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Product Description

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The LunchEAZE Lite – the same functionality and size as the original, just with no Bluetooth, a more simple display, and no included insulated bag. Still a fully functional, totally cordless, automatic, self-heating lunchbox. Have a hot meal up to 220°F anywhere you are, anytime.

Our smart timer system means you’re never waiting for your food to heat up. Program a mealtime, and your food is hot and ready right when you wanted it, automatically.

For just $55 upgrade to the Original LunchEAZE to get Bluetooth features, an advanced LCD display, and the insulated bag included!

Items Included

1x LunchEAZE LITE in Black

1x LunchEAZE Battery

1x Meal Container

1x Charger

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

     Orders ship within 1 business day after an order is placed. Our standard shipping method takes about 3-5 business days to be delivered, depending on your location.

     LunchEAZE comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, covering any manufacturing defects. Please find our full policy here.

     Returns are accepted for unopened and unused products. Customers are responsible for return shipping, and will receive a full refund minus the original shipping fee. Please find our full policy here.

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 7 in
Battery Life

2.5hr Heating, 24hr Standby


2.6 lbs

Temperature Range

Adjustable between 170°F – 220°F

Insulated Bag

Available as addon, 8" x 8" x 6.5", 2 Separate insulated chambers

Food Containers

1 included, 3.9 Cup Capacity


100% Food Grade & BPA Free, Plastics and 304 Stainless Steel



Top Benefits

Heats up the competition

There are other heated lunchboxes out there, but none of them compare to LunchEAZE.


LunchEAZE Lite heated lunch box

Leading Plug-In Variety

Cordless Competitor

Completely Cordless
Food Capacity
3.9 Cups
2.5 Cups
2.5 Cups
Max Temp
Waiting Time
1-2 Hours
15-30 Minutes
Set Mealtime in Advance
Carrying Case Included
Available as add-on
Frozen Food Compatible
Removable Containers
Bluetooth App

Loved by over 100K users, see what they're saying:

Ashlee R
Ashlee R
Industrial Electrician
Read More
Got one for my husband who is an industrial electrician and he loves it. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave and this allows him to heat his food easily, so he can save money by bringing his own and eat a little healthier than if he was grabbing takeout everyday.
Cesar N
Cesar N
Concrete Finisher
Read More
Recommend 10/10, I am usually on the go going from job site to job site. This lunch box saves me so much time and money from stopping at a fast food place to grab lunch. It warms up my food food when i want it and at the temperature i want it. Its a great buy and a nice investment.
Destiny Z
Destiny Z
Read More
Honestly , worth the money 100%. My husband works at different construction sites almost every week and they don’t always have access to a microwave. With the cost of eating out everyday and the hassle of leaving the job site to go get food this thing has saved us money and made him so much happier. I charge it at night for him and he just grabs and goes, by the time lunch rolls around he opens and fresh hot food again!
Eric R
Eric R
UPS Driver
Read More
Have one, LOVE IT. I drive for UPS and in our area I dont have many options for lunch unless I pack a cold sandwich daily. This is perfect because whatever my wife and I have for dinner we can pack and I can enjoy the next day.
Shawna H
Shawna H
Busy Mom
Read More
We love LunchEAZE! It’s perfect for school and for lake and camping days outdoors! It Warms my daughter’s food perfectly. I set it for her lunch time and know she is going to have a hot meal at her lunch time. She also takes it to the lake with her and has hot meals when hiking, boating, and enjoying the great outdoors! We love LunchEAZE!
Hunter B
Hunter B
Read More
My new Luncheaze is great and it heats up my food perfectly. Now I can have a variety of foods for lunch instead of the standard deli cold cut sandwiches, which get old fast. The guys on my crew are really impressed by my Luncheaze as well. I’m also saving more money now by bringing my lunch.
Bailey M
Bailey M
Read More
The LunchEAZE is a life changer. Got it for my husband after he always complained about not being able to bring leftovers or anything that needed to be warmed up to enjoy for lunch because he’s an electrician and doesn’t have access to any microwave. LunchEAZE works flawlessly and it’s incredible at heating up food with limited time on break and evenly distributing heat. Better than a microwave, and the carrier is so nice. I’ll only buy from LunchEAZE!


  1. Joshua Sawatsky

    After first seeing the luncheaze product on instagram I knew right away I needed one! So far it’s been even better than I would have imagined, it heats food to a absolute perfect temperature and is always reliable!

  2. Michelle Fisbeck (verified owner)

    Nice to enjoy a hot meal perfectly warmed to set lunch time

  3. Grant Peterson (verified owner)

    is a great product– only tip I got is — instructions say set timer 2 hours before lunch time — I recommend 1.5 hours before lunch time so if your running late it is still heating and is heating as you eat

  4. Jenni Ledesma

    Love the luncheaze it’s so convenient

  5. Matthew Whitmoyer

    Luncheaze is perfect for on the job site when there’s no power to warm a meal up.

  6. Shirley Livingston (verified owner)

    son loves his

  7. Dana Schappacher

    I got this for my husband. He is on the road everyday and instead of trying to heat his lunch up in the window of his truck I invested in this for his Christmas present. He loves it and uses it daily (as long as he doesn’t forget to charge it lol) game changer and so helpful to save money on eating out and meals prepping healthy nutritious meals!

  8. Sarah Carver

    I love it!!! Use it every day in the winter. Meal prep for the week and then I don’t have to worry about what to make for lunch for the week.

  9. Yaritza Toscano (verified owner)

    Great product

  10. Elaine Hicks

    I love my luncheaze it make my day so much easier

  11. Ariel Vlietstra (verified owner)

    This product is AMAZING! My husband loves making his coworkers jealous with his hot homemade lunches and we are looking forward to using it while camping this summer.
    Few things to note:
    1. The price is a bit high. Being in Canada after the USD to CAD conversion, shipping costs and import fees I spent $ 350.00 CAD and that was the LunchEAZE Lite & it was on sale. This led me to not be willing to purchase additional containers as I reached my limit.
    2. The lunch bag should just be a completely separate purchase in my opinion for Lite or Original and a disclaimer saying *everything else in your lunch bag will get warm if the lunch bag you use does not look like ours*. It was obviously designer to be on the bottom for a reason.
    3. My only regret was not buying additional containers but as mentioned before $350.00 was well over what I was willing to pay already so it is what it is.

