LunchEAZE - Single

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What’s in the box:
1x FREE Insulated Lunch Bag 
1x LunchEAZE Base (in your chosen color)
1x LunchEAZE Lid (in your chosen color)
1x Food Container | 850 mL Stainless Steel Container
1x Charger | 9V 5A DC wall plug charger
1x Battery | 8000maH Lithium Ion Battery | UL Safety Certified

It's More Than Just a Lunch Box

LunchEAZE Dimensions:

With the food container inserted: 7.25″ x 5.75″ x 4.5″ | Weighs 2.6 lbs


Food Container:  
304 Stainless Steel | BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe | Do Not Microwave | 850 mL (28.7 oz)


Food Lid:  
Polypropylene w/ Silicone seal | BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe


ABS and Nylon plastics | BPA Free | Do Not Microwave or use Dishwasher


Standard Insulated Lunch Bag:

Fabric exterior, insulated interior | 8.5″ x 6.5″ x 8.5″ | 0.8lbs


Lithium Ion Battery:
8.4V |  8,000 mAh capacity |UL-1642, UL-2054, UN-38.3| Lasts 2.5 Hours (one heating cycle for one hot meal)


Output 9V  5A | Input 120V 100-240Hz USA-Style Outlet


Android and Apple iOS | Requires Bluetooth 4.0


Bluetooth Module FCC ID: 2AB6YHM1011V1

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LunchEAZE comes with a 1 year warranty for the physical base unit only, for manufacturing defects only. The warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by normal wear and tear, water damage, food spillage, or any other malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in manufacturing. The warranty does not guarantee functions of the mobile app on your specific phone or tablet.  The warranty also excludes accessories such as the insulated bag, container, and charger. To obtain warranty service, follow these simple steps:

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    No more lunch lines or microwaves needed

  • .

    No more uneven temperatures

  • .

    Frozen food ready

  • .

    Free insulated bag

  • .

    Removable stainless steel food container

  • .

    Food grade and BPA free

  • .

    Perfect for daily meal-prep and special diets

  • .

    Stays double-sealed to help prevent spills

  • .

    Remembers your mealtime every day

  • .

    Save money on eating out

  • No more lunch lines or microwaves needed

  • No more uneven temperatures

  • Frozen food ready

  • Free insulated bag

  • Removable stainless steel food container

  • Food grade and BPA free

  • Perfect for daily meal-prep and special diets

  • Stays double-sealed to help prevent spills

  • Remembers your mealtime every day

  • Save money on eating out

  • No more lunch lines or microwaves needed

  • No more uneven temperatures

  • Frozen food ready

  • Free insulated bag

  • Removable stainless steel food container

  • Food grade and BPA free

  • Perfect for daily meal-prep and special diets

  • Stays double-sealed to help prevent spills

  • Remembers your mealtime every day

  • Save money on eating out

Dimensions10 × 8 × 8 in

98 reviews for LunchEAZE – Single

  1. Cheyenne Plotner

    The moon landing. The last episode of Macgyver. These events have shown the world that we are not who we were yesterday, and that aspirations to get somewhere from just an idea (or paper clip) can and will change the way we go about our daily lives. Hi, my name is Cheyenne and I have been bringing my lunch to work for 19 years. I always tell myself that one day I will know I am rich when I can buy lunch every day. I say that because I rarely get to eat a hot lunch that I didn’t buy – we make enough dinner to have leftovers the next day. Well today is the first time I have used the LunchEAZE. I am eating out of it right now, and have to say I had to leave the lid off because it was pretty warm. I heated up a small burrito and some quinoa. I used the app to set the time, and custom message on the front display. This morning on the app I set it to for me to eat at 11 am. I got a notification telling me it was time to eat. Imagine back when a bell had to be rung to know that it was lunch. In construction you don’t get access to many microwaves. Also not having to plug this into a vehicle to heat is a game changer folks! Don’t hesitate! This really works!
    A wise man once said. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Buy this and start winning!

  2. Letty

    I love my Luncheaze! So convenient, especially right not while dieting! I can go to the mall shop around and not be so tempted to eat high fat/calorie foods from the food court instead i take my Luncheaze with me sit at the food court and enjoy a healthy lunch! With every bit i literally have to blow air at my food, every bite is nice and hot, i like that! I have recommended this product to friends and family, they as well love it!
    One thing i would like is to be able to charge the unit without having to take it out of the tote. Maybe make a little opening in the back to connect the charger.

  3. Melissa G.

    Pretty smart whoever created this!.. I’m currently a full time student and spend a lot during my daily commute and eating out. The luncheaze has eliminated my daily fast food stops. I am now able to bring my left overs or Meal prep and have a hot meal in my car during my break. No microwaves, no hassles. Very convenient and good size for food portion control. I can definitely see this as a game changer for people who work in law enforcement, medical or construction field, or any field that is busy and hard to access a microwave or pressed for time. The app makes it very easy to change your eating/heating time if things come up during your day. I will definitely recommend to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you.

  4. Dina Benavides-Gomez

    I absolutely LOVE my LunchEaze!! I work in a very busy hospital that employs more than 1800 people. Our cafeteria has 2 microwaves that are shared amongst the employees. The wait time to heat up our lunch can be long at times and we are only allowed 30 minutes so every minute is precious and the convenience of having a luncheaze is awesome! Now I don’t have to waste time in line trying to warm up my food. It warms up the food evenly to the last bite! I have never enjoyed bringing leftovers as much as I do now. I also like that I can take it anywhere with me. Just set it and go. This is especially useful for anyone who is always on the go and trying to stay away from fast food. I also like that it is simple to navigate. The Luncheaze phone app is a also plus. Convenience at your fingertips! This feature came in handy when I accidentally forgot to set a time for lunch so I was able to open up my phone app and use the “heat now” option. How cool is that! I highly recommend this product.

