Our @Luncheaze instagram has been hacked

Hello Meta engineers and support agents,

This page serves to prove that the LunchEAZE corporate brand is officially stating that our @luncheaze Instagram page has been compromised as of Friday April 1st 2022.

The hacker has changed the email address associated with the account, the password, and set up his own 2-factor login information. He has since messaged me (Uzair Mohammad, one of the business owners of LunchEAZE) via Whatsapp and as a direct message to my personal Instagram account (@ooozair) holding the page for ransom.

The hacker has now posted a story saying that he is willing to sell the page for bitcoin and collecting offers from the page’s followers.

This web page is our hope to prove that we are the original owners of the LunchEAZE brand. The @Luncheaze instagram page should be restored to full exclusive control by employees with access to the email info@luncheaze.com.

The original email address associated with the account may have been:

None of these inboxes received a password or email change notification of the hacker updating the information.