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The LunchEAZE Lite – the same functionality and size as the original, just with no Bluetooth, a more simple display, and no included insulated bag. Still a fully functional, totally cordless, automatic, self-heating lunchbox. Have a hot meal up to 220°F anywhere you are, anytime.

Our smart timer system means you’re never waiting for your food to heat up. Program a mealtime, and your food is hot and ready right when you wanted it, automatically.

For just $35 upgrade to the Original LunchEAZE to get Bluetooth features, an advanced LCD display, and the insulated bag included for free!

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How it Works

Essential Info

In a Single Lite Package:

  • 1x LunchEAZE Lite Base and Lid
  • 1x Food Container |  Stainless Steel Container
  • 1x Charger | 9V 5A DC wall plug charger, 100-240V
  • 1x Battery | 8000maH Lithium Ion Battery | UL Safety Certified

In a Meal Prep Lite Pack:

  • Everything in a Single Package PLUS 4 additional containers.


7.25″ x 5.75″ x 4.5″ |


2.6 lbs

Food Container:  
304 Stainless Steel | BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe | Do Not Microwave | 1000 mL full capacity

Food Lid:  
Polypropylene w/ Silicone seal | BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe

ABS and Nylon plastics | BPA Free | Do Not Microwave or use Dishwasher

Standard Insulated Lunch Bag:

Fabric exterior, insulated interior | 8.5″ x 6.5″ x 8.5″ | 0.8lbs

Lithium Ion Battery:
8.4V |  8,000 mAh capacity |UL-1642, UL-2595, UN-38.3| Lasts 2.5 Hours (one heating cycle for one hot meal)

Output 9V  5A | Input 120V 100-240Hz USA-Style Outlet

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Every unit comes standard with a 1 year full manufacturers warranty, which covers any issues related to the manufacturing of LunchEAZE. This does not cover the bag or any additional accessories.

This warranty can be extended to 2 or 3 years for an additional fee.

Read our full warranty details here.

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Top Benefits

What's the difference between Original and Lite?

LunchEAZE heated lunch box

LunchEAZE Original

$ 199
  • Completely cordless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Automatic meal timer
  • Heat now option
  • Temperature display
  • Bluetooth app controls
  • Advanced LCD screen
  • Customizable colors
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Free insulated lunch bag
LunchEAZE Lite heated lunch box

LunchEAZE Lite

$ 164.95
  • Completely cordless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Automatic meal timer
  • Heat now option
  • Temperature display
  • Adjustable Temperatures
  • Bluetooth app controls
  • Advanced LCD screen
  • Customizable colors
  • Insulated lunch bag (available as an add-on)

Available Insulated Bag

  • Insulated to keep food cool before heating, and then to maximize heating after it starts.
  • Double chamber design gives you a separate section for snacks and utensils.
  • Elastic side mesh pocket fits bottles and cans.
  • Charger port in the back of the bag makes for easy charging.
  • Also available in waterproof PU leather as an available upgrade.

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 8 in
Battery Life

2.5hr Heating, 24hr Standby


2.6 lbs

Temperature Range

170°F – 220°F

Insulated Bag

Available as addon

Food Containers

1 included

17 reviews for LunchEAZE LITE – Single

  1. radical_joe

    I absolutely love my Luncheaze! Who doesn’t want a warm meal while you’re working outside during the Pacific Northwest winters? I work in the tree service industry as a climbing arborist and the Luncheaze lite saves me time and money during my break.
    I had a problem with my Luncheaze lunch pack where the top left zipper kept on jamming up. Sara from customer service was quick to respond and started working on shipping me a new pack free of charge. You can tell they value their customers. I would highly recommend Luncheaze products to any outdoor working person on the go.

  2. Terri

    Bought this for my grandson who is a welder, as alot of times he is wanting something warm so to save him money I bought this. Best gift of the year. He gets a warm lunch and he can make his own from scratch not have to settle for fast food. Braching out to use frozen pizza for lunch now

    • khonardoost (store manager)

      Thank you Terri for the nice review. We are so happy to make people’s life better every day!

  3. Diana Moran

    Best gift ever, my BF is in construction and was tired of fishing burritos out of his tiny thermo. Only issue is after a year it stopped heating up.