  5. Maribel

    I LOVE ❤️ LOVE my luncheaze! It’s convenient and easy to use. I nice to know I have a warm meal always waiting for me! And I don’t need to depend on a microwave!!?

  6. Gilbert

    Perfect invention for somebody in my line of work

  7. Krista Basile

    WOW! We have been waiting for something like this for our boys. So excited because it really works. Food was hot, and the operation is simple. We tried a frozen lunch, not thawed, and it worked great. This will give us the opportunity to have real variety for our boys, and healthy options. We would love to see a divided container, but for now we are ordering the side dish containers. You will not regret this purchase!

  8. Valerie L.

    Love my lunchEAZE! So great to be able to maintain my healthy eating AND have hot food while in nursing school. Definitely going to recommend to my classmates and any other colleagues/coworkers!

  9. Thomas M. Ruiz

    Transforming meals to A Dining Experience! Served to Order!

    I bought my Luncjeaze and dreamed of my first meal. I wanted something exquisite yet was faced with a black bean and corn enchilada prepackaged meal from Trader Joe’s. Needless to say, my expectations for a premier dining experience was challenged.
    I placed the meal in my LunchEAZE, easily used the app to start warming my meal so it would be ready in 2 hours.
    Then something wonderful started to happen after about 35 minutes, I started to get little whiffs of what was “cooking.”
    I was also amazed of the temperature the machine generated as it rose to near 210+.
    After an hour and a half I could wait no longer. The smell of the food was so captivating that I couldnt’t wait. I looked at the top and can see the moisture that had built at the top of the cover. I then proceeded to eagerly open the lid. I was overwhelmed with the sensation that I was just served from the chef a steaming plate of aromatic and succulent cuisine! Here I was disappointed that I had a to go enchilada and now I was overwhelmed with these great flavors wafting up to me via the steam coming out of my “personal server” and found myself searching frantically for the fork I packed to enjoy this meal.
    Finally, unequivocal BLISS. My LunchEAZE (personal server) transformed something ordinary to extraordinary! Something so simple was now The Best Meal I have ever packed myself. It was no effort and with that lack of effort LunchEAZE changed this average meal to a taste symphony!
    Every bite was palatable with heat, bursting with flavor, moist, and no toughness to my meal. I was truly mesmerized by the simplicity of the machine and the magnificence it brought to my meal.
    I realize it was the fact that my meal was heated to perfection! I’m talking every bite was equally as divine as the last. I had left the heating mechanism on asIxwanted an evenly heated and consistent temperature for my meal and LunchEAZE provided the perfect temperature for EACH bite of my meal! When have you ever had a meal where the last bite was as warm and delicious as the first?
    I assure you you will with LunchEAZE!
    I’m a believer and am looking forward to some stews, casserole, barbecued meat, vegetables, chicken pot pies, and other delectable morsels.
    LunchEAZE you have caused a rebirth to lunch and meals. It is for that reason that I give you my 5 Chevrons! BRAVO!!! From the ashes of leftovers Cuisine has Arisen! Long live the Chevrons of LunchEAZE!

  10. Jahan Honardoost

    I have been using this product for a few months. It is great for prepared food and the App is very helpful. At first I was wondering g if it is worth it. But after I noticed the savings over the first months and it paid for itself. I highly recommend this product.

  11. Brian Albright

    This product is awesome. Being in construction we don’t always have a microwave. When we do we have to wait in line taking minutes off of our lunch. Now no waiting and eating right away. Plus the food is hot. Love this product wish I would have known about this years ago.

  12. Nadia

    My son and I could not be happier! No more terrible school lunches!!!!
    Hats off to Luncheaze???

  13. Ben R.

    I wanted to leave a review on the product. It’s a lifesaver for me, I’m a road technician for a heavy equipment company. I’m always on the move don’t always have access to a microwave and just got used to eating cold lunches, this this is a game changer and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  14. Luis C.

    The luncheaze heater has been a game changer. I’m a police officer and while working we are limited in time to eat. Having the luncheaze heating up my food while on calls is very helpful. The luncheaze has save me money and time while on duty. I have received plenty of compliments by my coworkers on the luncheaze and I have referred them all to one.

  15. Joan Holland

    I ordered my LunchEAZE because I currently work at a place without a microwave or refrigerator in the building, or allowed. I was super excited when it finally arrived and I did have a minor issue with my machine.

    I was sad, but contacted support via email and they got back to me before the end of the day. They gave me a few troubleshooting things to try, and when those didn’t work, they immediately got a new machine out to me.
    Honestly their support has been as awesome as their product. The new LunchEAZE heats my food really well, even the frozen ravioli in sauce I threw together last minute. My coworkers are all intrigued and I tell them that it was the best choice I could have made. I was tired of having to eat out everyday or only eat cold meals.

    Thank you all so much for making exactly what I was looking for!

  16. Mar62489

    I was hesitant about the price, but so far it has been worth every penny! I work home health and always in my car. This has been the perfect way to have a hot lunch from home!! I set it in the morning to come in at 11 and my food is usually ready by 12-12:30. Exactly what I needed. Very helpful with being on WW and decreasing my want to go to drive thru.

  17. Dustin

    I’m a truck driver and only hot food i can get is fast food or convenience store food. I use my luncheaze everyday and its been over two weeks with great results..

