantill Guglielmelli (verified owner)

    Easy to use

  • Christine Stobaugh-Lester (verified owner)

    It’s nice to have the opportunity for hot lunches for work.

  • Nelly Acosta (verified owner)

    We absolutely love it. It’s a lifesaver. My husband was skeptical about the cost but it was worth it. It makes my life easier, I can pack just about any meal. He brags about his lunchbox. Makes me feel good he eats warm food, he didn’t like buying lunch from food truck, and it saves us money. We bought his a year ago on 3/7 and it’s still going strong. Only complaint was his lunch was too hot 😂 I just lowered the temperature.

  • guadalupe rodriguez

    love the product the food is warm and ready by the time it’s lunch my husband takes it to work as he does construction and also loves the product he is able to have something else other than sandwich for lunch

  • Cynthia E Olson

    I often drive long distances and I get tired of fast food or cold snacks. Using my LunchEAZE in the car, I can have a hot, healthy, homecooked meal on the road!


    It quit working after less than 3 months use. Instead of receiving a new one I had to mail mine back to have it repaired. In the interim I wasn’t eating a warm lunch every day.

  • Gregory Roman

    It is really great to have a hot lunch when you have been working outdoors in the cold all morning.

  • Chris Peck (verified owner)

    Love it. Makes eating lunch way easier and more nutritious. I don’t like using microwaves, so this is perfect.

  • Roxy Johnston

    Is nice, wish it held a charge a bit longer. And for the price wish it came with 2 lunch trays.

  • RICHARD STEARNS (verified owner)

    I was scrolling through TikTok one day and I came across your lunch box and I’m like damn!!!! That’s a great idea I need to get that so I got it and let me tell you best invention ever just shy of sliced bread. This is the perfect lunch box ever you got to try it to understand.

  • Anthony Banchio

    I’ve been eating cold leftovers in the field for 25+ years a gentlemen on my crew brought this lunch box in and stated eat a hot dish on a cold day. I asked him about what it was. He told me about it I was sold. Since then I’ve turned many people on to your product. It’s a game changer. Thank you One of the best investments I’ve ever made

  • Sara Jacques

    Thanks to Lunch Eaze my husband could stop taking cold sandwiches to work everyday and instead get a hot homemade meal. It made all the difference in his work performance and makes life so much easier for my husband and I. I can prepare extra dinner the night before and my husband can enjoy it for lunch. This is the best investment ever!!

  • Alonzo Gonzales (verified owner)

    Does what it’s supposed to. Never worrying about being first to a microwave nor worrying about if there’s a microwave near by. The convenience is worth it

  • Vanessa Mendez

    Awesome makes lunch easier to plan

  • Salvador Salazar (verified owner)

    Great since I don’t actually have a lunch time. I’m always on the machine and it’s convenient and nice to have a hit lunch when I get a chance

  • Araceli Torres

    Pretty good but it works best for soupy food. Not for anything dry.

  • Cesar Virgen (verified owner)

    I was tired of cold sandwiches & cold food. I’m a truck driver. Since Covid came around no more lunch trucks at the ports of Long Beach. So I went looking on line for a product like LUNCHEAZE . There was many . BUT LUNCHEAZE stood out from the rest. Company here in Fremont California, 2 year warranty that I purchased, great customer service, & amazing lunch box . I truly love my LUNCHEAZE. I use it 5 day a week. No more cold lunches. Price seemed high, but I pulled the trigger & purchased it. No regrets so far . Two months in & still love it!
    Really wish I would have bought sooner. Great product & great customer service

  • Jasmine Singh

    I have purchased both and it am highly satisfied with both products!

  • Alexis VanArman

    I bought my boyfriend the 5 meal deal deluxe thing and its awesome. awesome for extra warm food and the extra top part of the bag for an extra food container or for snacks!

  • Eric Anderson (verified owner)

    awesome eating a hot lunch

  • Daniela Pardo

    Awesome I really love the product .

