The LunchEAZE App

The free LunchEAZE app gives you full control over all of LunchEAZE's features.
But you can always access the primary functionalities, such as heating and setting timers even without the app.
LunchEAZE app

Connecting to Bluetooth

Your Smartest Lunchbox

LunchEAZE uses a bluetooth 4.0 connection to communicate. 

Look for the free LunchEAZE app in the app store of your phone. After downloading and opening the app, use the “Connect Device” option to scan for LunchEAZE devices. Tap where it says “Press to Connect”. 

Then, tap “LunchEAZE” once it appears. The bluetooth name of your individual LunchEAZE can be customized later. 

LunchEAZE app

Inputting a Meal Time

Let LunchEAZE do the thinking

After connecting, tap the central button on the app to set the Auto-Heat Timer. 

The app will ask you what time you’d like to eat. After you set a time within the app, LunchEAZE will know to automatically start heating 2 hours before your lunchtime, to guarantee hot food at the designated time. 

If you don’t want to use the app, use the built-in screen, and set the auto-heat time manually via “Set Meal Timer”. 


LunchEAZE app

Custom Names and Messages

Personalize Your Experience

In the LunchEAZE app, use the side menu and select “Rename Device” to set a custom name for your LunchEAZE device, like “Dave’s Lunch”. Names are limited to 14 characters. The naming process will auto-disconnect your app from the device, and it will need to be reconnected afterwards. 

You can also set a customized message that will display on your LunchEAZE screen which is limited to 16 characters. A short, personalized message, like “Eat your Veggies,” or your phone number, can be left on-screen by using the “Send Message” function in the app.

Password Protected


You can ensure that your LunchEAZE device is password protected with our PIN code system.

When your phone first connects to LunchEAZE, it’ll prompt you to input a 4-digit PIN to lock your LunchEAZE. Your phone will store this PIN, and auto-unlock your LunchEAZE whenever it connects, so you won’t need to use your PIN code if you use the same phone everyday.

If for any reason you need to use a different phone to unlock your LunchEAZE device, just use the “Unlock with PIN” option within the app and that will auto-unlock the device as well.

LunchEAZE App

Setting Max Temperature

Personalize Your Experience

Press the menu indicated by the three white lines on the top right corner and select “Set Max Heat” to set your desired max temperature. You can set your desired max temperature anywhere between 170-220°F to get your food just the way you want it. 

LunchEAZE bluetooth app

Heat Now


Select the “Heat Now” option to immediately start the heating cycle. Using this feature of the app is great for people who have constantly changing schedules.