  18. Jessica

    My boyfriend works on a construction site with 30 mins for lunch. Most days he is 16 stories high so his daily lunch meal was a sandwich and chips to make sure he had time to eat. On Instagram, I saw an ad for a lunchbox that heats up your food at the preferred time, so I thought it would be so awesome to try. He could actually enjoy hot home-cooked leftovers, instead of just a sandwich. So, we ordered the packaged deal and 2 additional containers. When we received our package I was a little disappointed because we were missing one of the containers. I contacted customer service and they immediately apologized and sent out another delivery. I was highly impressed by their level of attentiveness! Now, to the next part… The lunchEAZE – I am so happy to report my boyfriend has no complaints and is extremely happy to have HOT home-cooked meals ready for him to eat at Noon instead of just sandwiches! He loves how easy it is to set it all up and just enjoy his meal. His co-workers have even expressed how jealous they are. The price was well worth the product!!

  19. Sherese Connell

    Thank u so much for this perfect invention. Now I can eat healthy in my car. Im a homecare nurse always in my car. I always had problem with eating a good meal because I love hot food. Now I drink homemade soup with my sandwich in my car. The batteries dont overcharge if you leave it plugged up. they sell mini bowl so u can separate foods. Im sure they will come up with a steel container that has a divider in the middle. Its easy to figure out because I hate reading manuals. I used to be searching for something like this for years. Im so happy with this!!;*

  20. Oscar Barrios

    We have 2 luncheaze boxes and the kids love them. The hot lunches are wonderful. Unfortunately one of the boxes display screens has become unreadable with a large black spot in the middle. These were Christmas presents and have been used less than 3 weeks. It is unusable. I am having difficulty communicating with the company. They are great products when they work. I am happy to revise my rating when the company contacts me.

  21. Kamali’i Kennedy

    I bought the luncheaze for my husband so he could have a hot meal for lunch. He’s been using it for the past week which it works great except for the fact that the lid doesn’t fully shut and when we do get it to click on it pops back open and the screen sometimes doesn’t work. It works through the app from his phone just fine but the screen itself on the luncheaze container sometimes doesn’t work! We absolutely love this product and have been in search for something like this but for $150 I’d expect it to work all the time properly how it should.

  22. Jeana

    I bought this for my husband who works in forestry. It is perfect for him as he has no access to anything in the bush. He is the only worker who has hot meals for lunch! The containers have a good seal so messy stews and soups stay inside.

    – I had to buy a converter because the plug that was sent doesn’t work in my country.
    – The insulated bag was ripped inside when it arrived. I asked for a replacement but didn’t get a reply. The bag is not the best quality.
    – Some of the container lids have had food get in under the seal so they are stained.

  23. Marshall Grossman

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend and it for the most part really has been a life changer. Her diet is unique, and this has been a solid way where she can still maintain her dietary lifestyle even during the hustle and bustle of work. She’s told me a few times that it might have been in the top ten best christmas gifts ever! I also like to add that she is not tech savvy, but does not find the app or program difficult to use. THE ONLY THING that keeps this product from getting 5 stars (I should almost give it 3 stars for this issue) is the gosh darn LIDS! The company really needs to figure this issue out because the lids are a nightmare to try to secure! I have mentioned this privately during previous contact with customer support (Uzair was LOVELY to work with) but after a few months of use, I just think the consumers need to be made aware of the issue. It can take 15 minutes sometimes going through our luncheaze lids trying to find one that will fit the luncheaze container we are using that day (we have more than one) which is just frustrating day in and day out. I really do hope that they design a new lid and resolve this problem. I’m not ranting on this to discredit or put down the company, I just love this product so much I just want it to be the best it can be! but besides that ONE issue, this product has been really awesome and I am totally glad to be apart of the LUNCHEAZE community!

  24. Matt W

    I purchased this after I witnessed a co worker bring this in one Friday. I jokingly asked what the car battery on the desk was for and he went into detail about LunchEAZE. That morning as I’m eating a PB&J sandwich for the the 749234 time. He was eating chicken and green beans which was steaming hot.
    That night I ordered the meal prep kit and waited patiently to try this little gadget out for myself.
    After a week, my brand new LunchEAZE came to my door and the first thing I did was do a test run with just plain water to see if it would boil. I set the timer and after 15 -25 minutes I had water steaming and bubbling in the cook pan. Test 1 complete.
    Next I placed a whole chicken breast which I pulled from the freezer and a half cup of rice. Set the timer and left the box sit on the counter. Times up, and rice is cooked, but chicken is a little under done. Ok, Test two is impartial ( for reasons I’ll get to in a bit)
    Test three was the same test as test two but this time used the included lunch box/heater container. Set time and come back to a piping hot whole chicken breast from frozen and cooked rice that’s tender and full of chicken flavor.
    So after having this for about a week, I have cooked numerous things in this thing from frozen to cold to cookies and warming up pieces of cake to calzones. And I have to say this little work horse is amazing. There really isn’t anything this lunchbox can’t do. I recommend doing a few test cooks with it before you take it to work and wind up without a lunch fully cooked, and you get to exercise the battery and get the cells fully charged. I’ve used this during 12 hour shifts with a charge in between and it has not let me down. Hotdogs with buns? Check. Lasagna frozen? Check Chicken and rice? Check. Beijing beef with a side dish of cookies to warm up? You know the answer.
    Your mind is the only limitation with this thing that I have found…. it really is an amazing little lunchbox. I would recommend this to anyone

