A Meal Prep Necessity

Making hot lunches easy and convenient.

We wanted LunchEAZE to change the way you think about bringing food on the go. Making it easy and convenient to use is one of our priorities.

That’s why we went for a design that uses a separate food container. It’s removable and dishwasher safe to make set up and clean up quick and easy. 

It’s completely BPA Free, made of 304 Stainless Steel, with an 850mL Capacity. You can order extra containers anytime. 

Packed Lunches Save Money

LunchEAZE helps you eat smarter and healthier

Did you know the average american spends more than $10 to buy lunch? Compare that to the average home cooked meal costing $4, and you could be saving a lot by eating at home.

Lets do the math: At $6 savings per meal, and 5 meals in a work or school week, there’s $30 a week savings by bringing your own lunch. That means LunchEAZE pays for itself in 5 weeks. 

With LunchEAZE, your packed lunch can be just as hot and enjoyable as eating out, with none of the added cost.