  12. Omar Sosa


  13. Juan Caballero

    Love not waiting in line for microwave for 15 mins everyday

  14. DUSTEN Decap

    I must say the Bluetooth is a sweet option, I love it ,use the lunch box every day, so far couldn’t be happier with my perchance

  15. Abigaely Garcia

    No complains for the product, its very resourceful when a microwave is not near by! 10/10

  16. Amy Yaquinto

    I was told about a lunchbox that needed to be plugged in but quickly decided that would not work for my 11 yr old son in school. This is the perfect solution. I have a VERY picky eater who has struggled with being underweight. With this product I can send hot food that he will eat at lunch. This product has been so wonderful for us.

  17. Anna Perez

    LunchEaze has been a life saver when it comes to eating on the go especially for my son that is always driving from job to job, easy to understand and I love the bluetooth setting from anywhere he can turn it on & it’s hot and ready.

  18. Pedro Holguin

    I love it, it’s easy to use. In my construction work sometimes I can’t find a safe place to connect to the power, and with this I don’t have to worry about that.

  19. Liz Weber

    Great product for on the go. Use it daily for work lunch.

    Note: only fill containers to lower curve line or it doesn’t heat properly.

  20. Joshua Bombara

    I do not even know where to begin with a review of this amazing lunch box (STOVE)! I use the Luncheaze everyday because it allows me to eat healthy, fresh foods and allows me to financially provide more for my family by not having to buy lunch out and we save money because leftovers get consumed all the time. NO MORE cold food, warm food wrapped in foil……HOT HOT tasty food is in store with the Luncheaze. Beyond the Luncheaze, the customer support with the company is top notch. I had a question about purchasing a lid and got a email response saying the item will be shipped at no charge! This company has reassured me that there are great companies producing great products and great service. Thank you

  21. katherine cruz

    Bought for my husband and father and they both really enjoy it, want to get them more

  22. Justin Jacobs


  23. Aldo Paz

    Best investment I’ve ever done for myself working out in the construction area, I was kind of doubtful because of the price but I decided to pull the trigger, I was really surprise the product works better than my expectations, no more going to the store to heat up my lunch. I got LunchEAZE!!!

  24. Ruby Moreno

    Super convenient for my boyfriend who works in a construction site with no electricity

  25. Julia Frazee (verified owner)

    My boyfriend loves his luncheaze! He uses it every day for work. He loves being able to have a hot meal especially on these cold winter work days.

  26. Reynaldo Garcia

    Great lunchbox as it heats up your food for you and stays hot.

  27. Jesus Majia

    I love eating warm Food and this product its easy to carry and easy to use

  28. Noel Genis

    Works great it is a really good investment

  29. Reese Carpenter

    This is an amazing lunch/dinner box . This will work for any type of setting . For work , camping , or even just on the go . My husband uses this for work as an electrician and All his co workers are planning to purchase this for themselves ! Definitely worth the buy ! The only thing my husband wishes , is for a bigger storage compartment !!

  30. JoAnna Vasquez

    Got it for my husband 2yrs ago for him to have warm meals for work. Still works great! He loves the convenience of it and how light it is.

  31. Ayla Maldonado (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it, worth every penny. I saw a TikTok that lalonchequeen posted and i knew i had to get a few, we live out in a mining community so my husband, father and myself all have one now and it’s a game changer. We actually look forward to eating our hot meals on the daily now. And we’ve even had a few coworkers Also purchase some.

  32. Shane Barnes (verified owner)

    Was the only one i can use without having to plug in. It is even better then i had originally thought . Works great with all foods and could imagine lunch without it. Was never able to meal prep hot food because never had access to a microwave or anything to heat it but now there is no need

  33. Aleida Robles

    The best thing ever

  34. Jeb Broeneman

    It’s been great did have a battery pack go dead after not using thru the summer. It was replaced under warranty with no issues.

  35. Kyle Averill

    Best launch Box what a game changer hot food everyday don’t have to look for a microwave on a job site.

  36. Milania Puente

    We absolutely love it!! Works and heats up super good! Helpful for my husband who doesnt work around much stuff, luncheaze was a big help because they have nothing to heat food up with!

  37. Melanie Markle

    The customer care with luncheaze company is superb! Any time I had an issue they were quick to help us resolve it.

  38. Florizel Cisneros

    It’s a really nice way to heat up your lunch without needing an outlet you just recharge it before leaving home and heat up your lunch 30 minutes before and that’s it.

  39. Rheena Sales

    Always reheats food the way my employer likes it.

  40. Claudia Escoboza


  41. Connie Pickney (verified owner)

    It works great, lunch is always hot and on time. Love it

  42. Joseph Bautista

    It’s good, but after 2 battery’s replacements and finally dying on me just wasn’t looking cost effective at the moment. Two battery and the cost of repair and shipping would’ve almost equal a new one and with the 3 year warranty. Currently using a hot plate and a portable jumper to heat up my food and it’s pretty decent for half the cost. I would’ve purchased a new one but the price increase didn’t agree to well with the wife.

  43. Zack Shukait

    By far my favorite purchase of 2022! The first month of using it 3-4 days a week saved me hundreds from eating out for lunch! If you have any doubts, erase them, this is the real deal!

    Charge when you get home, unplug before bed and when you wake up, pack you meal and head to work!

  44. Erick Cadena (verified owner)


  45. Daisy Campos (verified owner)

    A good way of having a warm meal during lunch when it can be difficult to come by. I do wish it didn’t need to be charged after every use.

  46. Donna Swick

    Gets food hot great for outdoor work when you can’t heat up food.

  47. Laura Mosqueda

    It was great while it lasted. Didn’t even work for a full year.

  48. Marco Ramirez

    Good product

  49. Darlene Mendez

    Would be nice if they all offered the Bluetooth feature. It’s already pricey as it is.

  50. Colleen Hickey (verified owner)

    My husband has a set lunchtime as an electrician and would usually eat his leftovers cold so he wouldn’t have to waste time trying to find somewhere to reheat them. This lunchbox has solved this issue and works like a champ. No more cold lunches!!!! And we’re saving money!!!!

  51. Rosy Bazan

    I don’t have it yet but super excited to get it soon.

  52. Dani Slaughter

    Great product- my husband enjoys getting a hot lunch when working on a jobsite

  53. Maira Bello (verified owner)

    Amazing product I used to always battle what to pack my husband for his lunch and he would only take cold sandwiches since he didn’t have anywhere to heat up his food. With the LunchEaze he finally has hot food all the time without a miss. Even people at his job started to ask where he got it and how do they get one. So amazing !

  54. Eliza Cera

    Absolutely LOVE this lunchbox. I would like to upgrade my husband to the original if I had the money and keep the lite for myself! It’s totally worth the hype and lives up to what it claims to do. 10/10 recommend.