  • Cassandra Leon (verified owner)

    Great product! I highly recommend for anyone who doesn’t have access to a microwave at work. Super easy to use. Heats up the food perfect. When I get ready to go on break my food is hot and ready! Love the extra storage my lunch bag has. Overall 10/10.

  • Scott Carpenter (verified owner)

    Awesome concept and it works to protection! Will definitely be using this for many years!

  • Maria Hernandez

    Overall it’s a great product but I would say that the lunch box zipper went out on us very fast and the top to the container wouldn’t close after awhile . But the concept of warming up your food for you is just awesome.

  • Gerardo Reyes (verified owner)

    My Luncheaze works amazingly well! The warming timer is awesome. I used to use a thermos that my wife would warm up with boiling water before putting my burritos or soup in it, but I was lucky to have warm food at lunch. Now it tastes hot off the stove delicious even if cold ingredients are placed in the “box”.

  • Kim Shepard (verified owner)

    Best thing ever highly recommend getting several containers and holder makes it easier and love the conversion as well

  • Patricia Christiansen

    Love it!

  • Tonya Buchkowski

    This was a Christmas gift for my husband a couple years ago as he is a truck driver and cannot fit into drive thrus or always find lunch in his route. He loves it so much that I had to buy him a new bag this past Christmas and extra accessories since he uses it so much. Great product. Great customer service. Will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

  • Justin Bouma

    Heats your food to steaming hot tempatures, I use it for both breakfast and lunch, may need a little charge between but works great. Five stars.

  • Elizabeth Lomeli

    It was during COVID, the warehouse where i worked only let 5 people in the kitchen at a time, with a 30 minute lunch and a long line to use microwaves i decided to google lunchboxes that heat up, most the ones i would see you would have to connect to car to heat up and i dont have a car i would carpool, i didnt find anything useful on google, a couple days later on IG i started seeing luncheaze and i was immediately interested, i did not hesitate to order my luncheaze , it is one of the smartest purchases i have made! I absolutely love my luncheaze it gives me more time at lunch to relax because i dont have to worry about going to the kitchen, all i have to do is take out my luncheaze and my food is ready for me to eat!

  • Heather Harlow

    Love this! Makes life easy

  • Daniel Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I purchased a Luncheaze, 4 extra containers and an extra battery. I heat up two meals throughout the day because I work 10 hrs a day. I love that the food is uniformly hot. The Luncheaze throttles the heat so that the food at the bottom is not scorching hot while the top is cold. I originally purchased a honey bean heating lunch box from Amazon. The unit only heated for 30 minutes and at times I would find that the top would still be cold. Also if you forgot to turn the unit on you would have to wait 30 minutes for your food to warm up. That’s the best part about the Luncheaze. The TIMER! You set it and forget it. Just come back to a nice warm lunch. The heat is even adjustable I find that 170-180 is best range when placing rice in the unit so it will not cook and stick to the bottom of the plate( that happened to me when I left the heat on at 220!)

  • Arizelle Parker

    Amazing! Will recommend to other people

  • Tasha Masters

    Great for workers and for kids visits to zoos and other daily adventures!

  • Daniel Crespo (verified owner)

    I love it. No more cold meals !

  • Justin Goodwill

    Genius product.

  • Fernando Castro

    I’m a electrician and I was with my coworkers taking my lunch and I always take a sandwich or a salad because there’s usually never anywhere to heat up food for lunch and I was talking about how sometimes I get tired of the same lunch over and over again, and that’s when my coworker shows me his LunchEAZE and told me that he always eats warm food because it’s a programmable lunch box heater and instantly I was hooked. It’s a great investment and for what you get in return. Most convenient heated lunch box you can get. Definitely worth it.

  • Jonathan Towe

    Works great for work! I’m a ups delivery driver and I never have anywhere to heat up food so the luncheaze works perfect for me. Just charge it every night before I go to sleep and have a warm meal for lunch the next day!.

