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Automatic Self Heating

LunchEAZE will automatically heat your food to be ready by lunchtime. Simply pack your food, set up a meal timer, and LunchEAZE will handle the rest.

1) Pack Your Food

Fresh or frozen, LunchEAZE will handle It

Pack your fresh or frozen food into the stainless steel LunchEAZE food container, close the cap, and insert it into the LunchEAZE base. Make sure that the LunchEAZE lid closes securely, until it “clicks” into place. 

Most fresh food will be hot and ready in 1 hour, and most frozen foods take 1.5 hours. The LunchEAZE app makes the device start heating 2 hours prior to a set lunchtime to ensure any food is hot enough.

2) Input a Meal Time

Tell LunchEAZE when you'd like to eat

Use the app or the manual buttons to tell LunchEAZE when you’d like to eat.

From the app, first connect your phone to the LunchEAZE with the in-app “Connect” menu. Then, use the “Set Heat Timer” option to input a meal time.

LunchEAZE will remember your settings, so you don’t need to tell it again if your meal time hasn’t changed. You can always start heating right away with “Heat Now”

3) Forget About It

LunchEAZE will remember for you

LunchEAZE will begin heating automatically at the right time. Leave your LunchEAZE in your backpack, truck, locker, or desk, while it patiently waits to start heating. No need to plug it in, and no need to keep an eye on it. 

LunchEAZE will auto-start as long as it is powered on, look for the power LED near the power button. The screen goes to sleep after 30 seconds of inactivity to save battery, but as long as that LED is on, your LunchEAZE is ready, and will auto-start (if a timer is set). 

If your schedule changes, you can always manually start heating at anytime.

4) Eat at your own pace

LunchEAZE stays hot while you eat

After pre-heating for 2 hours your food will be hot and ready to eat at your scheduled time. LunchEAZE will continue to heat up until the battery dies. 

Leave the food container inserted in the LunchEAZE base, and it’ll remain heated while you eat. Slow down and enjoy your meal without worrying about it getting cold.