  55. David Johnson

    I do not have one yet

  56. Phyllis Korenski

    Excellent product

  57. Doreen Kwader

    It is great, heats my lunch up automatically! We use it Monday through Friday.

  58. Uyen Nguyen

    works well but the lcd screen keeps breaking along with the battery cover the clips they screw into keeps breaking. I would definitely buy the three year warranty. Another problem the battery keeps going out too.

  59. Angel Berntsen

    Really like it so far

  60. Marlene Cortez

    Works Amazing. I love having hot food for lunch

  61. Angela E Phiensinh (verified owner)

    Very good and easy to use! Lightweight and made lunch much faster

  62. Peter Gustafson (verified owner)

    Three words. Buy. One. Now.
    I work in the utility line clearance industry and sometimes we spend weeks cleaning up storm damage far away from home. With the LunchEAZE I bring as many meals and soups as I can pack. So even if there’s no electricity or restaurants to buy food at, I can still enjoy a hot meal at the end of the day. Thanks LunchEAZE!!

  63. Cory meitner

    Very happy with this lunch box. Quality of lunches have gotten alot better since getting this. Highly recommend

  64. Zulema Calderon

    the best i totally recommend

  65. Cory meitner

    Very happy my this lunch box. Quality of lunches have gotten a whole lot better since getting this.

  66. Amanda Johnson

    Product works amazing for warm lunches! Makes the morning time easy and lunch time more delicious!

  67. Claudia García (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many other products, food warmers, steel containers, none of them ever really worked for me , especially for lunch different schedules. Very satisfied with LUNCHEAZE . I’ve definitely recommend it.

  68. Jennifer Watson

    Saving up to purchase one

  69. Joelyn Moniz

    We use this almost everyday. We have saved a lot of money on my husband lunches now that he has a place to heat his meals on the job site! I have recommended to so many people and many have bought

  70. Jennifer Castillo

    Very convenient

  71. Carla Molina

    This definitely helps when you do not have a microwave available

  72. Arelia Huerta

    Great purchase

  73. Gerald Musser

    They work great

  74. Maria Osorno

    Works awesome

  75. Brandon Bremer

    I travel for work and go to remote locations. So being able to set the lunch time and not have to worry about running a vehicle to warm my lunch is perfect. The temps are even and my meals are always perfect.

  76. Crystal Fonseca

    Was working fine for 2 years, ordered a replacement battery due to lunchbox not heating up well. Replacing the battery didn’t work so I would need to send it in for repair but don’t have the time.

  77. Alvin Bruno


  78. Kerri Lewis

    It’s a game changer will never use anything else

  79. Taylor Shaefer

    Great product that my husband loves! Only issue is that the charge used to last long enough for 2 days and now it only lasts one causing him to have to charge it every night. Other than that it’s phenomenal.

  80. Amanda Gordon

    fantastic product

  81. Maria Cruz

    Definitely a must have, my husband used to eat fast food all the time because he woks in construction so it was hard for him ask the co-workers to take him to the gas station to heat it up his lunch, but since I bought luncheaze for him he is very happy and we have save a lot of money and plus he is eating more healthy. Thank you luncheaze

  82. Joanne Fernandez

    I LOVE IT!!!! I work as a Custodian at a University and now I don’t have to wait long lines to heat up my food!

  83. Amrafel Gonzalez

    Best thing to have when working in construction and there’s no power. I set the timer and my food is hot. Not only do I save money but I eat good healthy food.

  84. Alexia Jaimes

    Works great!

  85. Frances Gibbs (verified owner)

    Love it! Husband loves how the food is hot and ready when he is ready to eat. No spills or leaks for foods like chili or chicken and dumplings.

  86. Ashley Jimenez (verified owner)

    The best

  87. Madelein Magana (verified owner)

    Luncheaze has failed us a few times but overall had loved it. Great customer service

  88. Rebecca Maldonado

    Best ever. Everyone in construction should have one.

  89. Blake Bollens (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it. I use it every day at work so I can have a hot lunch in between jobs

  90. Angelica Perez

    Really convenient

  91. Darling Dandy

    I chose lite due to my Co. worker having one

  92. A J (verified owner)

    Fantastic device! Wish we could increase the timer more than 2 hours when it’s plugged in, but this thing has cooked numerous meals, including meats from frozen!

  93. Scottie Lowery


  94. Maya Munoz

    Can’t wait for mine!!!

  95. Calem Tamayo

    I’ve had some issues with the battery failing, I contacted customer support and have been told to unplug and reattach.

  96. Natalie Samaguey

    I love luncheaze! I use it all the time a I highly recommend it to everyone else

  97. Ruth Terrazas (verified owner)

    It’s very useful with good battery charge and always consistent. I wish maybe the kids had a better hold so liquid foods wouldn’t spill but overall a great product!!

  98. Tracy Scheffelmaier

    If you’re tired of sandwiches this is what you need! Look no further. Hot lunches everyday. As a truck driver sandwiches were a daily thing now hot meals everywhere I go with this lunch kit!!!

  99. Marissa Rollman (verified owner)

    This product has changed the landscape of workplace lunches. No more breakroom microwaves or soggy thermos meal. My boyfriend loves his LunchEaze!

  100. gisselle trujillo

    Works great. Awesome investment no more waking up early to cook. I work myself as well. Wished the container was little more deeper but still works great. Recently I’ve been having battery issues and currently doesn’t work right now. Reach out to support team and they responded quickly. They sent out a new battery go replace.

  101. Martha Marwuez

    funciona muy bien y me facilita echar el lonche cualquier cosa de comida calenta It works very well and makes it easier for me to have any hot food

  102. Jordan Arizon (verified owner)

    Love having hot meals ready, lunch time feels much longer when you don’t have to heat something up or go pick something up. Well worth it, high return of investment, definitely paid for itself with how much takeout I’ve avoided.

  103. Stephanie Freshwater

    Perfect for on the go meals, or if your line of work doesn’t have easy or any access to heat your meals! Hubby raves about it to coworkers and I believe he has them all talking into buying one, just for the convenience of having hot food, wherever!

  104. Amy Martin

    We love our LunchEAZE Lite. It’s perfect for cold days on the job.

  105. Michelle Lott

    Love it.. warms food perfectly.

    Wish it came with car charger instead of buying it separately only because sometimes we forget to charge it at night.

  106. Letty Leyva

    Over all satisfied

  107. Nick Rybarczyk

    Best lunch box for a blue collar worker

  108. Joseph Nunes

    I’d buy another one if I needed to. It was awesome having hot food for lunch.