  • Briana Smith

    I am so glad that I found this product. It has surpassed my expectations and helped me have less food go to waste.

  • Kimberly Garcia (verified owner)

    It’s honestly a game changer!

  • Jenissa Burgos (verified owner)

    Great my husband loves your lunchbox it’s the best gift he ever gotten and saves him hundred of dollars!

  • Nancy Keefer

    Love this! Can use for leftovers or fresh un cooked foods and it’s ready when lunchtime rolls around.

  • Alyssa Garcia (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the Luncheaze box! It heats up prior to my lunch break and the food stays hot! It’s perfect when you don’t have an outlet on hand! Absolutely love it

  • Kimhou Srun

    Such a convenient for him to heat up his food, he’s not waiting in line to use the microwave like everyone else and wasting time out of his 30 min lunch

  • Josue Prieto (verified owner)

    I buy one & works perfect, but after 1 year didn’t heat enough, I replaced the battery and didn’t work, I send a email to the customer service & don’t receive answer, so I have to buy a new one

  • Allorha Cosburn

    Awesome product

  • Karen Fujio

    This is a great product and the convenience to set the time to eat your meal heated is awesome!

  • Freddy Matul (verified owner)

    It’s amazing heats Ig up right before lunch and keeps it hot for a while

  • Hortencia Rebollero (verified owner)

    Over satisfied with our lunch eaze my husband used for the first time and was happy with it!

  • Aneta Fash

    My husband always raves about the lunch box and how it was a great gift. I always pack his lunch the day before and he always gets a hot lunch the next day for work!

  • Elizabeth Lugo

    This product is reliable and easy to use. It will have your lunch ready for you so no time is wasted standing in line by a microwave at work or at a fast food place. I have been using it for a couple of years and it was definitely worth the investment.

  • Maribel Martinez

    It’s easy.

  • Jose Campos (verified owner)

    This is a real good product 100% recommended

  • Rafi Alsaigh (verified owner)

    Great lunch box, could not find a single other lunch box with the options this one has. 10/10 recommend.

  • Benjamin Nunez

    GET THIS LUNCHBOX NOW! This is exactly what you are looking for if:
    -there isn’t a means of heating your lunch where you work.
    -you want save tons of money on food instead of going out to eat.
    -you don’t want to worry if you’ll be able to heat up your lunch waiting in line for the microwave.

    I’m an electrician and this lunchbox is ideal for the jobsite. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

  • Austin Vanderslice (verified owner)

    I use mine everyday and never had an issue.

  • Caleb Flores (verified owner)

    It keeps my food nice and hot for hours which I really appreciate. I also appreciate that it’s a healthier alternative to a microwave. That can be a selling point for many others like me.

  • April Craven

    I will leave one when I buy one

  • April Rovero

    I was looking for a lunchbox that would be best for my husband since he works for the state and is out on the bridge fixing things all the time I needed something that he can use. And sure enough I see TikTok videos and I was wanting to buy it but it’s a little pricey but I’m sure it will all be worth eat to eat a hot meal for lunch everyday. Best lunch box

  • Gerald Smith

    I saw a tik tok video on the luncheaze, I told my four daughters about and I wanted it for Christmas. And I got it. This thing really works! Every time I take it to work, I got a couple of co workers want me to give them a review on it. I love it! I tell my family every time I bring it to work. No more waiting for the microwave. You can program it two hours before your lunch break. I leave it in my truck while it’s warming up. I have put food like oatmeal, grits and eggs, chicken, veggies, and soup.

  • KELLI Castle (verified owner)

    Only thing that sucks is the inside lining is ripping already, otherwise works well.

  • Jessica Acevedo (verified owner)

    My husbands loves it! He’s been working during stormy days in California and luncheaze has been a lunch saver! He used to leave his food on the dashboard so his food would get hot by the time he ate but with the overcast skies and cold weather that would have been impossible.

