What makes LunchEAZE different?

LunchEAZE is different from other heated lunchboxes because it is the only one that is completely cordless and smart. Other electric lunch boxes require you to keep the device plugged in during use, but LunchEAZE is powered by a rechargeable battery which means you don’t have to stay plugged in. It also features smart automatic heating, just program a mealtime and LunchEAZE automatically heats up on schedule. 

How long does LunchEAZE take to heat?

LunchEAZE is designed to slowly heat your food for a duration of about 1-2 hours to maximize flavor and lock in moisture, starting automatically in order to provide you with a hot meal right on schedule at your designated time. With LunchEAZE, most foods will be hot in 1 hour. Frozen foods take about 1.5 hours. To ensure that all foods are hot throughout, LunchEAZE heats your food for the defaulted 2 hour time frame.

With automatic heating, your food will be ready by lunchtime with zero waiting.

How hot does LunchEAZE get?

LunchEAZE’s hotplate reaches 220°F, and most food reaches 200°F. You can adjust the max temperature setting of your hotplate between 170-220°F. The food container stays sealed, locking in moisture so that your meal stays fresh and flavorful. The max temperatures may vary depending on the type of food, the amount of food, and the atmosphere that the LunchEAZE is in. For best results and for your food to reach the hottest temperatures, we recommend that you leave LunchEAZE inside the insulated bag to optimize the heating process and retain heat.

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last for about 2.5 hours of continuous heating. Enough to heat your meal, and keep it hot while you eat at your own pace so that your last bite will be just as hot as your first.

It’s a one-meal-at-a-time battery. Charging a completely dead battery takes about 3 hours with the included charger. Simply charge it overnight for a no-hassle lunchtime for the next day!

Will my phone be compatible with the LunchEAZE app?

All you need is Bluetooth 4.0, the only hardware requirement for the app to be able to connect with your device and function. The vast majority of smartphones built after 2011 include Bluetooth 4.0.

Any iPhone newer than a 4S and any Samsung Galaxy newer than the S3 will work. iPads and most other Tablets newer than 2012 are compatible as well. 

How to use LunchEAZE

What kind of food can I heat up? Can it be frozen?

LunchEAZE is great for frozen foods, meal prep, soups, and leftovers. Any kind of pasta, rice, noodles, and meats work very well in LunchEAZE, even frozen burritos will get hot right to the middle. 

Remember that LunchEAZE is sealed, so moisture does not leave the food. The taste and flavor of frozen pizzas, french fries, and pastries will be retained better than they would be when heated with a microwave. No more sogginess!

For best results with frozen food, let them defrost in the refrigerator before heating.

How do I ensure my food stays at a safe temperature?

There's a few ways you can ensure your food stays at a safe temperature until heating begins.

First, always use LunchEAZE within the insulated bag. This will help keep temperatures under control.

If you know you'll be waiting an especially long while before your lunchtime, we encourage you to use an ice pack within the insulated bag to keep your food cooler for longer. 

You can also place your meal container with food into the freezer the night before. This will also greatly extend the "shelf life" of your food and still heat thoroughly.

Can I use it while it's plugged in?

Yes you can! Plugging LunchEAZE in will charge the battery as it heats your food at the same time, although keeping it plugged in is completely optional.

With automatic heating, your food will be ready by lunchtime without any worry or inconveniences.

Can I use it while it's in the bag?

Yes, we actually recommend that you leave LunchEAZE in the insulated lunch bag while it heats. The insulated lunch bag optimizes the heating process especially in colder environments.

Is it safe to leave it in a hot car?

LunchEAZE is safe to leave inside a hot car. We recommend leaving it inside the insulated bag.

How long can I leave food inside it before heating?

USDA recommends that food is not left out for more than two hours. However, the insulated lunch bag that is included with every LunchEAZE will keep your food cool until heating begins. For best results, we recommend packing your meal with an ice pack 

Do I need to use the bluetooth app?

Nope! The core features (inputting a meal time, or starting heat manually) are available without the app. 

The added features of the app gives you the ability to give your LunchEAZE a custom name, leave a personalized message, or prevent others from tampering with your meal with PIN-locked settings.