  109. Lisa Lambert (verified owner)

    Works great

  110. Katherine Flores (verified owner)

    Perfect for my boyfriend who is constantly on the go. He used to eat his meals cold and during winter he was able to enjoy a nice hot meal during lunch. It is a great investment!

  111. joel mcdonald (verified owner)

    it’s prefect

  112. Ricardo Martinez

    Very good product but need to give more discounts or more deals

  113. Joshua Smith (verified owner)

    I saw a brief ad on Instagram, looked up the product and chose one that fits my needs. Bought more containers with it. I love it. I believe I convinced at least one person to buy one. A few others I’ve talked to aren’t sure yet, have to view the price of it as an investment.

  114. Chad Anthony

    It’s the best thing I bought in awhile

  115. Erica Trejo

    Love it! Best thing ever

  116. Irene Singh

    Easy to use! Grabbed extra containers for meal prepping. Battery lasts a while. Heats food quickly and evenly. Very satisfied with the product

  117. Heather Franklin

    10/10 we love it! Every time we use it it’s been perfect!

  118. Rebecca parker

    Love it

  119. Christopher Kampfer

    I should have gotten the warranty. Learned my Lesson. Kind of expensive. But worth it I guess

  120. AIDA SANCHEZ (verified owner)


  121. Gerardo Castillo

    Thank you for thinking of all of us who work long hours sometimes no near a microwave not any restaurants to get a hot meal.

  122. Marcela Gallegos

    We love it, my husband can finally enjoy a hot meal! He only gets around 20-25 min to eat everyday, sometimes even less than that, and he is so happy his lunch is already hot by the time he gets his 20 min. The only thing I wish is for the lunch bag to be a little more durable/sturdy, and I’m wishing for a round & deeper version of the LunchEAZE, so I can put soups & stews in it as well.

  123. Blossom Talisayan (verified owner)

    Heats food well.

  124. Jose Alejandro Lopez Blanco

    Great money saving device has never let me down. Before I purchased LunchEaze I was spending alot of money on food and at times I would eat cold food. LunchEaze has saved me alot of money, very recommended

  125. Miranda Koltze (verified owner)

    We love it, it fits the perfect amount of food and the container is easy to wash! My husband comes home, pulls out the container for cleaning, plugs the unit it, and the next morning he can fill it with the previous nights dinner. After years of trying to make sandwiches more appealing, this thing is a Game Changer!

  126. Luis Ortiz

    Nothing like have a hot meal, great product

  127. Vanessa torres (verified owner)

    Very good so far! My husband’s loves that he eats hot meals 😋 forlunch.

  128. Annamarie Gonzales (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase for my fiance. I now have so many options to pack him for lunch! He now gets hot food and our leftovers aren’t getting thrown out

  129. Beverly Wallace

    i got the up grade bag also.

  130. Michelle Fisbeck (verified owner)

    Easy to program, Nice hot lunch at the right time daily. Only wish is the lid would be moe durable

  131. Cesar Ibarra

    Love this product. Instead of having a cold sandwich, now I bring left overs and buy the time I have lunch my food is nice and hot. I also have hot soups which I was excited about.

  132. Elluvia Francisco (verified owner)

    Perfect for on the go! Once lunch is packed, I just turn it on and forget about it. Easy to use and easy to clean

  133. Patricia Garcia (verified owner)

    My husband loves it! He gets a warm meal for lunch. He travels a lot to different jobs it’s very convenient that he doesn’t have to find somewhere to heat up his lunch.

  134. Abraham Palomo

    Easy to figure out and set food cooking times, compact not bulky. Hot meal every time and if you forget to set a cooking time, the downloadable app for your phone gives you quick access to that. Amazing product would recommend and buy again.

  135. Elizabeth Craven

    Does exactly what I needed it to do. Schedule when to heat. Food is hot come time to eat it. Held up for a year of every day use. Since then been having battery and hearing element issues.

  136. Wendy Gutierrez

    Luncheaze is really convenient you don’t have to wait in long line to use the microwave at lunch time save time and money on lunch

  137. Juan Uribe (verified owner)

    Is a fantastic product is the first time I own one I really like it.

  138. Alex Thompson

    I’m on the road 8-10hrs a day and my office is my work truck, with LunchEAZE there is no sacrificing nutritionally and no wasting money buying food on the road. I get all the benefit and comfort of a healthy, home cooked meal anywhere my work takes me.

  139. Jamie Boyd

    It has been amazing to know my boyfriend has hot, home-cooked meals for lunch all week. He sets it and the food is ready for his lunch breaks. I am so glad we purchased this product.

  140. Mario Contreras

    Best lunch box I’ve ever had definitely would recommend others

  141. Cornelio Hernandez

    Love it! Now I get to enjoy hot food at work

  142. Johnette Osbon

    I brought both my husband and son one of these lunch boxes for Christmas. Both of them work outside away from a microwave. They both love this product.

  143. Jesse Huizenga (verified owner)

    I love having warm lunches while all my other coworkers in construction at break are eating the same cold sandwiches everyday staring at me with piping hot food.

  144. Daria Aleshina (verified owner)

    The best

  145. Aleida Robles

    I wish this came out ages ago

  146. Veronica Marquez (verified owner)

    It’s amazing! Simple and easy enough for my husband to figure out how to use whenever I forget to turn it on for him and keeps his lunch as hot and fresh as when I made it!

  147. Brizia Arce (verified owner)

    The Luncheaze works great. It’s convenient and keeps my lunch hot. I did have an issue with the battery so I contacted Luncheaze and they sent me a new battery. All is good now.

  148. Jr Lopez

    It works amazing. Never have to worry about a microwave

  149. Marisol Macias

    The best of the best



  151. Louis Solis

    My son enjoys it he has had it for 2 years

  152. Hong Tran

    Love this it’s the best on the market

  153. Nikki Moore

    Good, but the external carrier is small. I can’t fit a water bottle in

  154. Dan Vogelgesang (verified owner)

    Great for kids lunches

  155. Jhony Elizalde


  156. Angelica Ramos

    It’s great and my boyfriend has loved being able to take hot lunch with him after basically living off cold cut sandwiches for years . Now I can cook for him and the leftovers can actually be packed for his lunch. Only downsides are that it takes very long to charge so it’s plugged in for HOURS at a time. And his lunch bag it comes in has already ripped on the inside in the top compartment which he hardly uses. Other very cheap lunchboxes he’s used for a long time have yet to rip so I’m not too crazy about that quality of this one. Other than that, he loves it and continues to use it

  157. Robert Ramirez

    Best food warmer out

  158. Ana Gallardo

    I love it so much. My husband loves it and I love making him homemade lunches. It has saved us so much money. Only issue with it is that it doesn’t charge well anymore so it doesn’t heat up food all the way thru. I’m going to have to get in contact with customer service to try and get that issue resolved but other than that we have loved it

  159. Christian Arellano

    Was just what I was looking for ! Warms up good perfectly, Iva had it for about 1 month and has been working well. Hold a good amount of food. Love it I ordered 2 extra containers to meal prep.