  • Daisy D

    I first heard about Luncheaze through TikTok. I guess the algorithm brought us together for me to buy this awesome product that not only make my life easier but my partners life easier. He’s always outside working or driving which doesn’t give him enough time to cook his food. And buying this has made it super easy for him to enjoy his food during his lunch time!

  • Jesus Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Best investment I did all year. For somebody who works in a construction business I saved a bunch of money and time. No more cold sandwiches

  • Norma Quintero (verified owner)

    It’s been such a game changer my partner is able to set a timer and his food is warmed up and ready by the time he takes his lunch. It allows him to save money he would have used to get fast food. We both also really love that it allows for him to have a home cooked meal every day when he’s on the go at work.

  • Regina Morton-Picard

    Hubby loves it! Wish it was a little deeper to accommodate more than one lunch

  • Juana Francisco Chacon (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE changed how we did lunches for my husband in different ways. First, no more burritos everyday in a thermos that would only keep warm. Second, now my husband can have anything he wants whether soup or stir fry or a burrito that are hot. Thirdly, now I can pre-pack a lunch in the fridge and just put it all together without warming, just press the power button and ready. Lastly, this thing is sturdy, ours had an accident and machinery ran over it.. the lunch bag, the little plastic clips, and the lunch tray didn’t make it but the main housing compartment sure did and works beautifully! Definitely recommend this for anyone without access to electricity at work or to save you waiting on a line at the microwave.

  • Javier Justiniano (verified owner)

    I am a union carpenter and one of my coworkers came with this odd small lunch box and surprised us all at lunch with a hot container of food that holds more food than what you would expect!!! Excellent product, great quality!!!!

  • Dafne Covarrubias

    This is a must have for anyone who works construction or doesn’t have access to a microwave for their lunch you will not regret it! All of my husbands coworkers are jealous of his

  • Irene Cantu

    Jeufjd no c

  • Sarah Ramirez (verified owner)


  • Michael Zamudio (verified owner)

    Works awesome. Don’t regret it one bit

  • Stephanie Wilhelm

    My husband loves his. His coworkers are constantly telling him what a great product it is and how they want to get one.

  • Bianca Chavez

    I heard from TikTok. I was looking And looking for a lunch box that would keep my son lunch warm the longest he does not eat school or cold lunch it was always hard I searched everywhere COVID it and TikTok became more used and one day you guys just popped up and honestly I’m glad my son was happy when I told him and we ordered righ away since then he has been taking his luncheaze to school. I have no words this has the best lunch box ever my son loves it and is the only he uses it changed everything

  • ASHIA STAMPER (verified owner)

    Love it

  • Suzanne Meineke

    I saw a TikTok of people who had LunchEAZE and wanted to get one for my electrician boyfriend. He always brings lunch to work and was used to having to eat it cold and loves the lunchbox and how thoroughly it heats the food. My boyfriend says it is the best gift.

  • Kim Schultz (verified owner)

    I am a nurse that goes between sites. Was spending money eating out because didn’t always want cold lunches. Found this product and looked into it. After much thought I did purchase the Luncheaze. The turn around time from ordering was quick and it was delivered in a week. Easy to set up and use. I did not realize you have to charge it nightly so that was my fault. Each time I have used it produces very hot foods. Saves money on lunches. Wished I found it a lot sooner than I did.

  • Andrew Rubeck

    One of my coworkers has the exact model I want. It does as advertised and I’m pretty dang jealous.

  • Rosa Rodriguez

    All I can say is a wife of a construction worker. You never know how much a warm lunch means to them, especially when they work outside.

  • Dawn Zuber

    We recommend this to all contractors who workout doors. It has made eating lunch much more enjoyable.

  • Gabriela Rayon (verified owner)

    The luncheaze is great!!
    No issues whatsoever, only issue is with the lunch-bag, the outside is fine, but the inside started ripping pretty quickly.

