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The world's #1 completely cordless, smart, self-heated lunchbox.

Designed and offered by ReliantEMS Corp - a California company

1 Year Warranty

Payment plans available

30 day at home trial

"Game Changing"


Based on 1337 reviews

Reheat any food, with zero cords, and zero waiting.

Just set a mealtime, and LunchEAZE heats up automatically.

Leftovers, frozen foods, meal prep, you name it, LunchEAZE can heat it.

Completely Cordless

Just charge and go. Battery lasts for 2.5 hours of heating.

Heats While You Work

With scheduled heating, your food is hot and ready automatically.

Pays for itself

Save $10-$15 on every meal by using LunchEAZE. At that rate, it pays for itself in just a few weeks.

Hot as you like

With adjustable temperatures up to 220°F, your food heats up perfectly everytime.

Frozen food compatible

Fully compatible with frozen meals. Whether you're meal prepping or using frozen dinners, LunchEAZE makes it easy.

Goes where you go

Comes with a custom fitted insulated bag so you can take it anywhere, easily, and in style.

Revolutionize Your Lunchbreak

Choose from our two bestselling models

1337 Reviews

Experience the world’s smartest lunchbox.

Pack your meal, set a mealtime, and enjoy hot food anywhere.

51 Reviews

Get all the convenience at a lower cost.

The exact same size & functionality as the Original, with a lower cost and simplified features.

How does it work?

  1. Pack Your Meal
    Use the stainless steel meal container, perfect for meal prep.
  2. Set a mealtime
    Set it and forget it. Your settings are saved, so you only need to do this once.
  3. Automatic Heating
    It heats up while you work, starting 2 hours before your mealtime. This ensures all food, even frozen meals, are piping hot, automatically.
  4. Enjoy your meal
    Enjoy a hot meal, anywhere, right on schedule. Heating continues while you eat, so your food is hot to the last bite.

Over 150,000 Customers

See what they have to say.

Bailey M
Bailey M
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The LunchEAZE is a life changer. Got it for my husband for his birthday after he always complained about not being able to bring leftovers or anything that needed to be warmed up to enjoy for lunch because he’s an electrician and doesn’t have access to any microwave or anything like that. The LunchEAZE works flawlessly and it’s incredible at heating up food with limited time on break and evenly distributing heat. Better than a microwave, and the carrier is so nice. I’ll only buy from LunchEAZE!
Ashlee R
Ashlee R
Industrial Electrician
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Got one for my husband who is an industrial electrician and he loves it. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave and this allows him to heat his food easily, so he can save money by bringing his own and eat a little healthier than if he was grabbing takeout everyday.
Cesar N
Cesar N
Concrete Finisher
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Recommend 10/10, I am usually on the go going from job site to job site. This lunch box saves me so much time and money from stopping at a fast food place to grab lunch. It warms up my food food when i want it and at the temperature i want it. Its a great buy and a nice investment.
Destiny Z
Destiny Z
Read More
Honestly , worth the money 100%. My husband works at different construction sites almost every week and they don’t always have access to a microwave. With the cost of eating out everyday and the hassle of leaving the job site to go get food this thing has saved us money and made him so much happier. I charge it at night for him and he just grabs and goes, by the time lunch rolls around he opens and fresh hot food again!
Eric R
Eric R
UPS Driver
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Have one, LOVE IT. I drive for UPS and in our area I dont have many options for lunch unless I pack a cold sandwich daily. This is perfect because whatever my wife and I have for dinner we can pack and I can enjoy the next day.
Shawna H
Shawna H
Busy Mom
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We love LunchEAZE! It’s perfect for school and for lake and camping days outdoors! It Warms my daughter’s food perfectly. I set it for her lunch time and know she is going to have a hot meal at her lunch time. She also takes it to the lake with her and has hot meals when hiking, boating, and enjoying the great outdoors! We love LunchEAZE!
Hunter B
Hunter B
Read More
My new Luncheaze is great and it heats up my food perfectly. Now I can have a variety of foods for lunch instead of the standard deli cold cut sandwiches, which get old fast. The guys on my crew are really impressed by my Luncheaze as well. I’m also saving more money now by bringing my lunch.

What makes us different?

There are other heated lunchboxes out there, but none of them compare to LunchEAZE.


Leading Plug-In Variety

Cordless Competitor

Completely Cordless
Food Capacity
3.9 Cups
2.5 Cups
2.5 Cups
Max Temp
Waiting Time
1-2 Hours
15-30 Minutes
LCD Display
Set Mealtime in Advance
Adjustable Temperatures
Carrying Case Included
Frozen Food Compatible
Removable Containers
Bluetooth App

Common Questions

LunchEAZE gets you piping hot food, with zero waiting, absolutely anywhere, anytime.

We’re completely cordless, with smart automatic timers, the biggest capacity of any self heated lunchbox, and reach the highest temperatures of any lunchbox on the market. 

The competition needs to be plugged in, or if they’re cordless, you have to manually turn them on and wait. With Luncheaze, just pack, set, and forget. 

We default to 2 hours of heating to guarantee all types of food are heated thoroughly, even frozen foods. But LunchEAZE’s automatic heating means there’s zero waiting, your food is hot and ready right on your mealtime.

Yes, the insulated bag is designed to maximize the temperature of your food, and to keep your other snacks and beverages separate.

The dishwasher safe removable container can hold about 850mL of food. That’s about 1.75 pounds of cooked rice!

Nope. LunchEAZE is totally rechargeable and battery powered, just charge it the night before and you’re good. Battery lasts for 1 meal’s worth of heating, about 2.5 hours of heating.

Absolutely, they won’t even need to do anything. You just need to set their lunchtime one time, and heating will automatically take place every day until it is changed. Just turn it on in the morning and go – all your child needs to do is open it up and enjoy a hot healthy meal.

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