  25. John P Bruce

    This is such a great product , I work in the engineering department at the largest casino in the world , I never know what tower in going to be working in . They provide food for us free , however not knowing where I am on a consistent basis I’m stuck with alot of walking when I want dinner . So I purchased one of these . It works so awesome and in totally happy ! Food is hot all the way through unlike the microwave in the cafe.
    Another benefit for me is to stay away from people . To many viruses going around ! I get a home cooked meal rite from my chosen office ! I gave it 4 stars instead of five because they can improve the lids as the shut that well all the way around but enough so that the food doesnt leak , also they reccomend keeping the lunchbox in the insulated bag while heating up your food . Tha. They want you to heat frozen food with it plugged in and in the bag but there is no access for the chord ! All small details that really dont effect the performance ! I modified my bag for the chord so that I can keep the unit plugged in . As far as the lid I havent figured out anything but to keep the lunch box uprite so that I can prevent a leak ! I do wish the app would work more than 10 feet away ! Be nice to leave the lunch box in a office and turn it on from phone across the building but it doesnt . Its o.k though I still reccomend this cool must have !

  26. Greg G

    Saw this product at the 2020 Fred Hall fishing show. As a law enforcement officer our job is very unpredictable, there is no set time to for us to eat a warm meal. With LunchEAZE I always have my food with me and ready to warm at short notice. I recommend this product to my coworkers, they all are impressed and will be purchasing one for themselves. The only down fall would be its ability to do several meals between charges. I hope they come out with a bigger size in the future so I can cook for two.

  27. Matthew

    Overall the Luncheaze works great! It’s a great way to heat upmeals on the go. I just got mine and I’m pretty impressed with it. However, the Bluetooth is very weak. Whenever I turn it on and go more than 5 feet from it, it disconnects.
    Is it worth the steep price? Absolutely.

  28. shirley jefferson

    This is just I needed I love this I brought it for the storm season I can have a hot meal I love it.

  29. Josh H.

    Luncheaze has been a great addition to my everyday routine. My line of work makes looking for a microwave difficult to say the least. Luncheaze was a gift from my wife and its been the best one yet. Being able to take leftovers and eating it HOT is awesome. Before Luncheaze I would have cold leftovers, cold sandwiches or eatout and feel guilty on how much I spent. Now I can have warm leftovers or meal-prep! I would totally recommend to anybody!

  30. Gabriel Anthony

    This is definitely a game changer….. perhaps a life changer….if you work construction like I do, 95% of the time there are no microwaves on the jobsite and you will quickly become tired of sandwiches and chips.

    I’m so happy with my lunchEAZE! It heats your food up to the perfect temperature and has it ready for you to eat at whatever time you need it!

  31. Juan Gonzalez

    Excellent product especially for people who prefer to eat from home and eat healthy, most people do not have that amount of time in their lunch hour to wait for several people to heat their lunches in the microwave, this is the best solution for these cases, super happy to have back this project in 2019. Very satisfied with this product. well I leave you my food is waiting for me.

  32. Isaiah Smith

    I work 2 part time jobs often back to back. I don’t have a microwave at ether job. I was tired of eat cold or fast food. I found this thing amazon. It has changed my life

  33. Michael Hagar

    This comes in handy when you a delivery driver. I set my luncheaze for 2:00 to have lunch. When I stop to take my lunch at 2:00 my food nice and warm ready to eat. I Like how it alerts me through the app on to my phone let me know it heating up the food. The luncheaze will come on an hour before your lunchtime. I like how I can go into the app set time when you want to eat, turn luncheaze off, and it has a future in the app where you can heat it now it will come on start heating up. This luncheaze is worth the money you spend on it. No more cold cut sandwiches or fast food for me, because I have luncheaze I can have a nice home cook meals while on the road. Thank you luncheaze creating a device that makes life easier for us drivers on the road.

  34. Steffanie Ishii

    I purchased the meal prep pack due to COVID and my work closing down our kitchen. I love the fact that I can set my luncheaze to 11:45 to have lunch and it will start heating up without further direction from me. The only issue I have with the luncheaze is all my lids only close on 3 of the 4 sides, therefore it’s not airtight with risk of leaking.

  35. Lana Turner

    I would say I absolutely love it but I cant until the lid issue is fixed. The lids dont seem to stay on very well and food has spilled out on a few occasions

  36. Lacey Castejon

    So my story…I have a [now] 6-year-old son who has been very much used to Latin-style hot meals 3 times a day. So when he started Kindergarten last year, he had a hard time acclimating to the kinds of foods served in the school. It was awesome private-school quality food….just not the cultural foods he was used to eating 🙂 So we struggled for a long time. I tried to send him with the Thermos that was heated with boiling water, and still he complained of cold food. So finally I found LunchEAZE! I can meal prep in the stainless steel containers, and in the mornings, I simply take a container out of the fridge, put it into his LunchEAZE, and turn it on. It couldn’t be simpler, and my son is soooo happy. Honestly, he is the envy of the lunchroom, with his shrimp 😛 This purchase has been a life-changing one for me, and I would highly recommend.

  37. Thomas Lanza

    This product is the bomb. I purchased it in February 2020. I no longer have to waste my lunch time waiting to use the microwave, i just open my lunch and eat. Thank you luncheaze this is an awesome product, I LOVE IT!

  38. C B

    Most niche tech i have experienced just misses the mark. Bad quality, doesn’t work as designed etc. This product does not disappoint. It does exactly what it was designed to do. I would be careful with steak as I have managed to cook a rare leftover to well done (still tasted great). Rice is perfectly re-moistened (from Chinese takeout). Could not have asked for more. Have recommended to my friends.