  160. Megan Bishop

    If you want a hot lunch please order this product!

  161. Mayra Diego (verified owner)

    I bought this lunchbox for my husband for work they have 30 minutes for lunch and to heat food there are several coworkers waiting for the microwave. LunchEAZE is the talk of the break room now, heats up on time, convenient easy to use. Best investment soon he will get the upgrade now we are sure about this product.

  162. Marylynne Diego

    I love it, it’s easy and convenient for use. My husband loves not having to worry about finding a place to heat up his food.

  163. Paloma Cepeda (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it for emergency’s but especially for my husbands job that he is a blue collar worker .amazing job

  164. Matthew Mead (verified owner)

    My daughter’s friends tell her she has the best lunches ! Gourmet food! Sooner or later they will get their parents to buy your products!

  165. Catarina Castillo

    Gifting LunchEAZE to my dad and brother was the best gift idea I have ever had it is very convenient for both of them especially with this cold weather, no one wants to eat their food cold

  166. Katherine Sanchez

    Me encanta aparte disfruto de comer mi comida caliente

  167. Alexia Jaimes

    I love it !! Great investment !!

  168. Nadia Fortier (verified owner)

    So far so good. My husband loves being able to heat up left overs.

  169. Evelyn Rios (verified owner)

    The best thing I ever got for my boyfriend! He loves it!!

  170. Haley Brock (verified owner)

    My fiancé uses this lunch box and he loves it. Super simple and keeps his food hot!

  171. Damian Ramos

    Works great get a lot of compliments on it but just love how it heats my food up actually hot and how I can set it and forget it

  172. eliab perez

    I exceed my expectations and it works very well and easy to use

  173. Joshua Garza (verified owner)

    Was surprised at how easy it was to set up and get heating up. It allows adjustment for heat setting so that you can heat up a variety of foods. So far I’ve done frozen burritos, leftover enchiladas, soups and cuban sandwiches. All came out excellent and tasty with the correct setting and a spray of olive oil as the base.

  174. Elizabeth Fiore (verified owner)

    I have two of them. I love having hot lunch at work.

  175. Scott Yeater

    Everything eorked GREAT except for the Bluetooth funtion…

  176. Luis Holguin (verified owner)

    It is really convenient but I do wish it had the Bluetooth on the lite as well

  177. Adirany Scherer (verified owner)

    It’s amazing and practical

  178. Alexandre Blouin (verified owner)

    Amazing product, I’m giving 4 and a half stars. First lunchbox main board went crazy just after 12 months. Both lite kits lunchbag top compartment foil liner have detached in less then 12 months. I really liked the container, battery life, convenience and more.

  179. Amy Ortiz (verified owner)

    Awesome invention!! Sooo worth the money! What convenience!!

  180. Harris Williams (verified owner)

    I love this product! It’s a real game changer if you’re in construction or on the road. I went from eating cold lunches, or fast food for the last 10 years to great hot meals and saving money.

  181. Jack Peery

    If you want a hot meal when there is no power available, this is your answer. Saves time, money, and since you start it when you pack it, piece of mind. I bought 4 extra bowls with lids so I could meal prep on Sundays when I’m off work. IBEW LU124 Electrician approved

  182. Juan Caballero

    Comes in handy when you do not have to wait 15 mins for a microwave

  183. Elizabeth Boudreau

    Please see previous comments. My husband loves it! I bought extra containers too with it. Easy to program which was good for him too

  184. Claudia Jauregui

    Love it!!!

  185. Sheila Moore

    One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Worth every penny.

  186. Casey Kuntz

    Real awesome product. Have to plan ahead for warming up your food. Gets nice and hot though.
    My battery no longer charges which sucks. But that’s my fault for not charging it consistently.

  187. Kate Scheller

    Amazing product!! If you have to eat cold luncj everyday you must buy this!! Game changers

  188. Laura Mesa

    Perfect must say have to buy more fish containers but worked so perfect.

  189. Rey Guzman

    Works greats

  190. Paisley Pappas (verified owner)

    An amazing product- wish I would have found it sooner. My husband works new build construction on huge sites where it’s not practical for him to go back to his car or to an outlet to heat things up. This makes it so easy for him to have a HOT meal. I can’t recommend this product enough!

  191. Jose Hernandez


  192. saide correa (verified owner)

    It’s the best thing for people whose work requires to not be near a microwave/oven or who is always on the go. My dad loves it and uses it daily. It works great, offers everything you need for a prepped lunch, such as reusable containers, utensils, they offer a charger and car charger, a bag to carry everything and more! I wish I would of heard about this brand sooner but so glad I heard about it at all! If you’re thinking about getting it, DO IT!!

  193. Tiana Martinez (verified owner)

    Great product!

  194. Mariana Alexandria

    Love it, can eat hot meal now that taste good and meal prep

  195. Samuel Laird

    Only complaint would be to have a small battery with 3 to 6 uses out of it

  196. Bonnie Hertel (verified owner)

    Husband loves it!

  197. Pablo Sosa


  198. Michelle Franco (verified owner)

    A friend bought one for her boyfriend and after hearing about your product I thought, BRILLIANT! After searching forever on amazon I was coming up short with a warming lunch box that didn’t need to be plugged in. I had to call and ask her SPECIFICALLY what the box was called. Finally found it and you guys went VIRAL !!!!!! So I had to order the one down from my original want but it was totally ok and 10000000% worth every penny! My husband has warm lunch everyday when on job sites and he is texts me everyday at 12 noon to remind me how great it is and how jealous his co workers are! Hahah Thank you lunchEaze for such an amazing product!

  199. Maurica King

    Perfect for construction workers! No longer have to worry about if there’s going to be a microwave or oven nearby!

  200. Alfredo Quintero

    Love it !

  201. Laura Taylor

    Excellent product

  202. Sonexay phomthavong

    It was good until the battery died on me. And I started to use the basic one and that battery die on me. So I’m ordering new batteries now just for one

  203. Kelly Bevard (verified owner)

    Great product! Food is heated perfectly and on time. Well worth the money. Would definitely recommend.