    I would loooveeee to have a bit more space where the luncheaze is stored so i can put some tortillas in a napkin and aluminum. But thats me being extra! Haha

  • Cuitlahuac Garcia (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my purchase. The insulated bag is great, I also purchased the utensils which I like because when I am done they fit in the container. The unit works great it’s basically a set it and forget it. The only thing I wish it could do is lock the buttons so you wouldn’t be able to adjust the time or temperature by mistake. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. It is an investment but it will pay for itself if you use it daily.

  • Scott Lee

    Work s great the battery went bad and you guy sent me a new one asap ! I love this lunch box

  • Deseus Carvajal

    Love the LunchEAZE. I have been using it for over a year now and it just works great!!

  • Luis Cuevas

    Excellent product, would highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Millie Morgan (verified owner)

    I started googling heated lunch box on Amazon and couldn’t find what I was looking for… and of course TikTok did it’s “thing”/spying and all of a sudden Luncheaze came through my feed/fyp. I had to save up for it, bought it and my husband used it for the very first time today and he loved it!! This is such an amazing product! Perfect for my blue collar husband! He can finally eat warm lunch!

  • Crystal Porras

    He loves it!! All his colleagues inquire about it

  • James Hickson (verified owner)

    I saw LunchEAZE during the Christmas Holidays on social media. I looked up the product as well as the company and I was very impressed by what I saw. I use my lunchbox everyday and even some coworkers are considering ordering them for themselves! Thumbs up all the way for this product and company! Much continued growth and success!

  • Victoria Quistian

    Perfect for those who work construction or just don’t have a place to heat up their food. My husband loves his LunchEAZE and recommends it to everyone.

  • Dale Maxfield (verified owner)

    I’ve only had it a short time and used it a few times, but it has worked great every time. Nothing like being on the trail watching everyone else eat cold sandwiches while my wife and I eat hot pulled pork.

  • yarely elizalde

    Best gift for my husband

  • Jacqueline Saen (verified owner)

    The luncheaze has been a game changer. I get to fix my husband’s lunch everyday and not have to worry how or where he’s going to heat it. It pays itself and the quality is great too! which is very important if you are up and down with it.

  • Gloria Pinon (verified owner)

    So far it’s great! Bought as a gift for my partner, he loves it.

  • Jonathan Fuglein

    Nice to have a warm lunch

  • Teresa Cutshall (verified owner)

    The size is awesome and it can be programmed to be ready at lunch.

  • Vincint Brown

    I was looking for a way to have a hot lunch at work. I work at an open pit gold mine driving haul truck. And it’s not very easy to get to a microwave to heat up lunch. Once I’m in my truck, I’m in my truck for the next 12 hours. A lot of the guys at work have the lunchboxes that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. But there are times, I get into a truck that doesn’t have one or they don’t work. So my mother in-law actually came across your heated lunchbox. And ever since I bought it, I have used it just about every day that I work. It’s so much nicer to have a hot lunch instead of having to have either a sandwich or a salad all the time. And I have been telling people all the time, where they can get their own! I absolutely love this thing! I am able to have a hot lunch at work and not have a sandwich or salad all the time!

  • Wendy Villanueva (verified owner)

    Great product!!!

  • Sharon Martin (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift for my son because he works in a factory and there’s only a couple of microwaves and he only has 30 minute lunch breaks. He absolutely loves it and uses it every day!!!

  • Frank Knighten

    I wish the trays were a little bigger, and longer battery life. Other than that it’s grea

  • Albert Constantineau

    A+ lunchbox… had 1 issue with lids but company sent me replacements no questions asked. Having a warm lunch everyday at a construction site and not having to look for a microwave is great.

  • David Ramirez

    Great lunchbox, works as advertised, hasn’t let me down yet.

  • Karla Cruz (verified owner)

    Love the fact that it has a timer to have your lunch hot and ready!

  • Jason Loewen

    love it, can hold a full size salad in the top and with the cooker part can have food all day long

  • Jerriah Castillo (verified owner)

    I really like luncheaze because I don’t have to wait in the long lines at lunch to use a microwave anymore!