  39. Robert Shepard

    I work in construction and I don’t always have the ability to have hot food until now, unfortunately I cannot give it a 5-star rating because the lids don’t fit very well,I bought the dual pack which came with extra trays & lids but no matter what I do I can’t get the lids to stay on tight

  40. Jessica Fox

    Expensive but it works very well. My only complaint is that only after a few months, the lids warped and really don’t fit the containers anymore. It is a daily struggle now to close the lunchbox.

  41. Samantha Brooks

    Worth every penny and the customer service department is excellent! My first unit would only get up to 170 degrees so I reached out and they immediately responded (I’m talking within an hour and it was 11pm on a Friday night) and rushed a new unit out to me. If you work in a field you don’t have the means to heat your food up I highly recommended this product! On the down side I don’t use the Bluetooth/ app because it keeps disconnecting to my device so if you want to spend less money you can get the new one that doesn’t have Bluetooth capability. The only other problem which a few people cover above is the lids are a struggle to keep down. I would probably not wash in the dishwasher and wash by hand so they do not warp. I’m still giving it a 5-star because of the customer service. Cameron and Jamie not only rushed the new unit for me but followed up on shipping, delivery and asked how the new unit was doing. I work in customer service and this was above and beyond what I expected! Excellent!

  42. Brian Kopf

    The product is great and customer service is great. Thank you !!

  43. Brooke

    Best product ever did have a problem with it after 2 months but the company got back to me so quickly and it wasn’t a hassle I return. Now I have my new luncheaze and it’s working great!!

  44. Brian L. McKeon

    Got gifted the luncheaze on my birthday by my wife. The lunchbox works great heats up my food full no cold spots. The lid on the container doesn’t seal at all if it wasn’t for the clips on the luncheaze it would spill for sure. Also, I do wish that the container had dividers but I guess I will have to settle on the small side dish container sold separately.

  45. Ricky

    Great customer support. Had a small issue with my order and the Luncheaze team stepped up immediately and sent me a new unit. Worth every penny

  46. Destini H

    Wow! Just used my LunchEAZE! And I loved it! Heats your food like it’s just hot off the stove! Due to Covid our break rooms with the microwaves are closed at work so I’m so happy I purchased this ! I can have hot meals again!

  47. Martha

    Well, my little boy and I did a ’test run’ of our Luncheasze last night. Getting up to the ski area and having a hot dinner awaiting us without having to go out or think about cooking dinner was divine. This is truly a game changer.Even my husband was intrigued when I unpacked the lunch box and gave him a presentation on it’s electronic features. My little boy loved that we could rename his box and message, and choose his color. I coach in a racing program where we have 30 minutes for lunch, so a hot lunch is going to be key this season. Even pre COVid there was always a line for the microwave, and I hated waiting in line. Lunch through our weekend was great. All I had to make sure was to recharge the battery. I since I did I used it to heat up dinner, heat up snacks for the drive home. I even used it for lunch as my little boy is full remote this year.

  48. Jill Karliner

    LunchEaze is the best invention since the smartphone!! My husband and I are avid skiers, but because of COVID, the indoor ski lodge remains closed, so a ski day means having to be outside all day, including lunch time. We didn’t want to spend money on overpriced food truck meals, and we didn’t want to eat frozen sandwiches. We searched and searched, and came upon LunchEaze — a HUGE game changer in our ski meals. Before we head to the lift in the mornings, we set our LunchEaze to be ready, and we enjoy a morning on the slopes. When we are ready for a break and some food, our HOT lunch is waiting for us. Countless people have stopped to talk to use while we’re eating, amazed at the steam rising from our LunchEaze food, while they are struggling to spread frozen peanut butter on bread. We were dubious that the LunchEaze would work in the frigid winter outdoor temperatures, but I can assure you that our food heats up perfectly and hotly, despite the unit remaining outside. Lunch time has become the second best part of our ski day (taking off our ski boots at the end of the day is still the best!). If you are a skier and your indoor lodge is closed, you must get a LunchEaze. Lunch will never be the same for you!!

  49. Roseann Byler

    Love it so much ,my son gets a hot lunch every day,

  50. Chris C.

    I was looking for a way to heat my lunch like my co-workers, it’s hard to find a place with good food and especially lunch when I eat at 9am in the morning. I looked around for a while and the fact that you can set the time instead of going out to your car and plugging it in is why I ended up with a luncheaze. I was skeptical, but this thing has been great! Especially when the colder months set in, eating a warm meal makes the day so much better. Thank you luncheaze for making lunch easy to figure out.

  51. Del R.

    Having warm meals during the winter is a game changer for someone that works outside. I love mine and one coworker has already also purchased one.

  52. Uyen

    Our luncheaze worked great for three month than broke. But the customer service was quick and great with fixing it and got it back to us within two weeks. Only downside was we had to pay to ship it back which I feel the company should have paid for. Hopefully it will not break down again. But we do love that it get the lunches warm.

  53. Kingtuan

    This is one of the most thing I’d love about going to work. Bought this and been using it for at least two years now and still no mal-function at all. Most of us in the U.S have only 30 minutes for lunch but it really is just 20 minutes after heating up or going to get food from somewhere. With the outbreak of covid it just made more sense to have this and not have to share company microwave with others limiting the risk to get sick. Only one thing that can make this better is too have to heating compartment but either than that I would buy it again it it break downs. Well worth the money and it’s also really awesome that it’s made in the us.

  54. Alberto

    I fucking love this thing so much! I saved so much money just by eating leftovers. Especially in these times of covid. My job wouldn’t let us use microwaves. But this is better than a microwave anyway ? thanks alot luncheaze !

  55. Jodi DeCourcy

    Bought it for my boyfriend for a Father’s Day gift he is a machine operator and almost always has no way of heating up his lunch sick of sandwiches this has been amazing he loves it!!!