  204. Rocio Hernandez (verified owner)

    10/10, would totally recommend to those that don’t have access to a microwave

  205. Tristen Maxfield

    My husband had been very pleased with his LunchEAZE and has had some coworkers ask about it. He loves how easy to use it is and how convenient to have a warm meal each day.

  206. Thomas Lanza

    Best product ever. I use it daily. Love it. Just turn it on then eat, no more waiting in line for microwave.

  207. Raul Ayala (verified owner)

    Easy to use, it heats up very well, the best purchase I could make

  208. Alberto Mejia

    I have saved so much money

  209. Katherine Knoeller (verified owner)

    Luncheaze is amazing! having a hot lunch anywhere and anytime you want is perfect!

  210. Jeff Schawe

    So glad I found this product! Really like when I’m busy I don’t have to worry about stopping and getting food warming up.

  211. Miles Costanza

    Life changer!

  212. Lizeth Duran

    Honestly the best thing you can purchase. Once you buy a luncheaze you never go back. It comes in clutch

  213. Jenni Ledesma

    It was good for a year but then died and haven’t replaced since

  214. Tricia Blakely

    Live to eat hot food

  215. Willis Woyach

    This has helped me to be able to be healthier options on the road and in the field. The kids love it as well when I let them use it for field trips and outings.

  216. Azucena Zamora (verified owner)

    Keeps food warm! Amazing

  217. Briana Gomez

    Amazing, easy to use and extremely convenient

  218. Hazel Hansen

    It perfectly heats the food. I bought it for my boyfriend that is a delivery driver so it’s perfect for him to enjoy a nice hot lunch every day!

  219. Holly Gartman

    Great product!

  220. Rolando Rodriguez

    Very pleased very happy with my Luncheaze my food ready and warm when I take my lunch And I had to say I’m saving so much money by not buying fast food Thank your lunches

  221. Sierra Quinonez (verified owner)

    I love the lunch ease, it never gives me any problem, and it has just enough room to pack all of the food

  222. Nubia mondragon

    I love make my life more easy

  223. Paola Rodriguez

    This is the best product for hard working men!

  224. Jozabeth Jimenez

    I don’t have any review since I don’t have the product but as soon as I can buy it financially I will be able to give a better review… since I’m interested in having it!!! I always eat my cold meal at lunch time… I hope one day I can have it.

  225. Imelda Trujillo

    Fast delivery and it heats up my food really good plus the customer service is great

  226. Cristian Vasquez

    I love it i dont leave home without it

  227. Kiana Strickland

    The box really does work .. It’s feels sturdy and good quality for my husband who works in construction and destroys his lunch boxes .. The deciding factor is that this wireless … I mean that is worth EVERY penny spent …To eat a hot meal at random spots each day due to work in the snow truly feels like a luxury to him and I get excited to see his videos of his lunch when he send videos of the food with steam coming out of it ..

  228. Zachary Hunter

    Best purchase I’ve ever made for work purposes!

  229. Joseph Castillo

    Great except occasional issues with charging

  230. Isaac Hernandez

    Best lunch bag

  231. Ashley Davidson

    I would absolutely recommend luncheaze to everyone, in fact I have already mentioned it to many and I know several who decided to make a purchase. My boyfriend had a plug in lunch box. Although somewhat convenient, it had a couple things he didn’t like. You have to have some type of power to heat it up, being your vehicle or electricity. As a construction worker that can be difficult. It also didn’t heat the food very hot, warm at most. With the luncheaze, not only does it heat the food up to where it is steaming ( I have pictures!) It’s great to be able to set when you want to eat and it starts heating it up for you. No more forgetting to plug your food in on a busy day. It is worth every penny!

  232. Denise Erives (verified owner)

    I love our luncheaze! My daughter and husband take turns using it, they LOVE it!

  233. Craig Smalley

    I prep all my meals on Sunday for the week. It’s amazing!

  234. Cailin McLean (verified owner)

    LunchEaze has saved us so much money on take out lunches and has reduced our food waste now that my husband takes leftovers to work daily. He also enjoys having a nice hot lunch every day instead of the boring sandwiches he brought beforehand.

  235. Troy Essmann

    Thing is amazing when you work out in the field in the cold. Work lunch everyday is awesome!

  236. Sandra Leiva

    Best lunch box for heated lunches.

  237. Ailin Najera (verified owner)

    The battery runs out quick so it has to be turned off u til two hours before lunch.

  238. Tralisa Hayward

    Love that it’s ready to eat when I go on break. I don’t have to use my jobs nasty microwave that everyone else is using. I could enjoy my food hot and enjoy my break.

  239. Shannon Williams

    By far one of the best gifts I’ve gotten my husband. He is a mechanic who works out of a service truck so lunch has been hard for him. Especially when the equipment is somewhere off the beaten path. But the luncheaze has been a game changer. He gets to eat healthy, hot meals no matter where he is!

  240. Joseph Castillo

    Great. Except issues with charging at times

  241. Carlos Reyes

    Great lunch box!

  242. Esperanza Torres

    Very practical and have not had any issues only the bag it comes with has started to tear from the edges only issue other than that everything is perfect

  243. Isabel Cannizzaro

    This product was the perfect gift for my construction working boyfriend. He always complained about having cold meals and having no way to heat them up. There are other products similar to this but you have to plug them in. This is the only wireless product I have found, and the only product I have found that works very well! My boyfriend will never go without a lunchEAZE ever again!

  244. Heidi Beatriz

    Great product!

  245. Todd Fowler

    This is a great lunch box. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the first time I used it, I had a salad in the top compartment of the lunch bag and it got hot when I used it. I’d like to see better insulation between the top compartment and the main compartment so I can properly separate cold from hot

  246. Lea Stang (verified owner)

    My fiance loves the luncheaze. He constantly sends me pictures of his lunchbox when he is in the woods. He loves the product and he says it is the best gift he has ever gotten.

  247. Taylor Fox

    Super cool product, ideal for trades & construction workers. Always have a hot lunch

  248. Linda Ramos

    Great product. Really warms up the foot.

  249. Cass Rugg

    My boyfriend is a heavy diesel mechanic and is usually outside or on a job site. I knew this would be perfect for him. He loves it! It is always nice to have a hot meal, especially during the winter. It is so convenient that you set the time you want it hot and it’s ready then.

  250. Maria Luebcke

    My husband loves his luncheaze! He doesn’t have to worry about finding an available microwave when he’s on the road. Makes my life easier too! He takes leftovers for lunch!

