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1332 Reviews

Experience the world’s smartest lunchbox.

Pack your meal, set a mealtime, and enjoy hot food anywhere with zero waiting.

12 Reviews

Get all the convenience at the lowest cost yet.

The exact same size & functionality as the Original, with a lower cost and simplified features.

Preorder – estimated shipping by Christmas

Model Comparison

LunchEAZE Original

$199.95 USD

LunchEAZE Core

$109.95 USD

Completely Cordless
Rechargeable Battery
Temperature Range
170°F - 220°F
170°F - 220°F
Meal Timer Style
Set time of day
"Eat at 12:30pm"
Set countdown
"Eat in 4 hours"
Heat Now Option
Temperature Display
Bluetooth App
Screen Type
Color LCD
Digit Display
Frozen Food Compatible
Customizable Colors
Insulated Bag
Sold Separately
Plugged-In Mode
Charge & Heat simultaneously
No Simultaneous Charge & Heat