  56. Yolanda Medina

    My husband has been using it for about 2 weeks now. He enjoys it and loves the fact his food is hot and ready to eat! He’s been asked where he purchased the Luncheaze, if it wasn’t in such high demand I’d recommend everyone order it right away! Great present for any outside worker who doesn’t always have a microwave on the job site or to even have to wait in line to heat the food. Can’t wait for my husband to use it during winter so I can prepare some soups! Greatest purchase saves us so much money!

  57. Jose S

    As a truck driver that works at the ports, I’m forced to bring my lunch to work every day, because I never know where I’ll end up taking my lunch break. Since I got my luncheaze lunch box I no longer have to make sandwiches for lunch everyday. Now I eat home cooked, hot meals (or leftovers when I’m in a rush) and just having that option has made this a worthwhile purchase


    This thing is amazing! I am a field technician and never know where I’m going to be for lunch time or if there is anything near me. After getting burned out eating cold sandwiches everyday this thing is a god send. Thank you.

  59. Kittana

    I love how satisfied my husband is with his luncheaze. He doesn’t have a microwave at work since he is a concrete worker and this has been such a life saver for him to enjoy hot lunches instead of having to eat his lunches cold!!!

  60. Julie Russell

    I’m so amazed at how much I love this lunch box. My husband is a diabetic and is on the road 10 hours a day seven days a week so it’s hard for him to take A healthy lunch. With this lunchbox I know that he is eating right. It is so easy to program . I would recommend this to anyone.

  61. Angelica Delarosa

    Got it for my husband and he loves it he is a truck driver so it helps save so much money!!

  62. Gromcloner

    I saw this on tiktok and I was like hmmm lemme give it a try and see how good they are … so I ordered a box thinking I ordered the og version not the lite to my surprise it’s the lite I’m like crap ok well I’ll just order the Bluetooth one I work hard for my money and this will help me save money so I bought both versions … this is by far the best investment I have ever made since I’m a paratransit driver and can’t warm up my food at gas stations and buying lunch would be too expensive since every average fast food place is about $10+ a day 6 days a week so that’s about 240 a month … I love the fact that wen I go to lunch break my food is already hot and ready … fast forward 3 months later I’m having issues with one box I contacted Luncheaze and what they think was wrong was an issue with battery so I contacted on a Thursday i got my battery on a Monday … super quick responses with them they are straight shooters they get to the point and take care of their costumers right away I will definitely continue to keep purchasing from this company also they are very interested and interactive on Instagram and tik tok

  63. Lou

    Love it love it love it nothing else need said lol

  64. Nasiely

    ITS AMAZING !!!! I got it for my husband and he loved it he used to take only salads or sandwiches because he didn’t had anywhere to heat his food , so once I received it and I made his favorite dish and pack it up for his lunch… he said he completely love it , he was so amazed that it warm up by itself and the food was nice and warm and it wasn’t burned at the bottom… we definitely recommend lunchEAZE it’s inexplicable Amazing!!!

  65. Nicole

    Bought this for my husband he is a construction worker and does not always at a microwave to heat up his food. He said this gets really hot and it so cool he heats up 2 hour before his lunchtime. He coworkers said it is awesome an they plan on purchasing one too!!! Lifesaver for hungry construction workers!!!

  66. Shannen Palmer

    I bought this for my husband who is a lineman. He works 16 hour days in the field and absolutely loves this!!! It heats up the food really well! I’ve tried many other brands before but they all have to be plugged in, this is the first battery operated unit I’ve found and works excellent!!!! Must have

  67. Oscar Barrios

    My previous review was 2 stars for difficulty with communication and a problem with an unreadable screen. The company has fixed the problem and my kids have been very happy with hot lunches for over a year. This product is worth the investment and the company has stood behind it. I hope this review can be placed with my original review. Sorry for the tardiness of this revision. Buy this product. You won’t be disappointed.

  68. Pete

    This lunchbox is worth every penny. I have been looking for something like this for years. I used to bring only cold sandwiches to work and now I can take leftovers. Food gets real hot when I set my lunchtime. Can set the lunchtime on the display or through the Bluetooth app. I’m so impressed with this thing. I could not have designed it better

  69. Kaleb Carlton

    Love it ! Definitely a game changer, worth every penny

  70. Donna Roark

    This is absolutely amazing!! My 10 year old is a very picky eater and refuses to eat school lunches. His lunch is perfect in the LunchEaze. I’ve had several people ask for the website information to buy one as well.

  71. Rea

    this luncheaze is amazing! My sister introduce me to this high tech meal heater! we love to travele and we always bring cooked food with us, now we dont have to eat cold food! Anyways I bought this for my son to use in school and he was so happy that his food are warm now we its time for lunch! the auto heat time is very convinient!! best buy ever! a little bit pricey but its worth it! highly recommend!

  72. Don

    Game changer! I work outdoors and no way to heat things up. With this lunchbox I’m eating hot meals at lunch now Frozen lasagna was steaming hot when it was time to eat, I was a little skeptical with the frozen lasagna but it was hot! The portion is pretty good size for a lunch. I will be buying another for my wife for the winter. I highly recommend this product

  73. Cristina

    I’m in LOVE. Yes, it was a tad bit expensive but I know now it’s worth every penny. I owned a $40 lunchbox from Amazon before this and my food was always unevenly warmed, it would take forever, and didn’t have the handy preheat tech this one does.