  251. Daisy Campos (verified owner)

    A good lunch box for the working man who want a hot meal at work

  252. Brittany Radkey

    He loves it, Want the original one

  253. Maxi Warren

    It’s ok it’s convenient but very pricey

  254. Mark Martelyi (verified owner)


  255. Alexis Larsen

    It is great for a person working on a job site. It has come in handy.

  256. Gricelda Ramirez (verified owner)

    My father and significant other love this lunch heater. It’s easy even for my father who is not technology savvy. This was a great investment and saved lots of dollars especially with good purchasing.

  257. Martin Hernandez (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the luncheaze lite. Food is always ready when I take my lunch break

  258. Dalila Marin (verified owner)

    Best lunchbox i have tried

  259. Madison Macoy (verified owner)

    Has been amazing so far for my fiance. He absolutely loves it.

  260. Weslie Williford


  261. Roxanne Leard

    My hubby loves his luncheze warms up his lunch on time easy to clean and pack.

  262. Jesus Espejel (verified owner)

    It’s the perfect lunch box That doesn’t require to be plug in for those job sites that don’t have power yet.

  263. Megan Bishop

    If you want a durable, long lasting, food heating bald eagle of a machine! You can go no further. Customize this battery powered machine how ever you’d like and have a steaming hot or gently warm meal. I would recommend this to anyone in any field of work! You’ll never skip lunch again plus customer service is amazing!

  264. Desiree Jeffrey

    I ordered one for me and ond for a friend. I haven’t stopped talking about this product since I ordered mine. It’s the greatest product out there especially for the line of work I’m in. Operating a bus and constantly having to buy a good meal is costly in New York city. Luncheaze saves me a tremendous amount of money in my pocket.

  265. greg hoffman (verified owner)

    Works amazing

  266. Lauren O’Brien (verified owner)

    Love it. Customer service was great

  267. Austin Evans

    I love it bc I can have my hot ready for me when it’s lunch time. I rather eat hot food then cold sandwiches

  268. Karen De Jesus (verified owner)

    My boyfriend loved having a warm lunch since there isn’t any microwaves in out in the middle of projects. Super good gift

  269. Maria Arevalo (verified owner)


  270. Jessica Ramirez

    Don’t waste another minute order it exceeds all expectations and saves you money

  271. Emily Murphy

    My BF loves it! No more cold lunches for him. Improvements would be thicker plastic for the top flap that holds the dish in. Also easy change battery packs would be amazing. Like those battery packs for electric drills and tools. Then he could easily have a hot lunch and dinner when he works late. Last thing, the lunch bag zipper isn’t sturdy. It broke in two days and was useless after.

  272. CHELSEA OCKERT (verified owner)

    It I so good

  273. Ivette Hernandez

    I love it because it helps me decide what to make for lunch for my husband and he is able to have warm food for lunch.

  274. Marina Resendiz

    My bf seems happy with his lunch box. Definitely saves money.

  275. Edward Rodriguez

    luncheaze lite is a great product! had to lower temperature setting due to the thing being too powerful. dialed it in perfect and have been enjoying warm lunch ever since. no more gross cold lunch!

  276. Jennifer Pacheco

    My husband loves his LunchEAZE. Best lunch box out there.

  277. Teresa Amaro

    So easy to use and reliable hot luncb

  278. Danica Hager (verified owner)

    Super expensive. Thousands on Amazon for 40 dollars that work just as good in my experience. But this is one of the very few in the market that has the ability to meal prep since the lid attaches to the container instead of the whole unit. If you have disposable money and wanna splurge this is it. Otherwise anything else without the gimmicky screen works the same. Most of these reviews are given because the brand does $100 store credit giveaways after the first order (why I’m writing this actually) so take that into account when you read of people raving about the product.

    TL;DR good if u have extra income, but doesn’t work any better than cheapos off Amazon that I’ve tried.

  279. Letitia Staples

    I love my Luncheaze. It warms my food perfectly every time, easy to clean, and holds a charge!

  280. Jackie Garcia

    Fantastic product innovated and useful

  281. Mark Kyrimis (verified owner)

    I don’t have anywhere to heat my food at work so the luncheaze works great. I have hot food every day at lunch.

  282. Frankie Hawkins (verified owner)

    Great for a hot lunch on the go.

  283. Jessica Soria

    My husband loves the fact that his food is warm by the time its lunch without having to wait his turn for the microwave. Would like to eventually get him the upgraded version so he can control it with his phone.

  284. Katherine Moore

    Love love love!!!

  285. Jill Endress (verified owner)

    Love it!! Wasn’t sure how it would be, however it works great. He uses it almost everyday and says food tastes good as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

  286. James Warren (verified owner)

    Great product that lets me have hot food at work without a microwave. The ability to schedule it to be ready at a certain time is perfect and having it still be portable lets me be flexible.

  287. Luis Castro


  288. Ashley Faherty (verified owner)

    We bought LunchEAZE for our 11 year old daughter who had braces and oral surgery in her future. We wanted something cord-free that she could take to school with soup in it and guarantee that it would be hot at lunch time. She has used it a couple of times at school and loves it.

  289. Ciera (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband and he loves it! He says that it warms up his food perfectly. Super thankful he can have a warm lunch now!

  290. Edward Allen

    My Gal bought me this and it is a total game changer at lunch. I use it every day. I pack my trays on the weekend with our leftover smorgasbord and self seal them up and pull one for lunch every day. Great device. Saving fantastic amounts of money and a great hot meal.

  291. Paul Comer

    Unit stopped working after 18 months. I reccomend purchasing the extended warranty

  292. radical_joe

    I absolutely love my Luncheaze! Who doesn’t want a warm meal while you’re working outside during the Pacific Northwest winters? I work in the tree service industry as a climbing arborist and the Luncheaze lite saves me time and money during my break.
    I had a problem with my Luncheaze lunch pack where the top left zipper kept on jamming up. Sara from customer service was quick to respond and started working on shipping me a new pack free of charge. You can tell they value their customers. I would highly recommend Luncheaze products to any outdoor working person on the go.

  293. Terri

    Bought this for my grandson who is a welder, as alot of times he is wanting something warm so to save him money I bought this. Best gift of the year. He gets a warm lunch and he can make his own from scratch not have to settle for fast food. Braching out to use frozen pizza for lunch now

    • khonardoost (verified owner)

      Thank you Terri for the nice review. We are so happy to make people’s life better every day!

  294. Diana Moran

    Best gift ever, my BF is in construction and was tired of fishing burritos out of his tiny thermo. Only issue is after a year it stopped heating up.

    • khonardoost

      Hello Dianna
      Thank you for the nice words about LunchEAZE. We are in contact with you to figure out the problem. We will make sure the problem will be solved and your BF will start enjoying his hot meal on the go.