Do I need wifi to use LunchEAZE or the app?

No wifi is required to use the bluetooth app or LunchEAZE itself.

Original vs Lite

What's the difference?

LunchEAZE Original and LunchEAZE Lite have the same essential functions. LunchEAZE Lite will automatically start heating two hours prior to the set mealtime just like the Original LunchEAZE. They are both the same size.

LunchEAZE Lite:

  • Does not have bluetooth app capability.
  • Comes in one base color and one lid color (different lid colors are available as an add-on for $2.95).
  • Does not include a free standard insulated bag (available as an add-on for $11.95).
  • Does not have an advanced LCD screen.


LunchEAZE Original:

  • Has bluetooth app capability.
  • Has an advanced LCD screen.
  • Comes in multiple base and lid colors.
  • Includes a FREE standard insulated lunch bag.

Does LunchEAZE Lite have bluetooth?

LunchEAZE Lite does not have bluetooth capability. This is one of the main differences between LunchEAZE Lite and LunchEAZE Original. Upgrade to the original LunchEAZE to get this feature.

Does LunchEAZE Lite have adjustable temperatures?

LunchEAZE Lite has the same adjustable temperature features as the original, with a range of 170°F to 220°F

Is LunchEAZE Lite smaller?

LunchEAZE Lite is the same size as the LunchEAZE Original.


How big is LunchEAZE?

The dimensions of LunchEAZE with the food container inserted is

7.25″ x 5.75″ x 4.5″

How much does LunchEAZE weigh?

LunchEAZE weighs 2.6 lbs.

How big is the meal container?

The included stainless steel meal container is 850 mL, or 31 oz.

Are all the materials BPA free and food safe?

Absolutely. Everything in this product is BPA and lead free (ROHS compliant), even the components that do not touch the food. 

The container is made of food-grade 304 Stainless Steel, and the base is made from ABS (the same plastic as LEGO’s) and Nylon, both of which are completely BPA free.

Is the battery safe? Can it be removed?

Safety is our top priority, so we ensured that our Lithium Ion battery pack is completely UL 2595 and UN 38.3 certified, and is safe to ship, handle, and use in the device.

The battery can be removed for long-term storage or be replaced with a fresh battery to make your LunchEAZE last. Extra batteries can be purchased here.

What is the wattage of the unit?

The battery of the unit operates at 52.9 Wh. Charging takes 45 Wh.


Where can I buy LunchEAZE?

LunchEAZE can be purchased directly from our online website. Shop here!

Is LunchEAZE available on any other site?

For now, LunchEAZE is only available directly from our official webstore here at luncheaze.com.

When will my order ship?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 2 business days. Business days are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (PST). Transit time via USPS/UPS ranges from 3-10 days on average. There may be delays in shipment and arrival dates are not guaranteed.

Is express shipping guaranteed?

Arrival dates are not guaranteed even if you purchase your item with 3 day, 2 day, or overnight express shipping.

Will I get a tracking number?

An email with a tracking number will be sent automatically to the email address that you input at checkout once your order is processed. This can take a couple hours or up to a few days. Please ensure that there are no spelling errors for your email address. Please check your Spam folder.

What is your return and warranty policy?

We have a 30-day return policy and a free one-year warranty that is included with every LunchEAZE purchase. You can view our policies here.

Do you have a store on location?

Our office is located in Fremont, California but we do not have a physical store for customers. All products are available online through our website. Shop here!

I have not received my confirmation email

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Can I cancel my order?

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Can I change my order?

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What is Affirm?

Affirm allows you to pay for your order via affordable monthly payment plans starting as low as $28/month.  

How do I use Affirm?

To purchase your order with Affirm, simply check the box next to "Affirm Monthly Payments" at checkout. Confirm by pressing the button that says, "Continue With Affirm". You will then be redirected to Affirm to securely complete your purchase. It is quick and easy to see if you qualify for this payment plan- get a real-time decision!
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Orders with discrepancies in information will not go through.

International Orders

Do you ship internationally?

We are currently shipping to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Please note that the customer is responsible for paying all import taxes and customs for international shipping. If you do  not see your country listed, please contact us and we can try to ship you an order!

Do I have to pay import taxes and customs?

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