    With the LunchEAZE, all I do is put food in it and don’t worry about it. My food is always HOT coming out to the point that I’ve almost burned my mouth eating (which is a good thing for me, I love my food SCALDING hot lol). Everything is always evenly hot and all my coworkers are impressed and may start buying one themselves. I couldn’t recommend this lunchbox enough!

  74. Johanna Cruz

    Absolutely awesome machine. It warms up food greatly and I’m ecstatic with this purchase.

  75. Bob

    This is a great machine. I don’t think I could meal prep with out it. I can’t stand microwaved food. My food is always hot just like it was out of the oven. I’m saving $10-$15 a day on lunch I’m loosing weight because I’m not eating fast food every day. It’s already paid for its self. Wonderful product.

  76. Daintry

    I bought this as a surprise for my husband – he absolutely loves this!! He is a construction worker and I had been searching for a product like this. and when I finally found you guys I was so happy! I wanted to make sure he had hot meals from here on out. GREAT INVENTION! WE LOVE YOU LUNCHEAZE

  77. Ruth Falcon

    My son is in college and he’s tired of buying expensive meals. I bought him the luncheaze box and he loves it so much that he bought my 14 year old daughter one to take to school. My daughter was a celebrity in school with all her teachers being amazed by this cool gadget. I love this invention!!!! Thank You ❤️

  78. Ms. Muffin Top

    This thing practically pays for itself. My studmuffin was spending so much money eating out because he doesn’t have access to a microwave, and you can only eat so many sandwiches. It’s a little pricey but in the end, you will be saving so much money not buying lunch.

  79. Matthew

    Safety Concerns and other issues. The hot plate rapidly heats to 174 degrees and rapidly cools to 154 degrees every 6-8 seconds. It does not reach set temperature and does not go past 178 degrees on this particular device. The screen flickers. Packed it up to go to work. And after I brought it inside I noticed the screen was white. The device was unresponsive and it signaled the heat plate was on ! (this is the first time I am going to use it and have not set the time or auto start yet).No method of factory reset worked. the bottom of the lunchbox was HOT but the plate was cold to the touch. SUPER CONCERNING! I had to remove the bottom panel and manually unplug the battery to shut it off! Writing this review to Warn people that this could happen to them and theres a serious fire risk if left un checked. If i am dealing with these problems others must surely be as well

  80. Karianne

    The concept was great and I was so looking forward to this product as we travel and it would be nice for a hot meal. The problem is the food doesn’t get hot its just warm. Also, I ordered an extra container and both of them only 3 sides lock.

  81. Daniel

    I’ve only used it about 5 times or less thr second time my meal was cold but I didn’t set the temp rigth.
    But so far after that it’s been great I love it.
    My meal is warm ready when I take lunch

  82. Justin A.

    The product is absolutely amazing it works perfect, heats everything up extremely consistent. The only two problems I have with the product are the lids don’t fit the best they don’t seem to seal perfectly and move around on the tin quite a bit. The other problem is the bag is extremely small, nowhere to really put anything cold about big enough for two water bottles and no ice pack those are my only two complaints other than that the product is fantastic.

  83. David

    My dad bought this for me and I love it. I can eat delicious and healthy hot home cooked meals at school.

  84. Isabel

    I just got it but am really happy with the lunch eaze not spending money and know what am eating

  85. Konya

    Does precisely what is advertised, clearly set and met expectations. Worth it. I was worried the container wouldn’t hold enough food but this metal bowl at the top easily took on 2 full large stuffed chicken breasts and an oversized portion of tortellini pasta, my hubs was able to get 2 meals out of the 1 bowl. #PerfectPortions

  86. Bernie

    This is the most amazing “lunch box” I have ever had. My wife bought me this so that I can enjoy hot meals while at work. As a plumber, I don’t have an access to a microwave and buying food gets costly and unhealthy. I have the ability to use my phone to re-set the heating time in case I am in a spot in a job that I can’t break-away from, my meal will be hot and fresh! I love it and I will never be without it!! THANK YOU!!!

  87. Cindy

    I bought this for my son who works on job sites/construction (no microwave available). According to him, he loves it and how he’s able to have warm/hot meals now. No more money spent on eating out for lunch and cold sandwiches. Money well spent.

  88. Jonathan Manzano

    Container its too small not for a men like me. Not bueno!! How can I returned it??

  89. Ryan M

    The only thing keeping from giving a full 5 star was the weakness of the zippers on the carry case. The top zipper broke the first day while zipping up after my meal. Other than that one minor flaw this product is absolutely amazing. I recommend this to everyone in my shop who brings a lunch that needs warmed. Easy to use and absolutely essential for those who hate having to blow their breaks waiting in line at microwaves

  90. Ana Azcue

    Honest review :

    First of all, I was very very excited to get this item. After a deep searching of meal containers like this , this is one is good but not good enough. My container never reaches the 220F the most is 195 and I use it ALWAYS inside the insulated bag ( the basic one )
    Just today , after always having a hard time to close upper zipper insulated bag finally got broken one of the teeth , so only works one zipper of two but I’m missing one teeth. Eventually will get broken , so they specify is durable and heavy duty but in my case , it’s not. So I contacted them for a new replacement and no cost returning label but I don’t know if I will get free return label .. probably not. I’m really afraid to see the answer.