  295. Mario

    I love my luncheaze it has completely changed how I eat at work in the best way and when mine started acting up customer service came in and helped fast

  296. Brady

    Great customer service!

  297. Xavier (verified owner)

    I was excited for the product as I work in the field. The food heats up somewhat and the container starts smelling like burnt plastic, and the smells penetrates to the food.

    • LunchEAZE Support

      Hello Xavier. We are sorry to hear about your LunchEAZE experience. LunchEAZE comes with one full year warranty so rest assure we are here to resolve all your concerns. We are also very concerned since no one else has experienced this event. We are sending you a replacement unit right away and bring this faulty unit back to our facility in Fremont, California to understand the source. I will be in touch with email. Thank you Cameron

  298. Vanessa

    Order mine real soon.can’t wait to buy mine.

  299. Efrain

    Awesome device!!! Product prepared and arrived in a very nice package. My 13 year old loves it… Friendly customer service. Sent an email and in less than 24hrs got a response. Need to evaluate shipping costs to Puerto Rico.

  300. Dorilyn

    I bought one for my husband and he bought one for his son…. They both work construction outside all day- cold weather? No worries… you’ve got a hot
    Lunch waiting in your lunch bag!! They LOVE
    IT!!! This is the BEST technology for what they do!! So very happy with our purchases!!!

  301. Paul luna

    Overall the product is well made and so far as advertised. I left 3 stars because I feel they could have done better at the initial experience of buying one. The shipping wasn’t free as is so common when you buy expensive items like this however there was shipping charges, not why I was upset. I ordered a separate container with the box, the shipping was more expensive than the container and then to top it off, it came in the box with the luncheaze! Right just gouge me on the shipping. Not a 5 star experience.

  302. Oksana

    Due to Covid restrictions my daughters middle school banned microwaves, and my daughter doesn’t like soup or sandwiches. The box is a bit expensive to give to a child, but at this point I just needed her to eat some semblance of a decent meal during the 8 hours she spends at school. I had real doubts about the weight and size of this thing, and whether my kid would want to be bothered with carrying it around. We had this box for months now, and it is a godsend. It takes my daughter only a few minutes in the morning to pull out left overs from the fridge and transfer them to the box, and it got even better once she realized that she can get things like chicken nuggets straight from the freezer and they will do just fine. When she comes home, she plugs in the box and throws the container into the sink to be put in the dishwasher later. The year isn’t over yet, but so far this is the best purchase this year! No regrets!

  303. Johanna

    Awesome machine! Where has this been all my life. This is a great device. It allows my husband to eat hot meals even though he works outside all day.

  304. Alex Blouin

    Ordered one as a test for my kid since they can’t use microwave at school. Shipping to Canada was pretty fast and the lunch box was well packed and protected. I will buy a second one for myself after being that please with my purchase. Great customer service and an amazing product. My kid will make other student jealous at school. What a relief to eat in a decent plate not a thermos…

  305. Irayda Marin

    Ordered one for my dad, and he loved it. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave on the jobsites. So I decided to buy one for him. The best part is that there is a timer on it so it can start heating up your lunch two hours before lunch time. So, when lunch time hits your food is hot and ready. *chefs kiss ??

  306. Haeleigh

    I ordered this for my husband, he works for amazon and doesn’t bring his food inside the breakroom because there’s too many people on lunch at one time. He’s brought cold lunches every day for 3 years, he LOVES this! It doesn’t have to be plugged into your car so he doesn’t have to worry about his car batterie dying. 10 out of 10!

  307. Danielle

    I ordered the luncheaze light for my boyfriend. He works for UPS and is out and about all day/ night. Many days eating a cold lunch or ordering out. So far he has loved having this and being able to save money and bring a hot lunch !

  308. Jeremy Fowler

    This is the best lunch box ever. My food is hot every day at lunchtime. Everyone at work wants one also. It works perfect so glad I bought this.

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Warranty Policy

Every LunchEAZE and LunchEAZE Lite comes with a free 1 year warranty for the base unit and the included battery, for any manufacturing defects.

  • The warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by water damage, food spillage, impact , drop or any other malfunctions or damages not resulting from defects in manufacturing.
  • The warranty does not cover the accessories including lids, meal containers, insulated bags, extra batteries and chargers, and car inverters.
  • The warranty does not guarantee functions of the mobile app on your specific phone or tablet.
  • Damages caused by the use of any charger, battery, or meal container not originally purchased from LunchEAZE automatically voids the warranty.
  • Repair fees for damages not under the warranty start at $60 and includes any replacement parts and return shipping.
  • The customer is responsible for shipping the unit back to us for repairs.

To obtain warranty service, follow these simple steps:

1. Contact us via our website and send us a notification.

2. We will get in touch with you so we can help determine the problem and find the most appropriate solution for you.

3. Ship your base unit to our address with the shipping service of your choice.

ReliantEMS Corp
47366 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA, 94538.

4. We will repair your unit when received and ship it back to you as quickly as possible. The customer is responsible for shipping fees when sending the unit back for repairs, but LunchEAZE will cover the shipping cost of the repaired unit back to your address.

Please ensure your unit is disinfected, clean, and void of food spills, dirt, stains, and other impurities as per courtesy for our Support team.

Please ensure that your unit is wrapped and packaged properly with bubble wrap or foam. We are not responsible for any damages during shipment resulting from improper packaging by the customer and repairs on such damages may be completed with an additional fee

Extend your Warranty

You can extend the 1 Year Warranty for an additional price. Simply select the “Extended Warranty” option when you select your model and add your desired option to your Cart. The extended warranty covers all the same items as the included warranty, except the battery. Extended warranty can only be purchased within 30 days of the purchase date.

2 Year Warranty is $12.

3 Year Warranty is $24.

LunchEAZE Insulated Lunch Bag Options

LunchEAZE insulated lunch bag

Standard Bag

A custom-fitted insulated bag for your LunchEAZE, designed to improve heating performance and protect your unit during transport. Has a bottom section for LunchEAZE, and a separate top section for utensils, snacks, and anything else you need for your meal. Leave LunchEAZE in the bag while it heats to ensure your food is piping hot.

LunchEAZE upgraded insulated lunch bag

Upgraded Bag

An upgraded version of the standard bag , with water resistant PU-Leather exterior, thicker insulation material for maximum heat retention, and a charger port in the back for convenient charging while LunchEAZE stays in the bag. The top section is extended to fit an extra meal container, and contains a separate mesh pocket for an ice pack.