Ensure that you are turning LunchEAZE on before the time that it is automatically supposed to start heating (2 hours prior to your set mealtime). Ensure that all settings are correct including your mealtime and current clock. Double check to make sure you correctly set the AM or PM. 

Ensure that your desired max temperature is set correctly and that you are allowing the full 2 hour heating process to complete. For best results, keep your LunchEAZE inside the insulated bag. The volume and type of food may produce different results. For example, thick soup will take longer to heat.

LunchEAZE automatically goes into sleep mode until it is ready to begin heating. Try pressing any of the buttons. The screen should turn back on.

Perform a factory reset: Simply hold the green POWER button until the counter on the screen reaches 0, and hold down the ENTER button while holding down POWER at the same time. Hold both buttons down for 5 seconds, then release. The unit will be factory reset.

• Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, and release. The unit should shut off.
• Turn it back on. In most cases, this will fix the issue. 

Battery and Charging

  • Make sure that your unit is turned off.
  • Flip the unit over and remove the two screws on the battery compartment cover.
  • Inside, you’ll find the blue battery pack, with two terminals leading from it. One of these is for power, one is for charging.
  • Unplug both terminals carefully. Make sure that you only pull on the white plastic connectors, not the wires themselves.
  • If you’re replacing the battery, put a new one in now.
  • If you’re troubleshooting a charging or power problem, then swap the connectors around. This is safe to do, and you can plug them back in any order.
  • Plug terminals back in carefully, do not force them together or you may risk damaging the pins.
  • Wait another 15 seconds after plugging everything back in.
  • Press the power button firmly- the unit should power on and proceed to the main menu.

Follow the instructions for replacing or re-inserting the battery to fix any charging issues. There are a few things you can check for when charging:

• When the charger is plugged into the unit, the battery icon at the bottom right of the screen should have a small “+” sign appear next to it. If it doesn’t appear, your charger might not be inserted correctly, or the wire might be damaged.

• If the unit appears to charge with the “+” sign, but you find that it isn’t charging all the way, or it is turning off on its own or while heating, it could be a loose battery terminal. Follow the instructions above to reset the battery.

App Issues

Make sure you are connecting via the LunchEAZE app and NOT through your phone settings.

Check the Bluetooth icon on the bottom right of the screen. If it’s blue, it’s already connected to something and won’t be found by the app.

Minimizing your app sometimes leaves the unit connected in the background, and sometimes will not connect again. Completely close out of the app, or restart the LunchEAZE unit.

If the bluetooth icon on the LunchEAZE screen is red, it is ready to connect.

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