    I’m agree with the others. Shipping should be free considering is an expensive item made with cheap labor. By other hand , I contacted support to know if it was made in USA , and I found out that the first models are mande in USA, but as we all know Chinese labor is 1000% cheaper and now are made in China. ( good for the people who posses this item made in USA )
    They charge you as made in USA because the price is too high , but it’s not made in USA. So could be cheaper for all of us because now are made in China. If this item cost me 300 dlls I will pay it happily if is made in USA. Because is made here and is good for our economy and the best quality. Before buying it I knew it was made in china , I gave a chance but very disappointing because the “heavy duty zipper “ is made in China and gets broken easily. For production they spend a few bucks and for us is 10 times the price. Not made in USA , not quality and does not reach the 220F. I really would like to post videos and pictures but not possible to give proof of my words because there’s no option for reviews to add pics and videos.
    I don’t recommend this item for soups , could be dangerous because of the plate that leaks. For that, buy thermos king , will keep your soups and when you open your container you will see the smoke of hot soup. Cheaper and honest price , made in China but good price and high quality. ( With this comment I just want to help the others to find items in the market to keep their food warm or hot , i recommend what is really helpful, not for other reasons ) Like I said , I did a really deep deep research on ways to keep food hot temperature and not to use microwave and this item luncheaze is good for a piece of meat with vegetables , not for soups.Another thing to add , battery is not covered by the warranty. Just keep that in mind you are going to spend eventually 24.95 dollars plus shipping and tax.
    Also, let’s say you programe your luncheaze for a certain time to eat. In order to work and heath your food , your lucheaze must be turn on all the time , if is turn off , won’t turn on automatically to heat your food , I do work 12 hrs shift , and I like to eat when I wake up, I sleep 8 hours and my machine, in order to warm my food must be ON those 8 hours while I’m sleeping. So energy is wasted all that time and won’t heat your food the expected heat time ( which is 2 hours ) so means your food will be heated only 1:30 min , not the 2 hours promised. I leave it at 220F but does not reach that temperature and won’t be 2 hours because of the wasted time hibernating.
    When you charge the luncheaze won’t tell you if it’s fully charge or not. You must imagine if the battery icon is green , means is fully charge. But if you charge a battery more time than necessary , this type of battery won’t work eventually … then like I said you must buy a new battery , the 25 plus 5 shipping and taxes , probably 33 dollars more .
    Honest review I really hope you guys check other options.

  91. Manuel

    Children lunch bag.
    Is it possibly a couple of years since I purchased a Luncheaze. I am giving it 4 stars since the battery just died. I charged the battery every day. I did not look at the charge status, that may have affected the battery life. My son was 7 years old when he started to take his Launcheaze to school. I cook at dawn, so I set the temperature at 170F to keep the food warm. I tested Launcheaze at 220F and gets too hot for a child, even with leftovers that have been refrigerated. Possibly what I like the most from the Luncheaze is how simple is to wash the metal container and its plastic lid. I wash by hand (I have no dishwasher). Launcheaze is heavy for a small child, and my main worry was for my child to pull it out from the bag and spill the food content over him. So I placed cotton towels on the bottom of the bag to raise the Launcheaze and allow my son to eat without removing the Launcheaze or the metal container from the bag. In conclusion, I tested different temperatures and found a way for my 7 year old child to use it safely.

  92. Maureen Douse

    Wow, just wow. I received my luncheaze on December 13th and have used it everyday. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! words can’t describe how wonderful this is. I’ve since ordered one for my husband and as soon as I pay it off I’m ordering one for my niece who’s a nurse.

    I’ve been able to eat my leftovers nice and hot with no waiting for microwave. With Covid, I’d rather not use the public microwave so I’ve been eating cold food. This is a game changer and a complete life saver.. just get it! Lunch will never be the same.

  93. Dillon

    Was skeptical about this purchase cause of the price. Just received it yesterday. Took it to the test today and WOW! Well worth the money for a hot meal for lunch. 10/10 Well done.

  94. Debbie Barnette

    It was a Christmas gift for hubby. He spoke about getting one for months, but never did. I wanted to purchased it for him. He was surprised on Christmas morning and by that Monday he was and has continued using it each day. You see as a NY Bus driver his meals have only been salads made by me. No place to heat up food so he and others who are out in the field have to eat their meals on a empty bus provided for them. A hot meal makes all the difference (especially in the winter)and he doesn’t care if the same meal is repeated more than twice. Thanks

  95. Gisel Villarreal (verified owner)

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and he loves it. No more cold chicken for his salads at lunch. Now all his coworkers want one too.

  96. Martha Larios (verified owner)

    The idea is great, but it’s too small. It barely fits the food container. All you can fit is like 2 sides, forget about your main entré. you can’t fit other snacks like chips or cookies. Forget about adding soda or water, it just won’t fit. The quality of material isn’t so great either. I would’ve expected something better for the price. If I could leave 0 stars I would.

    • LunchEAZE Support (store manager)

      Hi Martha! Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to fit lots of snacks inside the insulated lunch bag. The bag also includes side pockets for drinks. The meal containers are 850mL and hold a lot more food than they may appear to at first. I highly recommend trying it out. If you are still not satisfied, we do offer 30 day returns!

  97. Joe Hernandez

    I love the concept. Love the hot food but am disheartened by the poor bluetooth connection. No matter which device I attempt to connect to it, multiple times are needed and then disconnected anyhow. Seems unable to set a start time via BT but can on front of device. I still heartily recommend it but seems some work needs to continue on wireless system

  98. Irene Santos

    I purchase one and in about 2 month or so the lid broke and no warranties even when I have not have for more then 2 months. I emailed for the warranty and they were like you have to pay $50. I reply about the time frame did not even got an answer back. I will have to pay regardless because at this point is better to loose another $50 then $200.

    • LunchEAZE Support (store manager)

      Hello Irene, I see from your emails that your base unit has been broken. Please note that the warranty does not cover physical damages or damages not resulting from defects in manufacturing such as a drop, hit, or spill. Please email [email protected] and we can see what we can do for you.

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