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Hot Food, Anywhere.

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Save money, eat healthy.

Select between our two bestselling models


Experience the ultimate in portable dining with LunchEAZE. Includes a removable food container, rechargeable battery, and a premium insulated carrying case.


Get all the convenience of LunchEAZE at a lower cost. Enjoy the same size and self-heating functionality, without the Bluetooth, LCD screen, and insulated bag.

Apple Pay and monthly payments available

Super smart, super convenient.

Completely Cordless

Just charge and go. Battery lasts for 2.5 hours of heating.

Zero Waiting

Program a mealtime and the automatic smart heating starts 2 hours early to guarantee your food is hot and ready on schedule.

Pays For Itself

Save $10-$20 on food every day by packing meals from home in LunchEAZE. It can pay for itself in a few weeks!

Hot As You Like

Adjustable temperatures from 170°F to 220°F. Compatible with reheating any kind of food, including soups and frozen meals.

Take It Anywhere

Comes with an insulated carrying bag. Take it to the job site, school, or the great outdoors.

Optional App

Use the free mobile app to program mealtimes and customize your LunchEAZE, or use the built-in display.

Easy and Reliable

Common Questions

We default to 2 hours of heating to guarantee all types of food are heated thoroughly, even frozen foods. But LunchEAZE’s automatic heating means there’s zero waiting, your food is hot and ready right on your mealtime.

Yes, the insulated bag is designed to maximize the temperature of your food, and to keep your other snacks and beverages separate.

The dishwasher safe removable container can hold up to a full liter of food. That’s about 1.75 lbs of cooked rice!

Nope. LunchEAZE is totally rechargeable and battery powered, just charge it the night before and you’re good. Battery lasts for 1 meal’s worth of heating, about 2.5 hours of heating.

LunchEAZE is the only completely cordless and automatic lunchbox on the market today, and ours gets the hottest. The competition needs to be left plugged in, and nobody else has smart timer features. LunchEAZE is only officially available right here at

Absolutely, they won’t even need to do anything. You just need to set their lunchtime one time, and heating will automatically take place every day until it is changed. Just turn it on in the morning and go – all your child needs to do is open it up and enjoy a hot healthy meal.

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