User Manual

LunchEAZE is an automatic, self-heated Lunchbox.
Food goes in the provided stainless steel food container, and the base will heat your food according to your schedule.

1. Pack your food. Use the provided stainless steel container, and make sure the lid is closed tight. Insert it into the LunchEAZE base, and latch the top.

2. Set the clock. When you first turn on LunchEAZE, it will prompt you to set the time of day. This only has to be done the first time. Double-check the AM/PM!

3. Set a meal time. Use the “Set Meal Time” option (or the mobile app) to tell LunchEAZE when you’d like to eat. Heat auto-starts 2 hours prior to this. LunchEAZE remembers your set mealtime the next day, until you change it.

4. Enjoy your meal. LunchEAZE will have your food hot and ready by your mealtime. It’ll also stay on to keep your food hot while you eat.


Each LunchEAZE unit comes with:
• 1x LunchEAZE Base
• 1x LunchEAZE Latch
• 1x Lithium Ion Battery (pre-installed)
• 1x Stainless Steel Food Container
• 1x Food Container Lid
• 1x 9V 5A DC Charger
• 1x Insulated Bag
• LunchEAZE Mobile App (optional) available on iOS and Android

Pack food into the stainless steel Meal Container that came with your LunchEAZE.

All 4 clasps on its lid must be closed securely to prevent leaks, and the whole Meal Container must be latched down into the LunchEAZE base for it to heat up properly.

Lower the container into the base, and make sure both latches on LunchEAZE’s base click down into place, securing the container in place, and keeping the lid closed lid tightly.

Always keep the lid closed until you’re ready to eat, to prevent leaks and spills.

LunchEAZE relies on having the correct internal time set, so that it can automatically start according to your schedule.

• LunchEAZE will prompt you to set its clock the first time it is turned on. This only has to be done once.

• It is essential that the clock is set correctly, otherwise LunchEAZE’s automatic timer functions will not behave properly. 

• Double check your AM/PM!

• You can always see LunchEAZE’s clock time at the top left corner of the screen.

• To set the clock: select the “Adjust Clock” option in the menu
          • Use UP and DOWN buttons to adjust values
          • Use ENTER to switch between hours and minutes
          • Press UP when prompted to confirm.

• LunchEAZE will automatically heat your food according to your set meal time. Once set, LunchEAZE will remember your mealtime settings until you change it.

• The “HEAT START” TIME is 2 hours earlier than your set “meal time”, and is displayed at the top right of the screen.

          • If you selected 12:30 pm as a mealtime, then 10:30 am is what will be shown on screen. 

           • The time on the top right of the screen reflects the “Heat Start” time, indicating when heating will begin (2 hours prior to your mealtime) 

• To set a meal time: select the “Set Meal Time” option in the menu
          • Use UP and DOWN buttons to adjust values
          • Use ENTER to switch between hours and minutes
          • Press UP when prompted to confirm.

• NOTE: Since LunchEAZE takes 2 hours to heat, if you select a mealtime within 2 hours, it’ll start right away.

• When heating, LunchEAZE displays the temperature of the hotplate and the time the heating began.


• The hotplate temperature reading doesn’t reflect the exact temperature of your food. Typically the hotplate is slightly hotter than the food itself.

• LuchEAZE will continue to heat while you eat your food, so that it remains hot. Leave the food container inserted and your food will remain actively heated for an additional ~30 minutes, making your last bite just as hot as the first.

LunchEAZE must be fully charged before operation to ensure food reaches desired temperatures. 

• Plug the provided LunchEAZE charger into the back of the LunchEAZE unit. To verify that the unit is charging, look for the “+” next to the battery level. The outline of the battery icon will turn blue.

• LunchEAZE takes about 3 hours to charge. The unit may get warm while charging. Exercise caution when handling.

• One charged battery will heat food for about 2.5
hours, which is enough for one hot meal to heat up for 2 hours, and provide 30 minutes of additional heating time to keep food hot while you eat. 

• ONLY charge with the provided charger. If you break or lose your charger, extras are available.

• Avoid charging the unit in excessively hot environments, such as outdoors, or in hot vehicles.

• Heat Now: Turns on the heater immediately. Food will take about 2 hours to reach ideal temperatures.

• Clear Memory: Will clear the set timers, stored message, and the PIN lock set by the app.

App-Only features:

• Change Message: The default “Bon Appetit” can be changed into any custom message using the mobile app.

• Rename Device: The default “LunchEAZE” name can be changed into a custom name using the mobile device.