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LunchEAZE Blogs

live your dream lifestyle

LunchEAZE Blogs

live your dream lifestyle

holiday gift guide for construction workers

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Construction Workers

Every construction worker needs these 10 things!

Top 10 Gadgets for Cold Weather

Are you prepared this winter? Need unique gift ideas for the holidays? Check out these cool gadgets for cold weather!

Back to School Essentials

Make sure you give your kids all the back to school essentials from sanitizing wands to face masks!

Summer Tips and Food Safety for Construction Workers

Working construction in sweltering heat poses many risks. Here are some summer tips for our beloved construction workers including food safety!

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10 Tips to Help You Stay Productive at Work

Have trouble focusing during a busy day at work? LunchEAZE has you covered with tips on managing time, blocking distractions, and improving your body and mind to be your best productive self! 

Microwave vs. Heated Lunch Box: Which Is Better?

Are you tired of burned, rubbery microwave meals? A self-heating lunch box heats your food to the perfect temperature for a tasty, satisfying lunch anywhere.


Hot Meals or Cold Meals, Which Is Better for You?

There are several benefits of eating a hot meal over a cold one. Hot meals are better for your digestive system, but how do you pack a hot meal for lunch?

The Benefits of Using an Electric Heated Lunch Box

Have you ever felt like you’re wasting valuable time running out to get lunch in the middle of the work day? Or have you skipped lunch altogether because there was not a minute to spare? Creating a convenient, healthy lunch routine is a challenge for many Americans. Now, there’s a revolutionary way to do it.

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