  • Shelby Montgomery (verified owner)

    He loves it!

  • Luke Velarde (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best product I’ve come across! I use it 5 days a week.

  • Tricia Vallejo (verified owner)

    10/10 recommend!!

  • Juan Morales

    It was good

  • Tanya Aguilar (verified owner)

    The best investment.

  • Akemi Bilal-Willams

    4 out 5

  • tracy perkins (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever! I love that I can have a hot meal now

  • Gloria Gill (verified owner)

    Bought for my partner he absolutely loves it ! Hard for him to get a hot meal working on the road all day. I’m a paramedic and I loved his so much I had to get myself one ! No more roller / fast food for this woman !!

  • Joyce Fernandez (verified owner)

    I purchase the LunchEAZE as a gift for my husband since as a delivery driver he doesn’t have the opportunity to re-heat his lunch nor use a microwave. The LunchEAZE made it possible for my husband to have a hot meal at a specific time. He loves it, and I love it. 5 stars.

  • Felipe Panduro (verified owner)

    Needs stop set time
    Can program 2 lunch times
    All other features are perfect, the quality is pretty goog

  • Dakota Ikaika

    It’s a really nice lunchbox and I use it every day. It can be a little hard to thoroughly heat dense items, but that can be solved by packing the container more loosely.

  • Tyler Albertson (verified owner)

    This thing has been a game changer for my lunches. I was never one for bringing lunch before because I hate eating cold food but this thing totally changes everything. Best investment for lunch saves money in the long run from having go out and leave the job site to go get hot food

  • Xinqu Xu (verified owner)

    I am a transit operator and I have a straight through working shift. I need to pack my food for my lunch. My coworker told me he had a lubcheaze lunch box and that let him got the hot lunch every day! I bought two and that was awesome! I like it! I can have my hot lunch every day and enjoy it!

  • GABRIELA TORRES (verified owner)

    Great lunch bag for that hard working person in your life or yourself that has the minutes counted for their lunch break. Its perfect since you can re-heat your food while you are still working. Love It.

  • Bobby Martinez (verified owner)

    Happy on what I purchased and definitely worth every penny planning on getting one more as a gift

  • Dave Naleck

    I’m was looking a food/recipes/leftovers videos on TikTok/instant gram. Came a cross a video about your product. It was interesting and I need a Xmas gift idea for myself. Well the rest is history

    Now I enjoy hot lunch/dinner everyday. And even share left over bbq with my coworkers on the job site. It just keeps on impressing everyone even me. Has room for improvement.
    Over all B+ product satisfaction

  • BARBARA Vogelman

    My husband loves it. He is often places with no electricity. And he was sick to death of sandwiches.

  • Nabor Espino

    I wanted to get a portable hotplate for my food. And as I did a google search, I saw the Luncheaze. At first I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. So now I have had my Luncheaze for over a year and I use it M-F. Now I know Ill have a hot meal for lunch. Ive been using my Luncheaze over a year and I use it everyday.

  • Tom Cooper (verified owner)

    It is amazing! Take lunch out of the refrigerator in the morning, set lunchtime on my app, and have a fresh cooked meal right on time! It is like taking along a personal chef.

  • Daisy Barragan (verified owner)

    Gets the job done! Hot meals ready to eat for lunch!

  • Diana Ainsworth (verified owner)

    This thing is a game-changer. My husband refuses to eat microwaved food and was totally sick of eating a cold dinner at work. He takes this every day and says it works awesome-ly. We meal prep on Monday and he just grabs his bag and plugs it in at work and his food is hot and ready to eat at lunchtime. He actually looks forward to eating his dinner.

  • Leah Israel (verified owner)

    Works great, exactly as advertised, not too bulky, just enough space, very convenient.

  • Miranda Gowen (verified owner)

    Love that it can be charged and has extra room in the lunch box for other snacks! Wish the containers were larger as my boyfriend eats a lot so it’s harder to pack as big of a meal