Getting Started Guide

Setting up your LunchEAZE Original:

Setting up your LunchEAZE Lite:

How to: Using the LunchEAZE Lite Menu

     LunchEAZE Lite features a more simple display than the Original. In order to navigate this menu, press the ENTER button to cycle between menu items.

     The colored lights along the bottom of the display indicate which menu you are in.

     In order to edit a setting, HOLD the ENTER button when in a certain menu. The colored icon will begin flashing.

     Use the UP and DOWN arrows to adjust the setting, and press ENTER one last time to save that setting.

     LunchEAZE Lite has the following menus:

  • Green Hourglass: Mealtime | Set what time you want to eat.
  • Yellow Clock: Current Time | Set the current time of day. AM and PM indicators are on the top of the display. 
  • Red Thermometer: Temperature Setting | Set the max hotplate temperature in °F
  • Display says “HEAT”: Heat Now | Use this menu to start heating immediately.
  • Red Battery: Battery Life | View the current battery percentage.


1. Set the current time of day

     The first time you turn on your LunchEAZE, it will automatically ask you to Adjust Clock, or set the current time of day. You only need to do this once. Remember to adjust it when daylight savings begins!

     In LunchEAZE Lite, you are in the correct setting when the yellow clock icon is illuminated.

LunchEAZE Lite heated lunch box

2. Set your desired mealtime

     Now, you can set up your mealtime. Select the “Set Meal Time” option from the main menu. Or, in LunchEAZE Lite, this is the green hourglass icon. You only need to do this once, your mealtime is saved. Adjust it if you will be eating at a different time that day.

     Set up what time you want to EAT, not what time you want it to start heating up. LunchEAZE will automatically heat up 2 hours in advance so your meal is hot and ready on schedule.

LunchEAZE heated lunch box
LunchEAZE Lite heated lunch box

3. Enjoy automatic heating

As long as LunchEAZE is powered ON, it will automatically start heating 2 hours before your meal time is scheduled. It will not start heating if the unit is powered off.

Don’t worry about battery life! LunchEAZE will go into a low power standby mode until it is time to begin heating