    • khonardoost (store manager)

      Hello Dianna
      Thank you for the nice words about LunchEAZE. We are in contact with you to figure out the problem. We will make sure the problem will be solved and your BF will start enjoying his hot meal on the go.

  4. Mario

    I love my luncheaze it has completely changed how I eat at work in the best way and when mine started acting up customer service came in and helped fast

  5. Brady

    Great customer service!

  6. Xavier (verified owner)

    I was excited for the product as I work in the field. The food heats up somewhat and the container starts smelling like burnt plastic, and the smells penetrates to the food.

    • LunchEAZE Support (store manager)

      Hello Xavier. We are sorry to hear about your LunchEAZE experience. LunchEAZE comes with one full year warranty so rest assure we are here to resolve all your concerns. We are also very concerned since no one else has experienced this event. We are sending you a replacement unit right away and bring this faulty unit back to our facility in Fremont, California to understand the source. I will be in touch with email. Thank you Cameron

  7. Vanessa

    Order mine real soon.can’t wait to buy mine.

  8. Efrain

    Awesome device!!! Product prepared and arrived in a very nice package. My 13 year old loves it… Friendly customer service. Sent an email and in less than 24hrs got a response. Need to evaluate shipping costs to Puerto Rico.

  9. Dorilyn

    I bought one for my husband and he bought one for his son…. They both work construction outside all day- cold weather? No worries… you’ve got a hot
    Lunch waiting in your lunch bag!! They LOVE
    IT!!! This is the BEST technology for what they do!! So very happy with our purchases!!!

  10. Paul luna

    Overall the product is well made and so far as advertised. I left 3 stars because I feel they could have done better at the initial experience of buying one. The shipping wasn’t free as is so common when you buy expensive items like this however there was shipping charges, not why I was upset. I ordered a separate container with the box, the shipping was more expensive than the container and then to top it off, it came in the box with the luncheaze! Right just gouge me on the shipping. Not a 5 star experience.

  11. Oksana

    Due to Covid restrictions my daughters middle school banned microwaves, and my daughter doesn’t like soup or sandwiches. The box is a bit expensive to give to a child, but at this point I just needed her to eat some semblance of a decent meal during the 8 hours she spends at school. I had real doubts about the weight and size of this thing, and whether my kid would want to be bothered with carrying it around. We had this box for months now, and it is a godsend. It takes my daughter only a few minutes in the morning to pull out left overs from the fridge and transfer them to the box, and it got even better once she realized that she can get things like chicken nuggets straight from the freezer and they will do just fine. When she comes home, she plugs in the box and throws the container into the sink to be put in the dishwasher later. The year isn’t over yet, but so far this is the best purchase this year! No regrets!

  12. Johanna

    Awesome machine! Where has this been all my life. This is a great device. It allows my husband to eat hot meals even though he works outside all day.

  13. Alex Blouin

    Ordered one as a test for my kid since they can’t use microwave at school. Shipping to Canada was pretty fast and the lunch box was well packed and protected. I will buy a second one for myself after being that please with my purchase. Great customer service and an amazing product. My kid will make other student jealous at school. What a relief to eat in a decent plate not a thermos…

  14. Irayda Marin

    Ordered one for my dad, and he loved it. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave on the jobsites. So I decided to buy one for him. The best part is that there is a timer on it so it can start heating up your lunch two hours before lunch time. So, when lunch time hits your food is hot and ready. *chefs kiss ??

  15. Haeleigh

    I ordered this for my husband, he works for amazon and doesn’t bring his food inside the breakroom because there’s too many people on lunch at one time. He’s brought cold lunches every day for 3 years, he LOVES this! It doesn’t have to be plugged into your car so he doesn’t have to worry about his car batterie dying. 10 out of 10!

  16. Danielle

    I ordered the luncheaze light for my boyfriend. He works for UPS and is out and about all day/ night. Many days eating a cold lunch or ordering out. So far he has loved having this and being able to save money and bring a hot lunch !

  17. Jeremy Fowler

    This is the best lunch box ever. My food is hot every day at lunchtime. Everyone at work wants one also. It works perfect so glad I bought this.

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